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Forum Launch, Character Applications

Hey all,   As we announced earlier this month, we're opening up the Community Forums to everyone tonight! We did our best to set up all boards that are necessary for now, if you feel like something's missing then you can share your thoughts in the General Discussion topic on forum improvements. We did stress-test the forum, but nothing really compares to real-life traffic, so please bare with us in case of any issues, we'll resolve them as soon as we can.   Character Applicat


Mmartin in General

Faction Updates, New Developers, Progress

Hey all,   Yet another week has gone by and we're excited to share our progress. There's been a lot done behind the scenes, so if you're a fan of fancy visuals this one might not be for you but they're very important updates nonetheless.   Development You've probably already seen the major feature preview of Radio Systems of the week. What the video doesn't highlight as much is the progress on the backend of our inventory system. We've completed scripting interactive ite


Mmartin in General

Internet & Updates

Hey all,   As another week went by we're back to give you an update on what we've been up to. The week was very productive in terms of infrastructure setup, but we've also got some visual things to show so let's get into it.   Community Last Wednesday we opened our community forums to all of our Patreon supporters. We're slowly getting the forum, and the entire community suite into a state where we feel happy inviting everyone soon (October 1st) - it looks better every d


Mmartin in General

Inventory, Legal Factions, Release Date

Hey all,   We've been hard at work this past week and I'd like to show you some of the progress we've made. From the development perspective, we brainstormed and created one of the core features for our RageMP gamemode - the Inventory System. All items (with a couple exceptions) will be in one centralized inventory instead of having your character's belongings scattered across different systems and commands. You'll be able to access your weapons, drugs, accessories and more in a simple


Mmartin in General

Faction Team Recruitment

Hey all,   The Faction Team is looking to add some fresh faces to the team.  If you're someone with an interest in developing the illegal roleplay scene on LS-RP then this position may be of interest to you!   Responsibilities: Actively contribute towards discussions surrounding illegal roleplay and factions. Attend Team meetings on a weekly basis.   Requirements: Experience and knowledge of the illegal roleplay scene. Ability to work withi


Baker in General

We're on Patreon

Hey everyone,   We've hit the point in our project where we're setting up infrastructure that our future server will run on. This means we suddenly have monthly costs with no source of income for the server, as you can't currently purchase a premium account. The costs include dedicated servers, cloud service fees, software licenses and so on.   This is why we decided to launch a LS-RP Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lsrpcom   By supporting the LS-RP V project befor


Mmartin in General

We're looking for mappers & modders

Hey,   we're looking to add new mappers and modders to our ranks, including team leaders.   Positions Available: Modder Mapper   Contact: Please add and message me on Discord at Kane#1683 if you're interested. (On the off chance I don't accept your friend request, please mention me in #main on the discord server.) Please come prepared with a portfolio.   MODDING TEAM Modder   Responsibilities: Choose y


Kane in General

Hello World!

Hey everyone,   Welcome to our community site. As you're probably aware, we recently closed down our SA-MP server to shift our focus entirely on the transition to RageMP. We're working on getting this site nice and ready for you to keep up with all the latest news from both script and community development. Please bare with us as we try new things out before we settle on something we're all satisfied with.   Account Registration We're happy to know that a bunch of you al


Mmartin in General

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