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Minor Update 1.4.2




Another Sunday, another update. This one isn't exactly filled with features, but there are some pretty nice and noticeable changes for you to explore. I am also happy to report that we have ironed out the bugs found in our custom presets (such as /bareswitch removing the floor...) and are ready to push these custom interiors to our live server. And let me say - some of these are genuinely top quality work. I forgot I was in a custom mapped interior (yes, done with /furniture) in a few of the new interiors!


In addition, every new interior has a /bareswitch alternative, so if you don't like the mapping but want the layout, you can fit your own mapping in!


Thanks to our Mapping Team members that made this possible: @lavakeule @ryz0skii @PlayerX @Chester Campbell @.Scarecrow @Lindsie @Trewen @Hanky


Anyway, here's the weather:

- Added randomisation to fist damage (now does between 4 and 7 damage) to make fist fights last longer
- Added /fontsize and font size to /settings
- Added hotkey-based vehicle interaction
- Added phone notification sounds
- Added better sync for trunks, doors and bonnets
- Added a phone notification when the short-term weather changes
- Added the tapered reward amount to /mission for truckers
- Fixed an issue with gun bans
- Fixed an issue where /hire would check your own player-owned company slots, not the target player's
- Fixed an issue where /bareswitch only worked in properties you do NOT have permission to manage


There are some smaller fixes that were just one-liners, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't keep track of those ones!





You can bring up the interaction key by holding ALT near a vehicle, or bring up the interaction menu with U


Be aware, though. If you leave your windows rolled down, someone can reach in and unlock the car!


Connection Issues

As far as I've been able to see, our connection issues are largely resolved! There are one or two people I've seen that cannot connect no matter what, and it seems to me like this is potentially an issue with their specific ISP, rather than the server at this point. Never fear, though, as we can manually tweak our network settings per player now, meaning that anybody encountering these issues can be saved!


Illegal Roleplay Features

It's not really a massive secret that our updates recently have not been geared towards illegal roleplayers, and that the drug system is largely not very thrilling. I want to assure you that our priority now is generating cash as an illegal roleplayer. @matical has pumped out some great discussions (relating to a feature that has been asked for since SA-MP, something to do with houses) with the Faction Team, and @Mitcholodolo has been grinding out some great ideas to make the Darknet drugs trade more interesting for people that both do and don't have access to the system. I have also been gathering feedback about forensics (which will, of course, include gloves...) and how to tailor it to be fair for everyone involved in a crime.


A third point

Honestly, I forgot what this third point was. I should really plan this out better. I'll probably update this post and include this point in the next post when I remember...


A third point

I actually remembered this about 2 minutes before posting this update, so I thought I'd just edit it in now. I've left the original draft above for a glimpse in how I work when I write up drafts of these posts... Anyway, the third point.


We will be beginning to evict players that have not spent at least 4 hours in the last 7 days on a character that owns a property in order to free up some space for other players. Premium members are exempt from this activity requirement. What this means is if you have 2 characters, and rent a house on both, you must play for 4 hours in 7 days' time on both characters to retain your house on both characters. If you play 30 hours a week on character 1, and 2 hours a week on character 2, character 2 will lose their house.


Lastly, we've seen a return to our playerbase since the last update that introduced the connection fixes. Where we were hovering around 20 players, we're now back up to the mid-80s at the same time. I am excited for our rise once more now that desperate people that need us to fail have been stopped in their tracks!


Here are some images of an exclusive event you probably didn't get invited to as you're not part of one of our great illegal factions! Thanks to @SCANDALOUZ for the mapping and planning of this event!


pjmvw.png 1jvv3.png



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I was in that event, and I can say job well done on the exterior mapping. I enjoyed the rp and the ambience there esp. when the classic rock songs played in the radio lol.

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Just want to clarify that the idea for the event was created by the Road Slayers MC (not trying to steal credit haha)
I just helped with the organizaiton.
Also mad props to the leaderships of Zivanovic's Grupa, Bellomo and Tiny Krazy for making sure their fellas attend.

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33 minutes ago, SCANDALOUZ said:

Just want to clarify that the idea for the event was created by the Road Slayers MC (not trying to steal credit haha)
I just helped with the organizaiton.
Also mad props to the leaderships of Zivanovic's Grupa, Bellomo and Tiny Krazy for making sure their fellas attend.

A great collective effort from all involved. Also a great example of the RP you can create on the server. You don't even need any fancy features either! 

Plenty more where that came from!

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4 hours ago, Cursed_King said:


Also if it's true, for the love of god don't make it faction scheme !

No growing drugs in buildings, the comment was made in context of fsctionsnbeing able to earn money and drug scheme being ass right now 

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