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  3. Suggestion for when the Server releases Suggestion: Allow each emergency vehicle to keep it's individual siren and NOT stick to ONE siren. as by vanilla default settings. (For example: the Sheriff SUV, Ambulance, Firetruck, FIB & Police Motorcycle has it's own individual siren.) Why should this suggestion be implemented?: This will create immersion and create more realism as different Police Department in the U.S use different sirens from companies. However, some departments will use different sirens on different units. Thus, I think it would be great idea especially for all you LSPDFR/LCPDFR nerds out there. How can this suggestion improve the server: Since RAGEMP has it's own separate game files, similar to how you install graphic or weapon sound mods. The players are allowed to install whatever preferred siren mod they'd like (E.X: Federal Signal/Unitrol TouchMaster, Whelen, or Code 3 Corporation Siren) Pros: Individualism for each siren, allows the players to make the decision of which siren they would like to install onto their GTA 5 gamefiles, very similar abilities which goes back to the SAMP/MTA RP days. especially if they're in PD/SD/FD it allows more and more immersion to perceive. Cons: Annoyance, to those who don't really care, understand, or not interested in Government RP the sirens might be annoying to them. But, again they would have the ability to choose to install custom audio mods or not. Reference: Additional Comments: Yes yes, I understand the first video is a mod from GTA SA. This is just referencing the suggestion. Obviously, if you look at the second video it just shows off a demonstration of default vanilla sirens being played. I just think if this was a feature it would bring more playercount, you guys know dang well when the server releases they're is going to be a competition between GTA World & this Community, not trying to start anything this is just my opinion GTA World is trash people are unfair and don't RP social interactions. I didn't even know where to go to RP, there weren't so RP zones. all the RP was basically in the gang areas. (Strawberry, Davis, Banning) Also not to mention I was denied on every each of my applications for FD, Lifeguard, & SD on the grounds of "not meeting OOC standards" yet there wasn't anything specified to what qualifies you as a Cop on a OOC level. I don't get it, anyways I'll stop rambling. I'd like to thank you guys for taking the time to reading this and hope y'all will consider it. Ain't nothing to big I hope. One more thing, I'd like to thank SD Command/HR/Academy for giving me a chance and letting me move onto the next stage after passing the Written.
  4. Since 2011, last time I actively played was somewhere in 2015/2016.
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  6. Stretchrum

    July Update

    Nah, they don't care. They might show up eventually and pretend like it hasn't been rado silence for months or pretend like it isn't killing off what little support they had left. You might even get a snarky remark or two, if you're lucky.
  7. admit this shit ain’t opening
  8. just admit y'all winging this and got no real clue what ur doing lmao
  9. why'd u make a whole new account to say this lol he wasnt even calling anyone names, stop embarassing yourself.
  10. Anthony Adams

    July Update

    Not even a update to let us know what’s poppin?
  11. Kane, as a piece of advise from a fellow LS-RP community member, show more professionalism and respect to people with valid, well-articulated criticism. You are doing more bad than good. You are embarrassing yourself and other staff members. Especially with your name-calling and ad hominem. I would try to understand the argument and tackle it directly and respectfully without questioning motives, and downplaying ones dissatisfaction.
  12. Monkey type measures input capabilities in terms of speed (words per minute) and accuracy on a computer system keyboard. Monkey types similarly determine keystrokes or critical Words per minute (WPM). A stream is usually provided to key prospects over some time. The monkey-type analysis is performed by matching the provided flow with the individual keyed in flow and learning errors. The final WPM rating is determined using a mathematical formula.
  13. Kane


    No more like pointing out a bad actor when I see one. I don't think you intend on being apart of this community but are only here to stir the pot. I go back to my first post, you're being blind. We post our progress on Discord frequently, our current main method of communicating with the community. I gave you a response on the reason for delays but you continue to bring it up and ask for transparency. What is it we haven't been transparent about that needs covering? Please be specific so I can answer your questions and provide you with this transparency that you've been lusting for.
  14. Great job writing this up, @GoonDaKilla!
  15. BLACKKKK!!!!!! POWERRRR!!!!!! We wish to portray a modern day Black Mafia. We want to display to the server that we are well capable of showing the server we can produce Immaculate roleplay while giving you the grimy black leadership feel. We are a closed faction. If you have any questions regarding the faction you can message @GoonDaKilla
  16. BLACK MAFIA MOVEMENT "Affiliated Felons a/k/a The Black MOB" History The Black Mob started out as a small drug trafficking group of african-american teens. Before they were called “The Black Mob.” They went by the name “Affiliated Felons.” The organization started after the Black Panther movement was shut down. A lot of locals In the south central area of Los Santos came together and formed a coalition called the Affiliated Felons to protect their communities. Due to the crack-cocaine epidemic the group forgot their purpose and lost focus of the main reason the group was brought together. Majority of the original members split up and decided to do their own thing which was making profit anyway to help out the black community. Many residents thought they were taking the Robin Hood approach, but it only backfired. Over the years the organization turned into a trafficking organization however, most of the members are still predominantly African-American and they still operate in southern parts of Los Santos. Some of the crimes they commit range from some of the pettiest of theft to the most heinous, disrespectful, outlandish, random, morality-lacking crimes in Los Santos such as drug trafficking, street racing, weapons dealing, human trafficking, and money laundering. To this date, it isn't sure if hierarchy exists among this band of heathens. Recently, a series of raids in South Los Santos resulted in the confiscation of a multitude of illegal narcotics and firearms, which led to more information about the Affiliated Felons group being revealed, as well as insider informants. The Affiliated Felons under Rakeem Barksdale entered the hip-hop music business as South Los Entertainment in the early 2000s as a front organization to launder money from cocaine sales and to legitimize itself. South Los Entertainment served as a promoter for several high-profile hip-hop artists. In 2005, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) indicted members of the Affiliated Felons, ultimately securing convictions by targeting the Johnson brothers under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statute, and both were sentenced to 30 years imprisonment. Subsequent indictments eventually targeted over 150 members of the organization, and over 25,000 people were estimated to be members or associates. Prosecutors alleged the Affiliated Felons made over $270 million during their operations. None Of the charges was able to stick to Rakeem However Vashon was the unlucky one and was pointed out by others associated with the operation and was served 100 years In prison. Heartless and Affiliated Connection The Heartless Felons were already settled In Los Santos San Andreas Correctional facility before the DEA Indictment. However, they weren't big In numbers inside the prison. For decades Blacks and Northerners have always been out-numbered by the Whites and Southerners In San Anne. By the time members of the Affiliated Felons, the numbers of blacks shot up from 2005-2019. The Affiliated Felons created a coalition with the Heartless Felons Inside the prison growing stronger In numbers. The group caters to the majority of the black people who come Inside the prison and keep in In touch with them when they are on the outside. This allows both factions to keep growing on the inside and out. Los Santos Law enforcement agency, as well as the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, are struggling to combat the alarmingly fast-growing threat of the criminal organization in both the streets and in state prisons. Efforts to combat the criminal organization are primarily directed to the four state prison systems, as 85% of all Heartless Felons members are incarcerated in Ohio, San Andreas, Texas and Florida, and only 15% of them are active within society. The Transition The Affiliated Felons dropped the name and took on the name “The Black Mob.” They decided to take on this name because they were no longer street thugs hustling for quick cash. They started a drug and weapon pipeline across The five biggest states which was Los Santos, Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia. The Black Mob decided to back multiple Black Lives Matter organizations using some of their businesses as a front to stay out of the Federal Government radar. Modern Day the Black Mob only supplies black street gangs across the five cities that they operate in. They stay away from gang warfare at all cost trying not to get linked back to any one group. Their business stretches from the illegal weapon trade to drug trafficking. They established a weapon hauling operation that started In Indiana and Kentucky due to the fact In those states it's easy to buy guns with no FFL or FOID. They will normally send a person who isn’t of essence with the streets to go and buy about 7-10 firearms then haul them to a specific state then they will receive payment. They also have multiple mobile hotspots also known as trap-houses where they print 3D weapons such as Polymer Ghost Glocks and attachments which the modern day gangs call “Switches.” Outside of the illegal businesses The Black Mob has multiple legit businesses which they use to place young African American youth In. They donate millions of dollars a year to the Black Lives Matter movement and they also have their own academic program which takes trouble from the youth of the streets. The program teaches the youth how to be businessmen it also pays for the trades that the youth want to attend free of cost.
  17. This guy Hey Since 2012 and long gone.
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