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  2. Yeah we about to snap bro. GANG.
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  4. This will definitely be a healthy addition to the illegal and legal scenes. When it comes to developing these features I'm sure the Faction Team will be included so we can ensure there's a fair balance and a healthy script to enhance the roleplay surrounding detective RP. Definitely agree with this. As a high ranking member of the PD I don't have an issue with people roleplaying corruption. It's only an issue in my eyes when it gets to the point it's unrealistic (e.g a cop committing a murder), as far as corruption roleplay goes though - you'll never be kicked from the faction OOC so long as the corruption roleplay is realistic. If you do get caught we'll always let you name change and carry on with a new character. I currently oversee the Detective Bureau within the PD and I assure you this will not happen under me. I remember being part of the days where this used to happen (I wasn't running DB then) and from an illegal roleplayer POV it really used to break roleplay up and had a long-lasting affect on any roleplay which followed. Detectives are law enforcement but they aren't untouchable, they shouldn't be approaching people and being cocky and fearless when they know they're an OC group. If this does happen though anybody is free to ping me a message and it'll be dealt with swiftly.
  5. hello hello everyone
  6. There isn't really much to change though. It is nice of them to bring back the classics. It's the thing about people that I don't get, what exactly do you want from them to do? Everyone keeps saying that the remaster is trash, but really what is there more to change except graphics, controls and some other slight changes? Barely nothing. They can't make a whole new game and call it GTA San Andreas; Vice City; or 3.
  7. Looks interesting, but I don't have high hopes. I will probably play it tho, give it a shot.
  8. lol no, thats not me.... that's me
  9. Both of these pretty much. I also encourage detectives and gang roleplayers to sometimes show more fear to who they're roleplaying with. It occured on SAMP many times where detectives were not afraid to walk up to one of the highest ranks of an official faction, that had huge street cred and was feared by many to just approach him like he was a school boy and act like a boss whilst being alone. If there's going to be interactions between detectives and OCGs/Gangs, they need to keep in mind they're investigating big time criminals that are not afraid to kill if needed. It gets forgotten.
  11. Kuy


    look at this dude
  12. i love u more ajde ajde wassup fella u got a thousand posts yet? whats good bro, good times homie i learned it from u idk who that guy is but he seems like a serbian mob boss.. oof... wassup doe u still busy irl? töeterturk ide gaaassssss
  13. By running. How do I ask my crush out?
  14. I wanted to create a character called David Daniels and roleplay being a Jack Daniels salesman on the server. So I created the forum name DDaniels first and applied for the character, turns out it was taken so I just stuck with it.
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