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  3. I played a lot of Warzone a year ago when there was hype, but now I switched to another game. Just a couple of months ago, Wow Lich King Classic was released, and that's why I now play it all day long, just like I did in my teenage years because the hype is simply unreal. I want to level my characters as quickly as possible.
  4. I played LSRP religiously from 2009-2014, and kinda half ass after that. It's the most unique gaming experience I've ever had. I think generation Y and younger would be the perfect player base. I'd return to it in any capacity, I miss talking shit and doing hood rat things in-game.
  5. Could you also tell ma that on pm? or on discord? > NaQu6716
  6. CS GO. I resumed playing this again. I've noticed that the older I get, the more interested I am in playing this kind of game.I like planning and analyzing what's on the screen, I like "smart" games. And besides, I'm attracted to the fact that you can kill in it Actually I haven't played it for a long time because I got bored and then I found this https://csgoservice.net/, read about how it can work and realized that after so many years I want to try it again. And you know what, it's an incredible game.
  7. ~150k worth of solana. Most of it came from a business I sold a couple of months ago. With all the drama going on, it's in a good buy right now (NFA). I stabled before the dump so looking to pick up about 10-15k worth of solana for the next cycle.
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  9. Can you tell me that on pm or send ur discord?
  10. either bang or get clothes on mtfks
  11. yall should release the samp script and the forums too idk whats so difficult about opening the forum archive lol like
  12. other ppl and myself just miss lsrp, including samp.
  13. never said it was alive lol the king owner hasn't been on the forums since September but wields a cell phone daily
  14. I do wish LSRP stuck with the samp server and kept updating it, improving it etc. I think it'd still be around today, the only reason the original samp playerbase crashed from like 150-200 players peak all the way down to like 50 in just a few weeks is several major factions all quit due to issues with the way the server was being handled, then others followed suit. That being said it's way too late to go back to samp. Those that want to play samp should play on the heavy rp server on samp that has popped up since LSRP's samp server went off. But the staff should push forward with V
  15. Won't advertise them but there is a heavy samp english server that has a decent playerbase for those who still wanna play samp
  16. Kane


    Orrr! You should admit you can't wait until it comes out ! This "it's dead"|"it's never coming out" crowd is funny cause you guys are the first on the forum/discord to message!
  17. Yeah right. That's exactly how it went with SA:MP, right? Oh yeah nobody's going to play after the peaks of 600 players around 2012-13 to 2016-17. But the staff literally had to raise the player gap when Covid hit. We had around 900 players peak at some point. It's not the fact that people will not come back, but it's the fact that we're being lied to. I didn't want to pick sides or anything, but I've seen that Mmartin is severely slacking. If there was a chance that somebody else could take over full time, I think the management should heavily consider it as an option, but in this state it's hard to find developers ready to do this full time. And yeah. You really are losing it on the "30 players at most". There're factions in here who are WAITING patiently, that rack up a few hundred players alone. If the advertisement is done correctly, this could double or triple within the first quarter. You just don't know enough about how role-play works. A generation dies and a new one comes, like it or not. It's not only "the other major GTA V text RP server" we should be looking at. There are FiveM voice servers where a lot of people play that are waiting to be unbanned from "the other major GTA V RP server" or for the release of LS:RP. I know that from like around a thousand people patiently waiting from the start we have around half of them left, but we still have people waiting for this. It's just embarrassing how we've been told to wait and wait for this thing to come out. I still haven't lost hope, but it's crumbling slowly.
  18. "I think a lot of people would play again" 30 players at most, before it dwindles away again for the same reasons. admit this shit is dead
  20. My last char in LS-RP was a blood back in 2014, let's re-do it
  21. Wow, it has been years and I never thought I'd find myself on LS-RP ever again(Not for bad reasons) I joined LS-RP I believe over 10 years ago and I played for a couple of years. Left LS-RP in about 2014 and here I find myself maybe rejoining on 2022. Anyways, nice to meet you all and shoutout to all of the OGs
  22. I'd probably until recently would have definately said GTA SA/Maplestory as both of them being the games i dedicated most of my childhood for. But recently I was exposed to Elden Ring and the complexity of this game makes him one of a kind. You gotta appreciate that.
  23. Cryptocurrency mining https://www.moonbitcoins.com/dashboard/ has long been a business that is already being done on an industrial scale, mining requires a lot of processing power and a lot of cheap energy. However, if you want to take part in cryptocurrency mining, there are programs that use some of your computer's resources for mining in the background, without interfering with your daily computer use.
  24. I agree. Gambling is evil!
  25. All due respect Kane should just come back and launch SAMP again.
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