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  2. I'd like the business system to be real lean. If people wish to create insurance companies, they shouldn't be limited to do so. Get a custom number to call the businesses hotline, maybe even business lease/request could provide something in terms of company feature that we had on SA:MP LS. People loved the ability to request certain vehicles that were posted up outside their businesses. Limo services and what-not. I just want the business request process to be real lean and not limit people from doing what's possible in the real world. I'd like to see proper pawn shop system with self-inventory. Allowing workers with given "perm" to store the items that they got from players. Same goes with clubs and such, in terms of alcohol sales and such. Have some sort of business inventory with list of items. I would also love to see business script that would allow owners to create certain "items". Like, let's say I own a diamond shop and I'm not just gonna have "chains" "earrings" "watches" and what-not, could expand it where I could say... a 14K gold chain and it'd be 700 bucks. And once that specific name-item was bought, player would get a chain that he could wear. Basically, since GTA V got bunch of chain objects and modders could make couple more stuff, we could get same "object" a different value. So if somebody would rob an individual for a 700 dollar chain, he could pawn it for good 400 bucks (or whatever deal he makes with the pawn shop keeper) and store could sell it for profit. I'd really love to see a flexible system in the businesses, not limiting them and half the time people just get by with "RP", instead...you could provide both, RP and value.
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  5. I don't have them. How do I join LSPD?
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    Cows and woman are his specialty....
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  8. I can't say much on what Fire Department is doing in terms of a faction since I'm not apart of the faction, merely just a spectator like yourself. I know they have some good things lined up in terms of development of the server and expanding on what Fire / EMS does as a whole. @Genny @LordSpyx would need to comment on what is going to be different from SAMP to V and their views and vision for the faction going forward since they are LSFD's current leadership. I'll let them go into more detail. Only thing I ask is keep on topic.
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