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  1. @Lovebug11 He is right about one thing, you should report him. This conversation wont get anywhere good.
  2. Lindsie

    Minor Update 1.4.1

    Nice update..... I guess. Now let me ask... Were the clothes tested before adding them to main server? Or some of them broke along the way and some got too big that they are clearly meant for big booba mod bodies?
  3. Lindsie

    Update 1.4 Hotfix 1

    Sandals with socks gang.
  4. Lindsie

    We need to talk ...

    I hope you are able to keep up to most of those promises, otherwise this post will end up just being this:
  5. I don't understand why on earth you want criminals doing crimes with legal guns. Does this server really have so bad gun economy for illegals, that you need to fix it with letting everyone have legal guns? Also wouldn't getting illegal gun promote more RP because you need to make connections and such for them?
  6. Refund to people who bought guns for crazy prices?
  7. Hey buddy! We don't take kindly to people who use logic here!
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