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  1. I give you my word - if pets become a donator-only feature, I will protest by having a human pet.
  2. If I could take one thing out of LS-RP SAMP era, moving into Rage MP: a competent, hardcore, roleplay server NEEDS something resembling a justice system. It is IMPOSSIBLE to roleplay a legal character, and build up reputation, when one corrupt cop can just throw a false charge on you - and if there isn't a justice system, there's nothing you can do about it. It's unrealistic, and it disinterests people from making legal characters - if given enough time eventually a corrupt cop will just false-charge you anyway. Edit. To answer your question on what I wish from PD - please, make it a standard to collect evidence that would convict one beyond a reasonable doubt, like US cops are trained to. There's many exciting ways to do this, not of course forgetting interrogating suspects for a confession, or making potential plea offers.
  3. Hi, I'm back, I'm excited to be apart of LS-RP again. Between 2014 to 2021, I was making videos mostly on LS-RP. I always found it to be the best server to express your own, personally-crafted, but at the same time challenging and dynamic, story. I have little doubt that LSRP V will be even greater than LSRP was. My YouTube channel PS. Some of you may've heard I was involved in some drama with another Rage MP server. So just to be clear: I'm not banned on any roleplay servers, but my character did get force-killed, despite me having appealed and proven to not have broken any rules. Ever since then, especially after LS-RP SAMP server shut down, I wasn't able to find a hardcore roleplay server that suits my needs AND doesn't judgementally kill characters over OOC opinion. I hope my search is over.
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