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  1. Mouse


    One of the best dudes I know, also strangely my city has a restaurant called Izumi
  2. The good old days when only teamspeak existed
  3. I'm Mouse, I'm something but not quite sure what. Haven't figured that out yet, just floating around, existing and trying to find the motivation to work on my art again. I was a 3D Environment Artist and Graphic Designer and also made GTA V mods, atm I don't do too much of anything. I like to plan events in LSRP and create fun for players, LSGOV is my first ever faction in my 10+ years of roleplay. I've been an artist for pretty much all of my life, studied Fine Art at University and was a photographer for a short time, I like to do Photography in video games now as I don't have the opportunity to do it for real. I've worked for a few indie game studios before and large modding projects but atm nothing. I'm kinda shy, don't talk much nor really know how to, I like farming games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Runescape. Been in a relationship with @CChef for longer than I can remember now and hopefully we'll get married soon. Me, my cat and some art I guess.
  4. He says his name is Comamnder Chef but he is actually a lego minifigure bear with a chef hat
  5. Fighting_Kick Fighting_Bag Fighting_Combo Pistol_Exercise Exercise_Jumps Female_TurnPose
  6. Fighting_AsianStyle Fighting_Uppercut Fighting_Idle
  7. Mouse's Animation Showcase _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A showcase of all of my Animations and Poses, they have been uploaded to GTA5Mods as of 21/1/2024. I have not included the NSFW animations in this showcase, however they can be found in the upload to GTA5Mods Here Air_Squat Balkan_Flip Barstool_Sit BB_Dunk Blow_Kiss Bomb_Diff Bxing_Wmup Byc_Crunch Catwalk Circle_Dance Convulse Couple_Lap_Sit/2 Crouched_Female Cute_Pose Daybed_Laying DJ_Singing DJWave_Dance Fem_Legup Female_Sitting_Laptop Female_Sitting_Tablet Female_Smart_Sitting_Crossed Fground_Lay Fish_Cast Gesture_01 GN_Bartend Gym_Body Gym_Side_Plank Happy_Dance Happy_Wave Hip_Dance Inj_Lay Jump_Exc Jump_Jack Kneel_Pray LEO_ChestR LEO_Dive LEO_HipHold LEO_Idle LEO_IdleK LEO_PistolHold LEO_Prone_Idle LEO_ProneF LEO_Radio LEO_RifleDraw LEO_SideFire LEO_Vest_Hold LEO_Vest_Side Lipstick_Apply MafiaSign ME_Hanging P_Whip Seductive_Rest Shopping_Bag Shy_Bash Sig_Forward Sig_Low Situp Skate_Neutral Sports_Female Squatbar_Back Standing_Dice Talk1 Talk_Phone Tired_Yawn Treadmil_Run Upright_HipHold Gangnam_Style Shuffle_Dance HipHop_Dance
  8. Yee but I'm kinda scrub, all I do is farming. PvP/PvE is too scary, I need to resub but been too lazy to play.
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