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  1. If you aren't going to be serious, then please don't comment in the thread . Also, if an Officer would be taken hostage, of course they will RP fear of losing their life.
  2. The lock-on might be a little bit op, but I am not going to suggest removing it if we do get it. I do fully understand if Management and the Developers don't want to add the lock-on. The zoom and spotlight are really nice features to have, which I really hope that we get. I don't have anything against that if the Head of Legal Factions makes a rule about it. The render distance in GTA V is pretty good. If it was as bad as on SAMP, then the helicopters would probably fly between the skyscrapers, which would be unrealistic.
  3. People will be allowed to stream and create highlights and let's play video. I actually want as many people as possible to do that to advertise both the server and the LSPD. We might have a rule that the broadcaster needs to have around 1 minute delay when streaming to avoid stream sniping or MetaGaming. Also, if someone does stream snipe or MetaGame from watching the stream, they will of course be reported. I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to stream, you would use common sense and behave properly on the stream and not mess around. There's always the clips feature on Twitch that can be used if the broadcaster breaks a rule.
  4. Having keybinds for a /me to handcuff someone is PowerGaming as it doesn't give the other party a chance to push the Officer/Deputy away and run off. Also, we strive to be as detailed as possible with our RolePlay. That's why it can take several lines of /me for a simple action. "/me handcuff bad guy" is definitely not accepted in LSPD and not on this server. I do trust my members not to do this. But if it were to happen that an Officer doesn't RP reaching for a radio when a weapon is being aimed at him/her or about to be aimed at him/her and suddenly 5 cruisers with lights and sirens show up out of nowhere. Then obviously you are allowed to report them in the game to an admin and they will handle it there on scene. Then you may make a report on the Officer and send it to me with evidence.
  5. I agree that we need to understand that it is okay to lose a suspect OOCly and not get upset about it. But the suspect has to get away in a realistic way for that to happen. If I lose a suspect because I was too close to them in a pursuit and they took a sharp turn, then I won't be upset at all OOCly for losing them. It was done properly and realistically. Same with shootouts, if the suspects lead us to an ambush, then it would be our fault for following them and get gunned down if we don't have enough backup. We will only report people when they break the rules. Also, with the roll animation the character makes when jumping from a certain height, I think it would be okay to jump off a 5 foot ledge and do that roll, then continue running.
  6. I do not want to see any drama at all between any factions. If my members start any drama and it gets reported to me or any other member of PD, they will be dealt with. I am pretty sure Jack doesn't want any drama either. We do have jurisdiction systems for PD and SD. They have been approved by the Head of Legal Factions, so it should work out really well.
  7. North America has switched over now, as well.
  8. Hello everyone. I am back with my reminder that it is time to change the clock, if you still have a device that requires manual adjustment of time. The dates to change the times are: Europe: The night between 30th of October and 31st of October. Which is tonight. North America: The night between 6th of November and 7th of November. This mean that we have to move the clock back one hour and the time zones will change. Here's a list of what the current time zones and times are and what they will change to. Europe 03:00/3:00AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) (GMT/UTC+2) --> 02:00/2:00AM CET (Central European Time) (GMT/UTC+1) 02:00/2:00AM BST (British Summer Time) (GMT/UTC+1) --> 01:00/1:00AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) (GMT/UTC+0) North America 02:00/2:00AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) (GMT/UTC-4) --> 01:00/1:00AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) (GMT/UTC-5) (States that uses EDT/EST) 02:00/2:00AM CDT (Central Daylight Time) (GMT/UTC-5) --> 01:00/1:00AM CST (Central Standard Time) (GMT/UTC-6) (States that uses CDT/CST) 02:00/2:00AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) (GMT/UTC-6) --> 01:00/1:00AM MST (Mountain Standard Time) (GMT/UTC-7) (States that uses MDT/MST) 02:00/2:00AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) (GMT/UTC-7) --> 01:00/1:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) (GMT/UTC-8) (States that uses PDT/PST)
  9. They made a lot of improvements and they still have two weeks until launch for the play early pre-orders to fix even more stuff. https://www.ea.com/games/battlefield/battlefield-2042/news/battlefield-briefing-what-we-learned-from-open-beta?isLocalized=true
  10. Law enforcement. Might create an alt and do something else down the line.
  11. I don't fully understand what happened to you previously regarding the injunctions. Can you thoroughly explain what happened in a PM to me and what you are upset about, please.
  12. The Los Santos Police Department will not handle firearms licenses anymore. I have full confidence that Maxim will handle it well and with a completely new and hopefully better system to handle it completely in the game.
  13. I understand that an Officer wants to speak to their friends on TS, but having 15 people in one channel could draw the attention away from the RolePlay in the game. I am willing to let people have their friends in their on-duty TS channel if their RolePlay isn't affected by it. The reason why we won't let on-duty faction members be in the SD channels is because they leave Radio Communications channel tree, which makes it so they can't hear when someone uses central to call in pursuits/shots/anything else. There is a workaround for this and it is the Channel Commander system, like you have in SD. But I am not sure if we can use it at the same time as you.
  14. Nice update ! I suggest not using real life brands. Just so we can completely avoid any legal issues. So instead of a Supreme shirt, it could be Douchebag, Gullible or Pretentious. Instead of Gucci, it could be Bucci. And so on.
  15. Haha. Just to let you know, Imperium made a Badge Generator website too (https://www.imperiumxvii.co.uk/lsrp/lspd/badges/) .
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