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  1. It has been said multiple times that you will be able to view the old forum in the future, but the main priority now is to get the server up and running.
  2. Well, the meeting is in 3 hours when I am posting this, so there are no updates from it yet since it has not happened yet.
  3. I want to play poker too. But creating a thread just to spam the same sentence over and over isn't leading to any good discussion. Hopefully we'll get to play poker on LS-RP V . If you want to play forum games, feel free to do that here: https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/179-forum-games/
  4. He is occupied with his in-real life situation. I will close the thread so it doesn't derail. Mmartin can respond to the thread himself when he is back, if he wants to.
  5. There will be an announcement before the server launches. We just have to be a little more patient .
  6. Hello everyone. Here I am again to remind you that summer time quickly approaching for the northern hemisphere . The dates to change the times are: United States: The night between 12th of March and 13th of Match, which is tonight when I am creating this thread. Europe: The night between 26th of March and 27th of March. This mean that we have to move the clock forward one hour and the time zones will change. Here's a list of what the current time zones and times are and what they will change to. United States: The night between 12th of March and 13th of March. 02:00/02:00AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) (States that uses EDT/EST) 02:00/02:00AM CST (Central Standard Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM CDT (Central Daylight Time) (States that uses CDT/CST) 02:00/02:00AM MST (Mountain Standard Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) (States that uses MDT/MST) 02:00/02:00AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) (States that uses PDT/PST) Europe: The night between 26th of March and 27th of March. 02:00/02:00AM CET (Central European Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) 02:00/02:00AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) —> 03:00/03:00AM BST (British Summer Time)
  7. It will only be for the faction account. No on else in PD will get a blue name on the forum.
  8. You just gave me a good idea! Thank you.
  9. Looking good! I am looking forward to interact with you guys in-game. Good luck !
  10. Looking good! I am looking forward to see what you all can do in-game and to RP with you .
  11. I don't know, sorry. Never seen your name before.
  12. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Will get the S22 in May for free when I trade my S21 in .
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