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  1. DonStrapzy

    September Update

    Great to hear. By the way, sent my dev application to you in July. Hope you can have a look at it soon.
  2. Here's another suggestion: creating regular polls on a weekly or monthly basis, where us, the players (community members), can have a say in determining the priority of upcoming features and fixes. For instance, you could provide a list of different items as bulleted points, and then allow us to vote on what we believe should be given higher priority: Example: Improvement of Gun scheme or mechanics: 15 votes Enhancements to Car Features (engine w/e): 5 votes Resolution of Car Loan Bug: 2 votes By adopting this approach, you can effectively gauge our collective preferences and prioritize accordingly. This will likely lead to more satisfaction among a greater number of people.
  3. I sent my application for more than 5-6 weeks ago and he has not even opened up the message. FYI
  4. The saying goes, "It isn't over until the fat lady sings." We understand that it's challenging for you all to manage everything simultaneously, and there's a multitude of tasks to improve. However, progress takes time, dedication, and patience. Ultimately, hope is the only thing we possess. Keep your spirits up, everyone. Things will improve soon. Thank you for also including us players in the conversation and keeping us informed. Personally, I've submitted my application as a developer and I'm hopeful it can contribute. Additionally, I'd like to suggest a minor adjustment concerning the UCP. Perhaps consider lowering the passing score by 1-3p, so it's not necessary to achieve a near-perfect score like 34/35 or 35/35, or whatever the current requirement is.
  5. Looking forward for some more interactions with those guys. Great pictures, keep it up!
  6. lowkey miss lag hitting cars...
  7. I haven't read all of comments but one suggestion is to both make the guns harder to get ahold of and also higher prices. No doubt.
  8. DonStrapzy

    Spike Strips

    Good and frequent updates, looking forward to see some spikes here and there.
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