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Found 3 results

  1. ABOUT The Hell Runners Motorcycle Club or the HRMC is a 1% Motorcycle Club originally coming from the Tri-State Region (New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT)) that was founded by Kevin Portillo and James Deckert in 1984 as a group for motorcycle passionates. The club later got involved in multiple illegal actions such as racketeering, drug and arms dealing, prostitution and arson which got them under the radar of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The New Jersey chapter was considered to be the original one, with the 5 founding members coming from that area; usually all-charter churches were held in Lakehurst, New Jersey being considered one of the more iconic landmarks for the club, with most of the members calling it the mother-chapter. At the moment, the US Department of Justice declares that there are over 500 sworn-members over the 50 states in America, being considered one of the most dangerous gangs in the US. The club is not officially a racially segregated organization, although no afro-american members are apart of the HRMC. ORGANIZATION Each Hell Runners chapter in the United States is organized in a rank structure, consisting of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary/Treasurer, multiple Sergeant-At-Arms, Road Captains and Enforcers. Each of the existing chapters has autonomy over their members/rankings and can make local-impact decisions on their own, without permission or summoning a church at the mother-chapter's location. ((OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION)) This faction is aiming to portray a realistic 1% MC, inspiring ourselves from existing motorcycle clubs from the United States. Gaining membership in the faction is done strictly IC (In Character) and we do not condone any type of favoritism but we encourage you to bring your friends along in our faction. We strive to follow all of the rules of LS-RP and enforce them at all times within the faction. If you have any questions or concerns about our faction, you can reach out to me (@danut) or @trickster.
  2. Hey, Im Ed. StoryTeller, Kross, whatever... I have alot of nicknames. I'm just another schmuck from GTAW hopping over to LSRP after a few of the guys from 4x4 wanted to see if I'd join up, so I said sure. Guess Im a legal RPer, but my goals are to remain private for now. My hobbies include (IRL) Hunting, Fishing, Cars, Offroading, and if you wanna see what games im into, my steam is the same as my discord: StoryTeller#7734. I'm a bit race nut, love fallout, and even for an American I prefer UK Locomotives over US Locomotives. Have a question, leave it. Oh, I also help make Halo/Warhammer mods for Fallout 4, and Im a map creator on Transport Fever 2.
  3. Hey there! I created this topic to have a discussion or rather to give some ideas about the state of motorcycle clubs' patches. Those, who have roleplayed around the biker scene, will know that most of the time the only way to know which club a player represents is through /me and /ame. In a sense it is rather exhausting to have a preset of your patches on CTRL + C and CTRL + V or a keybind (on SAMP) and have to spam it all the time, when you have a gathering, ride, charity, etc. Moreover, when a group of around 10 or more bikers roll around in the city, it was an eye-sore to see all of the purple text popping above the riders heads. Let alone to be able to read what text was being displayed in the ocean of purple /ames or /mes and I don't think people would want to scroll through the text to see a patch of a biker, who they might not see ever again. That being said, I want to address some ideas of mine to the public and perhaps hear some of your thoughs on this. Now GTA V has a lot of modding possibilities. My first idea would sound something like this (of course if it is possible): why not to create/add a mod of vests, with pre-attached patches to it so the whole server would be able to see them. It could be an item obtainable in a shop or something in a familiar style. To prevent people from buying these vests and just creating chaos, these clothings could be linked to a rank in a official faction. Not only this would prevent trolls from abusing the clothing, but also could push unofficial motorcycle clubs to take their faction more serious as the end goal could not only be being and official faction but also your "colors" displayed to the whole server. The second suggestion is almost the same as the first one, but perhaps, these patches/vests would be available for factions, that are potentional candidates for the official status. This way the faction would know that they are going the right path and it would boost their self-esteem as it would be somewhat of an achievement that they managed to get. I think something familiar could be done with other type of factions too, like giving them environments/ custom tattoos/ graffities etc. Everything comes down to making the game more realistic and perhaps giving people new achievements towards the official status as the path to it could be bumpy, with a lot of people losing interest along the way. I would like to hear the community's perspective on this. Perhaps, with the input of you guys this idea could be polished even more and become a reality.
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