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  1. Uncanny


    Niceeee, good luck fellas
  2. MVP as in Most Valuable Player or Moving Vehicle Plate, or Mowing Vast Population.... I am lost
  3. It could be a teaser for release date or for another update. But if they put that kinda of teaser, I don't think they'll say it out-loud. We'll have to wait
  4. Yeah, that makes sense.
  5. It's a genuine question from me as I am a person, who doesn't listen to this kind of music. I have no intentions to mock you or make fun of the music you listen to. My question, which stems from curiosity is - what attracts you to listen to this kind of music? I see a lot of people liking this music and I can't really grasp the idea of why they like it.
  6. Uncanny

    What do you drive?

    Alfa Romeo 159, 2.4L Not my photo - as I am trying to detail mine, put some lips and what not to make it look better. I remember reading on forums, that when you drive Alfa Romeo 159 (or any Alfa in general) for a while you somehow become addicted to Alfa Romeo. I think I caught this addiction too. Kinda look forward for the new Tonale, as its front is like 159's, but made by new technology.
  7. There is no doubt, that if script of such kind would appear some kind of cooperation between two parties should be needed. Yet again with all the experience from SAMP, most of robberies happen by people, who aren't there to RP, but most of the part to ruin some ones RP, gain a lot of weapons (which might be used to shoot people in every scenario possible) - yes they exist and most of the time they are driving around just to rob people. I don't think this would solve the stalling issue as some people want to RP all the emotions they would feel if being robbed. Lets say the script gets implemented and there is some kind of cooperation with commands and what not, but yet again, those robbers will push you to just give them the items without roleplaying the emotions and actions. The best thing what you'll receive will be "/me robs the individual for his items" and then when you would want to express your characters emotions you would receive "/b stop stalling and give me the items" etc. That being said I don't think this will solve any problem. Perhaps for the robbers that don't want to RP anything this would be a life-saving idea, but if we want to change the experience of robberies for both parties this is not the way to go. Like always, this is just my opinion on this based on previous experiences with robberies and robbers themselves.
  8. One day, when making my breakfast I put milk first then the cereal. Still can't believe what menace I was.
  9. Uncanny


    Nice, a faction around cars. Good to see this scene of roleplay becoming more active as it was sligthly dead. G o o d L u c k.
  10. Uncanny

    Release Update

    Oh snap, stay safe!
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