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  1. A new style, a new sound, everyone has their own tastes. We all know about this and understand it perfectly.
  2. CS GO & SAMP & GTA V hmmm... dota 2 :d
  3. Hello everyone One more time. Mostly I like trap and rap music. So is the classics in the genre. Mostly I like such artists as Gucci Mane, Yung Trappa, Waka Flocka Flame, OG Buda, Big Baby Tape, and many others. P:S Examples will be below.
  4. Hello everyone Name is Arthur. About myself I got acquainted with LS-RP. In 2018, in the os, full rp was played on Russian servers. By type SW Project, Gambit RP, and the like. I can answer any question. I also expect a server based on GTA 5.
  5. These are mostly Russian servers. By type SW Project, Gambit RP, LS-Life. Then he joined the LSRP. Closer to 2019, I called my friend.
  6. The main language is English. At the moment I know two languages. P;S Всем привет.
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