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  1. Looking forward to see where this goes
  2. witness

    Vespucci 13

    Out Of Character Information Our goal is to accurately depict a modern-day Sureño gang in Vespucci (based on the Venice and Oakwood neighborhoods of Los Angeles) struggling to re-establish itself after losing most of its members and cliques. While our goal is to portray this concept as realistically as possible, there will be hints of fiction throughout. This project will have an equal focus on the street gang and its illicit activities, as well as the community and the day-to-day life of a Mexican-American growing up surrounded by gentrification. We value community roleplay and an atmosphere heavily influenced by Chicano culture, so we also value characters who aren't full gang members or in supportive roles. We highly encourage those who wish to roleplay with us to also take some time to research the culture. If this faction interests you, then feel free to create a character and start roleplaying around us in Vespucci. All walks of life will be welcomed, but for those looking to join the faction as a gang member and progress through the gang, you must roleplay as a Mexican-American teenager no older than 16. Male characters will have an easier time getting involved, but female characters (especially friends/family/girlfriends) play important roles in Hispanic gangs. For those looking to join the faction as a more community-driven local character, with no intentions of joining the gang, your options are much more diverse. However, we still encourage a Mexican-American character but this will definitely not be forced for these types of characters as all walks of life will be welcomed, as long as the character fits in well. Street gangs have deep roots in their communities and gang members aren't the only people involved in these stories. Do not hesitate to reach out if you’re stuck, and need advice for a new character. As said above, all characters will be considered and we will be happy to head out your thoughts and offer suggestions. We have a solid understanding of this concept, and enough information to assist you with creating something special. We are more than happy to discuss concerns, suggestions, discrepancies, or portrayal issues in DMs. If you feel that you may have sources that we would benefit from looking into then feel free to send them my way and I can spread it out to the rest of the members. We’re all here to have a good time at the end of the day. Points of Contact: @[email protected] Mala Character Kill Information Faction leadership of Vespucci 13 posess the rights to character kill a member of Vespucci 13, so long as an appropriately roleplayed out scenario takes place and an adiquete reason is presented. We will aim for character kill to be as rare as possible, however, character kills can be exectued for any number of reasons. For members of Vespucci 13 who engage in roleplay with the Mexican Mafia , you will also hand over rights for the leadership of the Mexican Mafia to character kill your character if a suitable reason is presented.
  3. Better to delay and deliver something you're confident in. Keep up the good work
  4. Post your screenshots or videos of games you're currently playing/recently played
  5. As long as these mods don't impact performance heavily, I'm all for them. Would be nice to see some more residential areas added in. If possible, areas like El Burro are really small and it'd be cool to see some more houses and streets in the area. Or even just turn some of the areas that are unusable into something more usable
  6. The GTA V map is quite large, and during the story of the game, Trevor mentions that Sandy Shores is a few hours away from Los Santos, and later on he specifically states that Paleto Bay is four hours away. "According to Trevor Philips, it takes about four hours to drive from Los Santos to Paleto Bay. This is an accurate assumption, as it takes less than 8 minutes in real time to drive that distance." - Taken from the GTA V wiki page https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Paleto_Bay According to the GTA V wiki, Paleto Bay is influenced by Morro Bay in real life. Morro Bay is about a 3-4 hour drive from the center of LA. Sandy Shores is influenced by the Salton Sea is also about a 2-3 hour drive from the center of LA. This does create a discrepancy if we're comparing the distances from the Salton Sea to Morro Bay/Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay as the distance is much greater in real life, so I think that aspect we should definitely overlook as the Salton Sea is to the east of LA and not to the north where Sandy Shores is located in relation to Los Santos. Some GTA V RP communities have chosen to ignore this distance, and treat it purely on the GTA V map size and the in-game miles between destinations, which isn't actually that much. While other communities have chosen to take these distances into consideration. I think it's important to have a server-wide understanding of this from the beginning. How do you think we should roleplay the distance? A) The distance is exactly how it is in-game, if it takes 5-8 minutes to drive from Paleto to LS then that's how long it takes. B) Be vague with how "far away" these places are, treat them in-character that it'll take a while to get there and generally avoid frequent trips for unjustified reasons; treating it entirely ambiguously but acknowledging that it's far away. C) Treat the distance exactly how it's depicted in the story, with Sandy Shores/Paleto Bay being a few hours out from LS and avoid travelling the distance for unjustified reasons. Or do you have something else in mind?
  7. For something like this we kinda need to see what the mechanic system is going to look like. I like the idea of cars actually producing specific parts that can be sold/used on other cars. It would create a little economy of car parts, depending on how useful they actually are. It opens some opportunities, like a dodgy mechanic buying cheap stolen parts on the low instead of buying them new from trusted sellers, but again it depends on what the mechanic system will be like. I still believe anyone should have the ability to break into vehicles, but agree only select people could fully chop them for usable parts. People who don't have the trusted role should also be able to get things too, like whatever items are left behind or maybe even some basic/commonly stolen parts like car radios. I'm aware that anyone with the right tools (which certainly aren't hard to come by in real life) can do the same, but I also get that this is more about balancing things to promote good RP standards so we don't see some half-assed goofy RP. I've seen other communities use car scrapping to get the materials to create tools to break into cars, or even guns... Let's not do that.
  8. Should be changed to GTA V Every GTA V RP community I've played they have had this disabled server-side. I don't think it was possible to disable it on samp but I think it's a safe bet that it will be here. And I think Gaz is right, tapping W doesn't make your vehicles go faster. There are other similar bugs that people can abuse with the GTA V engine, like bumping over curbs can boost your car's speed.
  9. Looks great. Definitely use IRL clothing brands. There's not enough in the GTA lore and most are memes
  10. In my opinion, we need expenses. Most of these communities (that I'm aware of) don't put enough emphasis on money going out from your character's pocket/bank, aside from buying character customization, vehicles, buying properties, and drugs/weapons. There need to be more day-to-day expenses, like medical bills and ambulance fees, utility bills, insurance, mortgages, leases, loans, and rent, etc. I get that people don't want to get home from work and hop in-game just to start grinding so they don't lose their virtual house, which is why finding the right balance between expenses and income is essential. Personally, I want to see a realistic economy that mirrors real-life prices, but at the same time, I don't want to have to spend hours almost every day working in-game so that my character can afford necessities for my roleplay. The economy is a hard to get right. We need it to be fair and not punish those who can't spend dozens of hours a week in-game, but at the same time it's clear that inflation will start happening and ruin the economy a year or so down the line unless approrpiate measures are put in place.
  11. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/skatev https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/surf-v-catch-you-wave https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/wheelchair-addon Are the skateboarding and surfing mods possible? They seem like they are just vehicles that are reskinned, maybe with some control tweaks, but I'm not really sure. They're not flawless mods by any means, but they look like they would get the job done. I wouldn't go into the skate/surf mods expecting some Skate 1-3/Tony Hawks tier gameplay lmao but they would definitely add a lot to certrain RP enviroments, especially young characters or hobbyists. The wheelchair could be a nice touch for medical/revovery RP too. There may even be alternative/better mods for this sort of purpose, these are just the ones I could find in a quick search.
  12. Good looks. You might find the GTA 5 wiki useful https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Streets_in_GTA_V
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