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  1. I believe the quality control should be divided by the Staff and faction leaders. I'll throw a rock in the gang roleplay. As of now, street gang roleplayers are saying they need more modded neighbourhoods for their roleplay, because they do not fit in this map (The map is way bigger than San Andreas, but somehow we do not fit? Questionable). I see this as searching for a problem, where there isn't one. At this moment, we have around 11 street gangs, ranging both between african-americans and mexicans (talking more about the South Los Santos). The sole reason, why gangs do not fit is because they are creating them left and right. Let's be fair here, we have only 2 or 3 good gang factions, why not join them, learn the ropes and roleplay with that. If we would make just 4 or 5 good quality, big gang factions, the turf of these gangs could expand, more cliques of these factions could be created while under one umbrella. Problem solved. Additionally, people could learn from the more experienced roleplayers and become them in the future, hence the 'shootout mentality' could be demolished from the inside. For those, who'll come and say, 'me and my friends wanted to roleplay together so we created a gang' - that's an excuse. Join an already existing gang, roleplay with them, develop and if the faction becomes big, you can create your own clique and roleplay with your friends. For now, it seems like people have DM mentality and are creating gangs to hide their true intentions. If you want to roleplay, for example, in Forum Drive - join the gang that exists there and don't create new faction right besides the existing one. They are DMers? Relocate and join a better faction - your roleplay shouldn't be limited because you dreadfully want to be in one place of the map, this only shows that you don't want to roleplay, but perhaps you're seeking a way to conflict with others as you'll be creating rival gang right besides their front step (which doesn't look realistic, a gang expanding their turf into yours - that's realistic). When it comes to weapons, I agree with the statement above, that before you sell any weapons, you should be wary to whom you're selling them. Realistically speaking, the weapons you sell to others could easily be turned against you, so selling your weapons only for profit doesn't make sense, in my opinion.
  2. I believe it has something to do with mentality of people. If the mentality can't be changed, nothing will change no matter how much you punish people. I see a lot of people, basing their 'shooting roleplay' on real life scenarios, especially USA. People flock to the media and take away only the extremity cases - someone punches another person and he gets shot. Quite frankly, a lot of people base their roleplay by that, but it just doesn't make sense. If you're so weak mentally in real life that you can't take an insult in-game, you shouldn't play the game. As of now, some insults or brawls are like green lights for people just to hunt down others and DM. The aspect of possibility to roleplay some conflict is getting demolished by said mentality. I am speaking from illegal faction perspective - believe me, it is hectic as hell, not a lot of space to roleplay a conflict between factions, because majority of the time, you'll probably get shot instantly if you'll try to initiate some kind of brawl (I'm all for punching each other and roleplaying that than instantly go for AKs and wiping all of your opponents). If we Force CK characters of DMers, they'll just create another character and grind out the levels so either they can rob, shoot or buy PF - that's the reality of the system. With prisons, people will automatically create another character for their endeavors as from the start they aren't here to roleplay. That would be mine cookie in this conversation.
  3. A true man and a genius of his craft. All love, no hate.
  4. MVP as in Most Valuable Player or Moving Vehicle Plate, or Mowing Vast Population.... I am lost
  5. It could be a teaser for release date or for another update. But if they put that kinda of teaser, I don't think they'll say it out-loud. We'll have to wait
  6. Yeah, that makes sense.
  7. It's a genuine question from me as I am a person, who doesn't listen to this kind of music. I have no intentions to mock you or make fun of the music you listen to. My question, which stems from curiosity is - what attracts you to listen to this kind of music? I see a lot of people liking this music and I can't really grasp the idea of why they like it.
  8. Uncanny

    What do you drive?

    Alfa Romeo 159, 2.4L Not my photo - as I am trying to detail mine, put some lips and what not to make it look better. I remember reading on forums, that when you drive Alfa Romeo 159 (or any Alfa in general) for a while you somehow become addicted to Alfa Romeo. I think I caught this addiction too. Kinda look forward for the new Tonale, as its front is like 159's, but made by new technology.
  9. There is no doubt, that if script of such kind would appear some kind of cooperation between two parties should be needed. Yet again with all the experience from SAMP, most of robberies happen by people, who aren't there to RP, but most of the part to ruin some ones RP, gain a lot of weapons (which might be used to shoot people in every scenario possible) - yes they exist and most of the time they are driving around just to rob people. I don't think this would solve the stalling issue as some people want to RP all the emotions they would feel if being robbed. Lets say the script gets implemented and there is some kind of cooperation with commands and what not, but yet again, those robbers will push you to just give them the items without roleplaying the emotions and actions. The best thing what you'll receive will be "/me robs the individual for his items" and then when you would want to express your characters emotions you would receive "/b stop stalling and give me the items" etc. That being said I don't think this will solve any problem. Perhaps for the robbers that don't want to RP anything this would be a life-saving idea, but if we want to change the experience of robberies for both parties this is not the way to go. Like always, this is just my opinion on this based on previous experiences with robberies and robbers themselves.
  10. One day, when making my breakfast I put milk first then the cereal. Still can't believe what menace I was.
  11. Uncanny

    Release Update

    Oh snap, stay safe!
  12. Have Iphone 7, still does the work. But I am rather dissapointed in Apple with their upgrade. Somehow it seems they are always behind with their technology. Only several additions are worth the while. Samsungs are lookin rather promising as phones, although their prices are on the higher side. In my opinion, if you check the prices of new iphone and samsung, samsung has more to offer. The only thing I see Iphone better than other phones is their simple UI. It just get people hooked. Also, it's more secure in a way, but if we're talking about samsung, their new security looks very promising. In other words, apple is kinda of a passion fruit phone for the people, who feel the need to have a phone with a very famous name.
  13. LSRP was the first one, learned how to RP here.
  14. Having a realistic avatar, perhaps a personal photo.
  15. Congrats to all the people and thank you!
  16. Somehow you look like a salesman, who came here to showcase and sell his product. Like it was said, there are plenty of players from LSRP, who are used to RageMP or played with this MP.
  17. Uncanny

    San Andreas Law!

    Interesting! Now I want to play the game to see the new additions ;[
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