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    July Update

    im glad you got enough funding while you were gone, welcome back
  2. One of the reasons why people could come over is because they are done with the politics and the drama that GTA:W has every now and then. Just look at the absolute garbage handling from their management at the LSSD this weekend, it screams amateur all over. But then again, if stuff like this happens on this server, people will go back or join another server. It's hard already to stand out as a roleplay community and to get a solid playerbase since there are alternatives with similar scripts and the whole yankee doodle but right now LS-RP isn't doing well with the development and the relation with the community.
  3. The following snippet was posted in #snippets on the LSRP discord, showcasing the vehicle plate system. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/880180046835367947/971930684874694696/plateeesystem.mp4 The new license plate that is being put on reads 17MAYRP. Is this a hint to the release date?!?
  4. I've read through your post and the replies that were given but I got to disagree with you on this. I understand where you are coming from and my nostalgia of LS-RP also gives me all those comebacks and memories. Every now and then I go through the screenshots that I took or the videos that I made and just chuckle at how much fun I had. I remember 5th and 6th street (if I recall correctly) and how dangerous it was for you to be around. Or how main street was packed with vehicles for Octopussy. Or how Idlestacks always had something going on. Those are just memories and nostalgia. I've moved on from that era and if I would go back and play in such a setting, I'd probably get bored of how the roleplay standard was or how unrealistic it was. Most people who have played during that time have matured, grown older and realized what kind of setting LSRP was back then. I'm not saying that I hate it since I enjoyed it so much but I have grown an interest in the roleplay that you describe. The more slow laid back roleplay that goes way more in-depth. I'm not for a 1:1 simulator or a super realistic server but I doubt anyone wants that. People value their characters way more now and create a story that fits their character (most people, you still have questionable roleplayers).
  5. ill probably have a red flag behind my name now hoi politie
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