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  1. Why can't I post in suggestions? I have a few good ones.
  2. Is Martin actually going to read the "We need to talk" comments or what? As of right now the server is shit, gets max 70ish players, no factions around it's all just people who play the game like it's habbo hotel. Read the comments and atleast try to make a change. Everyone's saying the same thing in the comments.
  3. Rhys123

    We need to talk ...

    This aswell, is facts. The major major factor for the playerbase is the economy side. Something needs to be done about it, or it's gonna just die like the samp server did. Completely agree, the gun situation aswell, it's about people being punished for the poor reasons, the amount of guns wasnt the issue. The only reason these 'dmers' were getting guns is because of the economy, people wanted money so sold to anyone that would pay the prices. It's all a big circle.
  4. Rhys123

    We need to talk ...

    I believe this is the main issue for the playerbase, you cant even buy a faggio or anything when starting out. Nobody wants to work a realistic job on a game and put hours and hours into it.
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