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  1. Mmartin

    July Update

    Hey everyone, I'd like to update you on what's been going on the last few weeks. We've resumed development in a limited capacity after I had to take some time off due to personal issues and boy we've got a lot to talk about. As promised, it's July 13th so we're bringing you more information on the release timeline. When does LS-RP come out? Given the scope of remaining work & testing, we're currently targeting to release in August. Vast majority of features are either finished or in final stages of development. All features will be re-tested in the coming weeks in case our latest work messed with anything made previously. Concrete date will be given at least 7 days prior to release. This is to ensure that in case we encounter an abnormal amount of hiccups, we don't have to postpone. I know you'd rather a number to look forward to, but I'm sure you'd rather not have to see another delay announcement. I know I don't want to write one. Where are the snippets? The hype we had built for the February release date was something that'll be hard to replicate. Or at least so I thought until we hit a record number of attendees on our first staff meeting back (over 50 at one point!). Some of the activities such as development streams will be left out for the time being to maximize productivity; however as a part of our release campaign to build up interest and hype again we'll be posting a new snippet every day — Starting today. Some snippets, such as today's one, will be accompanied by a short description to give you more insight into our thought process. So join us on Discord at discord.gg/ls-rp so you don't miss any of them. Patreon As of July, we've paused our Patreon billing cycle. We've raised enough funds to get us off the ground and any further funding will have to be secured through a product/credit purchase in our web store, after we launch. As a token of appreciation and an apology for the extended delay, we'll also be adding 20% credits on top to every patron who supported us (example; 10 EUR tier * 6 months = 120 EUR * 120% = 144 EUR worth of credits). In conclusion, the next few weeks will be us wrapping up, merging finished features into the main codebase and getting ready for the big day. Once again thank you for your patience, feedback and enthusiasm. Hope you're enjoying summertime; see you around on Discord Martin
  2. Mmartin

    Release Update

    Hello, As I mentioned on Discord already, due to reasons out of our control we are unable to release on the 24th as originally planned. This is due to real life circumstances and an attempted break-in into my apartment because of which I had to spend the last week and some change making sure my family and I are safe. Although I've gotten some of my time back to focus on the finalizing work I would've been doing, I'm still not 100% back and won't be for the next few days as it's an evolving situation & ongoing police investigation. Can't say this pleases me, since we were going to be able to make it on the 24th but shit happens. Server will come out very soon. We'll post 24 hours in advance once we're ready so you can adjust your schedule. During the time I've been dealing with this mess, the rest of the team was hard at work getting what they can ready & tested. Huge shout-out dev team, leads & the entire staff team. Shoutout to our Discord too which is growing RAPIDLY - love to see all the activity there. You'll see things rolling out this week, such as faction threads being open, new features on the UCP, & other parts of the server before the game server itself opens. Thank you for understanding & your continued support — appreciate you all. It'll be worth it in the long run and I know you know. - Martin
  3. is that johann fischer? big fan bro

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      we stan johann fischer

  4. Hello, As of this moment, registrations and character applications are open for everyone for up to three characters. Head over to https://ucp.ls-rp.com/ and create a character. The character creation server remains locked for our Patreon supporters until the 20th of February, when it becomes available for everyone. Please be patient with us tonight in case there's any issues — we'll try to iron them out as soon as we can. Also, everyone gets to take a quiz to get a refresher on our rules and general RP etiquette! Please note we don't currently offer a path to account recovery. If you've lost access to an account you've had in the past, we aren't able to help you. You can try resetting your password, or making a new account. See ya IG soon, - Martin
  5. This was unfortunate wording and pedo RP was never allowed. That being said, after consideration, we've decided to edit this archaic rule and disallow any of the actions mentioned in the rule, without exception or permissions. Acts of sexual violence and dangerous or illegal paraphilias are not something we're going to facilitate in the community, even as "roleplay". Punishment for breach of this rule is ban.
  6. Hey all, To give factions the ability to house their faction members in certain areas, the Faction Team has decided to allow factions to apply for faction complexes. These faction complexes will consist of a few apartments and will help with providing more environmental roleplay for the faction. Each faction has the ability to choose between getting 6 to 8 apartments for their complex. In order to improve the housing market, the Faction Team is offering factions a possibility to establish themselves within certain areas by creating a faction complex. This will ensure that faction members are provided the necessary housing for them to do their roleplay. For individuals, renting options will be available at launch; and a separate scheme will be announced for businesses. How to determine how many apartments you can get? The faction that is applying has to exist for a minimum of a week, and needs to consist of at least 12 core members. See below list to see how many members you need for the amount of apartments you can apply for in your complex. 6 apartments: 12 members 7 apartments: 14 members 8 apartments: 16 members A faction can apply for a maximum of 8 apartments. GUIDELINES By submitting an application, you agree to the rules surrounding the scheme, and accept potential removal from the scheme following any breach of the following agreements: Name-changing in any form is not allowed and will result in removal. You have to notify the Head of Schemes before namechanging. Administrative punishment (admin jail or ban), depending on severity and situation. Abusing the furniture limits within the complex for your own benefit. Poor roleplay surrounding the faction complexes. Lying in the selection application. Creating secret compartment/rooms or designing the interior in a way to give you a benefit during shootouts. Faction owner rents the complex out to non-faction members. Other faction team decision. Faction is shut down. Inactivity. REQUIREMENTS Before applying for the scheme, please ensure you meet the requirements. Not meeting the requirements will result in an instant denial. You must be part of a faction. You must be the leader of said faction. You must have experience in/around illegal factions. You must have a good standing in the community. Your faction must have a minimum of 12 members. Your faction thread must be up for a minimum of one week. APPLICATION Send your application to the Head of Schemes @DDaniels Message subject: [COMPLEX] Faction Name This article was prepared by the Faction Team.
  7. Here's off the top of my head: - We'll try to follow IRL prices 1:1, in some cases cents may be used for immersion (gas prices etc), but all payments are always rounded so we don't have to deal with decimals. - We're trying to tune the jobs for players to be able to make the same amount of $ in 6-8 hours that they'd make in a week IRL - We're going with a loan script (mortgage, vehicle financing) to allow players own property even before saving up tens/hundreds of thousands of $$$ - We've tools in place to monitor all the cashflow to make sure there isn't an obscene amount of money going into the server from anywhere - We'll finetune prices in the first weeks and reserve the right to take someone's cash if there was an oversight on our side (more on that later) - System is bank/card focused and cash will be rare, we want it to be used for casual payments or illegal RP mainly. Economy's one thing we really wanna get right so we'll keep a close eye on it.
  8. Hey everyone, We're now just a little over two weeks before our scheduled release and new features are getting added into our game mode left and right. There's still a lot of work remaining and we're going full steam ahead, though I can really tell it's all slowly coming together. Allow me to give you a few updates on the upcoming two weeks so you know what to expect. Character Applications Everyone will be able to submit a character application starting February 14th. Until then the applications remain locked for our Patrons only. We anticipate a large amount of applications, so if you want to be 100% sure yours gets handled in time for the release, I suggest you submit it before the 14th. Similar story goes for the character creation server, which will become available to the public on February 20th. You will be able to customize your character however many times you wish before the server launch. After launch, you won't be able to alter an existing character appearance - just set it once and it's done. Staff Reinstatements We've decided on all staff reinstatements submitted and will be announcing & processing them on February 14th along with public character applications. Development Updates Due to the sheer amount of updates that are happening recently and how close we are to release, I won't bore you with paragraphs; here's some screenshots instead. Etc. If you've been keeping up with #snippets on our Discord, you've probably seen some of these already. On a personal note ... Today also marks a special occasion for me personally — it's exactly ten years since I got accepted into LS-RP and started roleplaying. It's been a wild ride and what excites me the most is that it's nowhere near over. The opposite actually, we're inching closer and closer to the next chapter for the community and I can already tell it's going to be awesome. The sheer amount of energy, effort and dedication from everyone starts to show and despite any hurdles we may encounter during launch, I'm certain we've got something great on our hands. Anyway, I'll save the speech for later; just wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained for the past ten years, and letting me create cool shit for you to enjoy for most of them. Stay posted & Keep in touch - Mm https://discord.gg/ls-rp https://www.patreon.com/lsrpcom https://twitter.com/lsrp_official/ https://www.youtube.com/c/LosSantosRoleplay https://twitch.tv/mmartin_
  9. Mmartin

    Damage System Preview

    The goal is for different types of ammo to be more useful in different situations (ie against armor, vehicles etc). Even if there's no difference initially, it's a great avenue to expand the system in the future, for any ammo type.
  10. Mmartin

    Damage System Preview

    First! Good job Kane
  11. Hey everyone, Today we're launching character customization for those who already have an accepted character and are a member of our staff, insider program or an active1 patron. To find out if you're eligible, simply log in on ucp.ls-rp.com and you will see a prompt: After whitelisting your IP, give it a few minutes and you'll be able to connect to server.ls-rp.com using your RageMP client, where you log in with the same details as into the UCP. After that, you'll be prompted to choose a character and customize it. You can customize your character as many times as you want pre-launch. If you don't like where you left off, you can return another day and change it entirely. This is something that won't be available after launch - key features of a character won't be adjustable with a few minor exceptions. We're working on adding more outfits, especially female ones, so you'll be able to go back and change it as well. If you face any issues with the character creator tool, please reach out to our staff team on Discord and they'll be able to guide you, or forward your issue to our development team. RageMp released an update today to a core system we're using in the character creator; so we anticipate there may be some issues. Last thing worth noting is that we've heard you and we'll be increasing the character slots to 2 pre-launch, probably sometime next week. TL;DR Make sure you have an accepted character and are insider, staff, or active patron Whitelist yourself on ucp.ls-rp.com Wait a few minutes for the whitelist to refresh Connect to server.ls-rp.com on RageMP ??? Profit Kind regards, Martin 1 We've chosen for "active" patrons only to provide a new incentive for folks who keep supporting the project even after creating their character. If you aren't an active patron anymore, you will be able to customize your character once, a day or two before launch.
  12. Mmartin

    ATM Preview

    Hey all, This is the first post I'm making in 2022 so I'd wish you a happy new year and all that, but I feel we're all over that already given it's the 20th. That being said, there's no doubt 2022 will be the year of LS-RP. To kick the showcase off for the year, I'd like to show you what I've been working on for the past few days on and off - the ATM feature. The video is pretty self explanatory so I'll skip right to the chase. We created a part of this system LIVE on Twitch. If you'd like to see more development streams, let me know in the replies; also let me know which feature you'd like to see being developed! (Visual ones, such as the ATM interface are easier to do live). I'll try to bring you more updates in the form of posts and videos in the coming days as we finalize some cool features; in the meantime you can check out #snippets on Discord for the odd tease here and there. Thank you all for the continued support, whether it's here on forums, Discord, my DM's, or directly on Patreon. Let me know what you'd like to see next. Yours truly, Martin
  13. Hey everyone, Hope everyone's doing well and getting ready for the holiday season. December was always special around LS-RP, I remember all the treasure hunts and winter/Christmas events we used to hold. I'm looking forward to seeing something like that in-game again as we celebrate the season... next year. It's been quite challenging over the last few months to keep track of the remaining work. Trying to keep tabs on all the features in my brain has proven quite inefficient, so instead of trying to remember what I'm supposed to be doing and which features are left to develop or test, we made a list. This list itemized every single outstanding feature or activity we've yet to complete before the server is launch-ready. As I was compiling this list a few weeks ago I realized that even that isn't enough. Really, is the trucking system the same as a phone call? Much different; so we started adding estimates to everything. 4 hours to finish phone calls, 16 hours to finish trucking, 2 hours here 4 there and so on. I've done estimations on an enterprise level in the past and it's a known secret that at the start of the project, unless you have a thorough specification, they're just made up numbers. Nobody knows and everyone's guess is meaningless, you're just working in a ballpark. Since we're nearing the end of the initial development, we're in a different position and it's much easier for us to list out all the things we've yet to do. So we've done that, and estimated how much it'll take. Based on these numbers, we realized that we've underestimated the amount of work remaining when we scheduled the release for Q4 2021. With the rest of the leadership, we were facing the following options: Option 1: Release in Q4 2021. We release in Q4 2021, as late as possible, but still meet the deadline. This gives us the pros of keeping up on our promise and taking advantage of the hype the LS-RP project currently has. The downside of this option is that we'd be releasing a game mode without a lot of important features and with a lot of potential bugs, since we'd have to be adding new features all the way to the launch date. Lacking features and bugs will result in a disappointed community and a potential loss of players. Option 2: Postpone the release for the 2nd time. We delay the release a bit. This allows us to work on features we deem essential but didn't manage to complete just yet. We have enough time to properly test these features (shoutout to our staff by the way - you've done amazing job testing so far). The dreaded disadvantage of going with this option is that we won't deliver on our promise that we'd release Q4, which can lead to the community being disappointed, leading to a potential loss of players. Which one would you choose? Let me know. Since we started deliberating postponing again, I had to go back and read my statement when we had to postpone to Q4. Here's a quote from that post: As I'm reading that I realize that we're in the very same situation now - how come though? Did nothing change since September? There's been no major inactivity for any of the devs or leads, or any "major roadblocks" I could think of that'd cause this delay. I tried to identify the reasons why we're delaying again and this is what I got: - We underestimated the amount of work remaining. The estimate that we should be done by Q4 was not backed by any real numbers, but rather a "gut feeling". - We've added new things to the scope for release. Those things were usually features which we deemed essential but forgot about them early on; or were only made aware of them now. - We spent a lot of time focusing on detail and polish of existing features. - Personal and professional obligations of the team, although this one was kept to a surprising minimum during Q4. After hours of deliberation, we chose option 2. We've taken several steps to make sure this is the last date we give you. We wanted to work towards a concrete date instead of a vague time range ("summer", "q4"). - As mentioned previously, we made an itemized of all remaining features and activities until we're release-ready. - We've added a estimate in hours to every remaining item or activity. - We're accounting for a % of risk dedicated to fixing bugs and unforeseen difficulties. This risk is currently set to 10%. - We've created metrics to monitor whether we're ahead of, or behind schedule. This allows us to play with the scope and reevaluate our current assignments if we're falling behind schedule. Based on these steps and metrics, we came up with the official release date of LS-RP:V on February 24th, 2022. Community Involvement With the release being postponed by just a bit over month and a half, we're looking for ways to keep the community engaged with what we're doing. Here's some milestones you can look forward to in the near future: - Character Customization made available ahead of launch, first for Patrons and later for the general public. - Character Applications made available ahead of launch to the general public. - Staff Reinstatements opening ahead to get ready for launch. The concrete dates of each will be announced separately at one point or another; but we're aiming to release the character customization server this week. There's a few more things we've up our sleeves to keep the community engaged, but I don't want to announce them just yet as they're not as thought through as the rest. If you have any ideas yourself, my inbox is always open. Progress Update I'll try to include a progress update where it makes sense when I write these posts. This should give you the idea of where we are in terms of the schedule and how much work is remaining in different parts of the code. Here's the current status: I've been on a mission to be as transparent as reasonably possible during the development of LS-RP:V. I had a lot to learn from the SA-MP days and I sincerely hope that the information we give you is keeping you excited during the wait; whether it's snippets, blog posts or just random talks on Discord. It's hard at times as we don't want to give away too much for several reasons. Sharing this progress update is yet another step in trying to balance out communication, element of surprise and competitive advantage. Closing Statement I understand any and all feelings of frustration at the announcement today. It's not fun news, but at the same time it's good news. It allows us to work on delivering what we've initially set out to make. I'd like to express my gratitude to the entire staff team who has been actively engaging in improving the server's features and standing behind the project the whole time; to the patrons who keep our infrastructure bills on time and to the community for believing in the project. Thank you for being understanding. If you'd like to be closer to the action, consider joining our discord at https://discord.gg/ls-rp, where we post snippets of our work. Kind regards and happy holiday season, Mmartin on behalf of LS-RP Staff
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