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  1. Hello everyone, As we enter December (already?? time flies when you're having fun), I'm eager to share some of the development and general progress updates. The last few weeks were once again very productive and even though there's still a lot of work and polish to be done, we're inching closer to an MVP every day. One of the major achievements over the last two months was that we were able to put together a final list of features for release, including detailed blueprints of how these features will work. This allows us to focus on development only as an overwhelming majority of the brainstorming is already done. If everything goes according to plan, we should be ready to announce a concrete release date within a week. The release date depends on how many issues we encounter during testing, how busy I'll be with work and how smoothly our final infrastructure deployment goes. Let me highlight some of the features we've worked on recently to hopefully satisfy your hunger for the new LS-RP. Drug System One of the most difficult systems for me to approach was the drug system. Every drug on the server will be unique in the effects it provides. These effects are divided into three categories - Visual, Positive and Negative. It's almost an art to find a way to balance the three aspects of each drug, while keeping them unique and desirable. We're launching with a handful of drugs only, but we already have plans for the near future to expand the system with more and more substances. Visual Effects Some of the drugs will have visual effects that affect the player's graphics and camera. With every drug, visual effects start as barely noticeable to mild for small and regular doses. The effects get more pronounced and wonky the more high you get, so it's up to you how much of the visual experience you want. Positive & Negative Effects While no drug will make you a superhuman, some of them tie into the damage system to give you an edge one way or another. The type and-or scale of the effect is different for each drug. It's worth noting that it also depends on the dose you take, in case of overdoing it, you might be overwhelmed by the negative effects more than helped by the positive ones. This paragraph is intentionally vague to encourage exploration after launch Other interesting aspects of the system include an overdose script, which is different for alcohol, stimulants and opiates. Make sure to keep a Narcan handy! MDC The MDC on LS-RP was light years ahead of any other SA-MP server and we're aiming to achieve the same on GTA V as well. The UI is a simulated old Windows-like OS, complete with a window management system, process system and different programs for Legal tasks. The MDC will be available to the PD, SD, FD and GOV to handle their duties. We aim to move as much game-related functionality and record keeping into the game, instead of using external tools. In Conclusion Once again I'd like to say that your support and patience has been great. It's rewarding to see the interest and hype surrounding this project and I can't wait to jump in game with all of you to Roleplay in Los Santos again. Big thanks to everyone on our Discord and forums for keeping the community active, and everyone on Patreon for making the launch of this project possible. Exciting stuff, can't wait to show you everything else we've been cooking up If you'd like to join us on Discord, come over at https://discord.gg/ls-rp - check out the #snippets channel for exclusive content! If you'd like to support the project, please consider a pledge on our Patreon, over at https://patreon.com/lsrpcom Kind regards, Martin
  2. Just a note to all the players who like to mod their own clothing out there: We hear you. We'll try to find a way where you can set custom drawables locally without affecting other players. If we can make it work so you can change your stuff without other people being glitched out, we'll 100% do that.
  3. Hello, We're still hard at work and today I'd like to give you a few development updates so you can see what we've been cooking up. Before anything though - I KNOW! You want to see some of that juicy illegal faction action. Drogas, gats, theft, all of that. Well sorry but not today. The Faction Team + some other members of our team have been hard at work preparing a thought-through bullet proof scheme to give our illegal scene the attention it deserves. LS-RP prides itself on being home to the most legendary factions of any online Roleplay community and we want to be sure we're doing things right before we start parading them around. So shoutout to all of you and I promise I'll show you some stuff you're going to love soonTM For the time being, let's talk about our clothing system. Which is your favorite hoodie? Is it Drawable 92, texture 12? Or Drawable 200, texture 0? You know... the yellow looking o-- forget about it. Forget about sliders and arrow buttons to click through every clothing item out there. Highlights The system is entirely integrated and you will never have to think about an undershirt again. If a shirt has an undershirt counterpart, the system detects it and uses it. There are no concepts of "undershirts" visible to the player. You can see a preview of any clothing item in your inventory, or in a store - without even trying it on. Some items have alternative states (hoodies with hoods on, unzipped jackets, etc). You can switch between those & the system will match your perfect undershirt for it. Just make sure it's compatible, or you'll be walking about with your belly button out. Clothing items are inventory item entities, which means you can store them in furniture (drawers, closets). They can be placed in bags, given to other players, stolen, etc. Different stores will hold different types of clothing items. Don't go looking for a fancy suit in Sub Urban. We're adding custom models for clothing. We aren't decided yet whether to use IRL brands or not. Let me know what you think about that. TL;DR, show me the video Besides that, there's still a lot of work going on behind the scenes. We're preparing electronics stores, character applications (which should open soon for our Patreon supporters), Kane's cooking up a great damage & death system and much more. It's been great to see the community engagement since we've opened the forums up. Love seeing new and old faces around. Thanks for all the support, can't wait for you all to play! Kind regards, Mmartin
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  5. Hey all, As we announced earlier this month, we're opening up the Community Forums to everyone tonight! We did our best to set up all boards that are necessary for now, if you feel like something's missing then you can share your thoughts in the General Discussion topic on forum improvements. We did stress-test the forum, but nothing really compares to real-life traffic, so please bare with us in case of any issues, we'll resolve them as soon as we can. Character Applications I'm sure you're wondering if you're going to be able to create a character before the server launch and the answer is - yes of course! We're already working on a new and improved application system. The applications are set to launch in advance before the server opens for you to get your character ready. In order to not overwhelm our team with handling applications, we're going to open Early Access Applications on the 19th of October, for everyone who's a "Early Supporter #2" or higher tier on Patreon at the time of submitting their application. This perk is also a replacement for the Community Forum Early Access perk, which becomes invalid tonight. We don't currently have a date for when the applications open for everyone, but I'll make sure to let you know in advance. Kind regards, Martin
  6. - I've added a description for the country field. It could be made into a select element yes, I can do that at some point. (Btw, where'd you like the flag to show? For now it only shows on the Team page) - I've added a Foreign section; staff members & insiders can apply to add & mod a language - I've added a few more sections into the Showcase forum We'll have a look at the other ideas later.
  7. Hello, We're currently in the process of setting up Foreign sections for players who also speak another language besides English. In order to do that, we need at least one person to actively moderate each section. If you'd like to see a new section for your language, you can apply to become a Foreign Moderator. Requirements to become a Foreign Moderator: - Have to currently hold the Staff Member or Insider role (subject to change in the future as the team grows) - Have time to actively moderate the section If you'd like to open a new section or become a moderator of an existing one, please send me your Letter of Interest over PM, please title it "Foreign Moderation".
  8. Hello, Since we're opening the forum up to the general public shortly, we're wondering which sections are missing that should be added. Bare in mind we only want to add forums that make sense right now, so Player Reports / Bug Reports / Suggestions etc wouldn't make sense until the launch. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, Yet another week has gone by and we're excited to share our progress. There's been a lot done behind the scenes, so if you're a fan of fancy visuals this one might not be for you but they're very important updates nonetheless. Development You've probably already seen the major feature preview of Radio Systems of the week. What the video doesn't highlight as much is the progress on the backend of our inventory system. We've completed scripting interactive items, placing items from your inventory into the world and a bunch of setup code that'll enable us to have a feature-rich, scalable and powerful inventory down the line. The Radio feature also showcased the first result of the collaboration between the Modding team and Devs, where objects made by @Mario were put into the main gamemode and integrated into the Inventory and Radio systems. Going on, @Kane created a Notes app for the phone (Link to Discord snippet) and a couple small improvements to the gamemode code. We've also built up our infrastructure more, some of our static game content is now hosted on a CDN for faster and more reliable and streamlined delivery. With that in mind, we've also welcomed two developers into our team - @Drew and @Smally whose sole focus for the time being will be web development and development of standalone applications. This should accelerate our development significantly. Under the umbrella of the Development Team, we've established a Designer Team to help us create fitting bits of graphic for our forums and some aspect of the gamemode. The founding members of the team are @Will, @elgreco and Rr Exciting news ahead is that we're targeting to launch the community forums for the general public on October 1st if everything goes according to a plan. If you'd like to make an account before, you can by becoming one of our Early Supporters over at Patreon. This gets you some more cool perks depending on the tier and directly supports the development of the server. Factions The Faction Team continues with its efforts in providing an ideal rule set for the server to abide by - this week, the topic revolved around Distribution Schemes and Turf Maps. The Turf Map has always played a major role alongside the Rules of Engagement to provide factions with a form of establishment and to create a roleplaying environment for their faction through properties, businesses, garages, complexes, etc. Many suggestions were made such as: • Do Organized Crime Groups really need turf? • Should we consider taking a different dynamic with Turf Maps? • Should Factions be forced into war if they plan on expanding on already owned turf? With Distribution Schemes (Weapon & Drugs), the Faction Team noticed that throughout the last couple of years on LS:RP there was an overall lack of diversity. Factions had no real need to interact amongst each other as there was nothing that they couldn’t acquire by themselves. To tackle this, we aim to introduce some exclusivity to what weapons and drugs some factions may acquire in the future. The Faction Team does plan on introducing a new scheme which they’re very excited about. White Collar Crimes/Fraud Scheme, which will entail skimming, fake IDs, use of scam sites, and possibly more. A lot has been addressed and a lot more will be discussed in the upcoming weeks regarding Distribution Schemes and Turf Maps and we are yet to have anything set in stone. - Writeup by @Ten Legal Factions The Los Santos City Government faction is looking for new ideas and suggestions to bring more interaction and involvement between the government and the community, as well as more interesting and immersive roleplay. We're open to all sorts of ideas, blue sky thinking is appreciated as well. If you have any suggestions, please PM @Maxim The Sheriff's Department has detailed their plan for reinstatements into the faction: The Police department has detailed their plan for reinstatements as well: - Writeup by @Imperium A lot of productive discussion happened overall within the staff team just this week. We've some exciting stuff planned for both script and community development in the coming weeks, so make sure you don't miss our updates. The best way to stay close to the action is to join our Discord for the quick-bits, or to follow us on Twitter and YouTube, to immediately see major previews as we release them. Kind regards, Martin Cover photo credits: u/Mr-Habanero on Reddit
  10. What excites me a lot is that I get to work with a modern technology stack and pass my real life knowledge of it on, instead of being stuck with an ancient version of Pawn ... And just the sheer amount of opportunity and chances to grow as a community.
  11. Hey all, Enjoy the preview of our remastered Radio System (XM) that we worked on this week!
  12. Hey all, As another week went by we're back to give you an update on what we've been up to. The week was very productive in terms of infrastructure setup, but we've also got some visual things to show so let's get into it. Community Last Wednesday we opened our community forums to all of our Patreon supporters. We're slowly getting the forum, and the entire community suite into a state where we feel happy inviting everyone soon (October 1st) - it looks better every day. Out of nowhere, our Discord actually reached Level 3 boost thanks to your support, which is just great to see. We've also recruited a few new members into our Faction, Modding and Mapping teams; this puts us into a position where we now have an expert for every area of the server that we could think of. Overall the activity's been amazing and I'm very thrilled to see all of us working towards a common goal. Development Although the main focus of this week's game mode development was bug fixing, small features and improvements as we take a deep breath before diving into yet another advanced feature after Inventory, there's still some progress to show as far as new features go. We've had the idea of an In Character internet for a while and the prototype's been done for months now, but we pretty much finished the feature this week. Our goal is to have an enclosed, In Character internet which integrates into many of our script features. Not only that, but companies, factions, businesses or even individuals will be able to create a website to reach their audience better. See for yourself: On the other front of Development, the Modding Team has been working hard to create and collect mods to use on the server. The main focus this week have been liveries for IC agencies and assets for a wide spectrum of players (leo, illegal, prison). A discussion has been started in the Mapping Team, in collaboration with the SD and Faction Team as to how we want to make the prison work. Factions The Faction Team Council has agreed upon and presented a schedule for the Faction Team to work through over the course of the next 4 weeks, this consists of: Rules of Engagement & Faction Reports Distribution Schemes & Turf Map Official Illegal Factions & Illegal Systems Faction Properties & Leasing The team is currently focusing on week 1 and has started reviewing the current Rules of Engagement, as well as the way Faction Reports are handled. With the Rules of Engagement being LS-RP's core function for the Illegal Roleplaying scene, members within the faction team are consulting and editing what they deem would fit LS-RP's GTA:V server. At the end of each week, the Faction Team will be holding a meeting to provide a general overview and agree on what should be implemented. You can expect a more detailed post after conclusions have been made. Legal Faction Boards We successfully set up all legal factions with their new forums. The structure isn't all that different from what we've had previously on lsgov, but before setting them up we polled all legal faction leaders to see what challenges they faced with the previous setup, so we can improve in these areas. We've taken steps to make sure the new forums can be easily maintained, the software is always up-to-date and faction leaders have access to uploading custom content (ranks/images) without the assistance of a Developer. I hope this post gives you some insight on what's currently going on. We've some exciting projects in our sights for the next week, so don't forget to check back as we announce these. If you aren't a member of our Discord, come chat with us and check out cool snippets before they hit the website or YouTube. https://discord.gg/ls-rp Kind regards, Mmartin on behalf the LS-RP Staff
  13. Hey all, We've been hard at work this past week and I'd like to show you some of the progress we've made. From the development perspective, we brainstormed and created one of the core features for our RageMP gamemode - the Inventory System. All items (with a couple exceptions) will be in one centralized inventory instead of having your character's belongings scattered across different systems and commands. You'll be able to access your weapons, drugs, accessories and more in a simple, user-friendly UI. In-fact, instead of reading about it, have a look at the preview we made. Factions During the last week we also held a few staff-wide sessions to discuss the shape of both legal and illegal factions on the server. We went over a lot, so I'll only go over the few most important points: We will start the server with the following legal factions: Police Department, Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, DOJ (courts), GOV (city & state). PD and SD will have a lot of shared responsibility, with the prison and rescue tasks falling under SD's jurisdiction. We will have the same structure for LSGOV boards as we did on SA-MP. We acknowledged some issues the previous lsgov forums were facing and found ways to address them. We will use a phpbb theme which is regularly updated and maintained, so we can easily upgrade our phpbb version as they get released. Faction leaders will be able to upload custom content for ranks, avatars and such themselves. Two factor verification will be enforced on users with sensitive access. Reinstatements into legal factions will open on the day of server's launch. Factions have a deadline of 14 days after the server's launch to open recruitment. The Legal Faction Council will consist of the Head of Legal Factions (IC Governor) and the Leadership. HOLF will serve as a liaison between Legal Faction Leaders and the Leadership. For the illegal side, we mainly focused on figuring out the flow of weapons on the server. We went over everything from how the weapons get into the server to the hands of suppliers all the way to the end user. We came up with a system where a Supplier will be able to fill out a OOC form with a list of weapons they want to buy, and pay for them with IC cash and OOC points. Supplier can either be a faction, or an individual. Official factions will have the best rates and most points to spend on weapons. Unofficial factions and individuals will be more limited. This is designed to encourage building relationships with larger suppliers if you want cheaper weapons, but doesn't restrict you if you aren't on good terms with anyone. We also try to get rid of the need of OOC connections to acquire weapons. Legal weapons will be harder to acquire and hard limits will be put in place to avoid stockpiling and sale of legal weapons. Simple forensics will be available for the police to investigate crimes. Players won't be able to park their cars if there's too many weapons in them. This is done to get rid of the stash car meta. I'll make sure to post more information once the weapon system is actually created, as some things are still subject to change. These systems are designed by dozens of people with years of experience in all aspects of roleplay and we actively try to get ideas from people of different backgrounds. Release Date At this stage we're unable to fulfill our original self imposed deadline for release of "Summer 2021". This is due to a series of reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that we don't want to release something we feel wouldn't have the standards we're trying to achieve. We're working hard to deliver a server which shake the RageMP scene to the core, and we can only do that with a rock-solid foundation. That being said, we're currently aiming to release in Q4 of 2021. Unless we encounter major roadblocks, we should all see each other in-game this year. Registrations We're getting our new community suite ready so you can join as soon as possible. We've had many messages from you about creating faction threads early, reserving your names, etcetera. We hear you and we'll open the registration on the following dates: 15th of September for our supporters on Patreon (thank you!) 1st of October for everyone I hope this update gave you some clarity regarding what we're working on right now. Improving communication with our player base is something we're continuously trying to improve - I'll try to do these updates at least once a week to keep you all in the loop. In the mean time, if you'd like teasers while they're still hot, make sure you join our Discord server. We're posting stuff that's work-in-progress in #snippets now and then. Thanks for reading, Martin
  14. Hey everyone, We've hit the point in our project where we're setting up infrastructure that our future server will run on. This means we suddenly have monthly costs with no source of income for the server, as you can't currently purchase a premium account. The costs include dedicated servers, cloud service fees, software licenses and so on. This is why we decided to launch a LS-RP Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lsrpcom By supporting the LS-RP V project before release (Q4 2021 - more on that later in tomorrow's blog post), you don't only help us cover the costs that otherwise we have to pay out of our pockets, you also get a variety of perks which include Credits to your LS-RP account to spend on premium features after launch, twice the size of your pledged amount Premium Member Discord Role Early access to our Community Platform (this site). This perk will open up on 15th of September 2021 Special Early Supporter badge on our Community Platform (and in-game) Access to weekly staff meetings to be among the first to see demos of new features. Join the discussions with your ideas! Lifetime premium membership of the highest tier sold out * Some perks are be restricted to individual tiers Thank you for considering supporting our project, we've spent thousands of hours brainstorming, developing and testing, and we're doing our best to get it to you as soon as we can. Please stay tuned as we have more news to come out tomorrow - make sure to give it a look as well! Kind regards, Mmartin on behalf of the LS-RP Leadership
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