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Minor Update 1.8.3 (+ 1.8.1, 1.8.2), Development Roadmap






Today we're releasing our sixth version of the year - 1.8.3 - and it's still only January! I realized we haven't posted the last few changelogs here on forums so I'll use this post to update you on those as well. We'll talk briefly about some of the highlights of 1.8.3 and the Development Roadmap we put together early on in the month. Some of these have previously been announced on Discord's #announcements, #game-changelog and #snippets, so it may not all be news to you but for the sake of keeping the blog post comprehensive; so let's kick off by today's feature highlights writeup by danut:


Cinematic Camera Mode

Stepping your screenshot game has never been easier. Gone are the days when you were trying to place your mouse in the most awkward angles or try to get the best with what the native GTA V camera offered you. Now, with /cinematic you can tilt, twist, move and turn your camera at any imaginable angle so you can get that crisp screenshot for your faction's thread.




Cash as Inventory Item (Cashpack)

Another feature which we've implemented is the addition of /cashpack that allows players to create money inventory items out of the cash that they hold onto their person. This feature should enhance roleplay for illegal characters, keeping their dirty money outside their bank account and the government's greedy eyes.


Development Roadmap

Admittedly this has been in the works for longer than it should, but we finally found a way how to have a roadmap that is both transparent and realistically maintainable. We wanted to avoid releasing one just to stop updating it after a few updates and by integrating it into GitHub that we all use every day, it's just easy to keep up to date. You can find the roadmap by clicking "Roadmap" in the upper bar on the forums.


The roadmap is grouped by release milestones. You can see the last one or two releases that are out at the top, so you can immediately see what's been implemented recently. Below that you have planned releases with what's being worked on in each. While this remains for everyone to see, please keep in mind the roadmap is still fluid and we can add & move things around. 


In-Game Events

For the past three weeks, we've had events every Saturday, courtesy of Events Team & the Govt. faction (shoutout Mouse!). We've hosted a fishing tournament, Mt. Chiliad Rally, and a trivia night. These events have proven to be a good boost to our weekend player-base, so we look forward to hosting even more of them.  






Marketing Campaign

As we approach the 1.9 and more importantly the 2.0 release, we're going to start a major marketing campaign. It's been a bit of a challenge to get off the ground, since we've struggled with keeping an active head of Community Engagement Team (formerly known as Communications Team) for months now - so if you've any real-world marketing experience and are keen to help out, please reach out via a forum PM. We expect to start this project soon however, so don't hold off on applying!   


Complete changelog for 1.8.3

- Added ability to pack cash into inventory items. (/cashpack)
- Added cinematic camera mode. (/cinematic)
- Added toggleable typing indicator.
- Added toggleable facial talking animations.
- Added livery change options for admins.
- Added additional pet commands for admins.
- Changed player list behavior to put local player at the top.
- Fixed pet emotes.


Complete changelog for 1.8.2, released on January 14 (includes patches 1.8.2-P1 and 1.8.2-P2)

- Added ability to change facial expressions
- Added automatic closing doors on /lock
- Added ability to refresh trucking missions
- Added message showing total pay and company cut when completing a trucking route
- Fixed tourniquet and bandage self not working
- Fixed company log viewing
- Fixed tabbed warning not showing correct time
- Fixed weapon wheel not working in cars
- Fixed weapon adjustment causing UI freezes
- Fixed /setcar liveries not saving
- Fixed custom liveries not setting (e.g. on the Buffalo STX)
- Fixed pet emotes not always showing
- Changed /cc to correctly hide chat depending on your chat size
- Changed furniture mass selling so cannot be done with other players in the property
- Changed trucking success message to show company cut
- Changed payday notification to include company cut
- Changed trucking pay bonuses to be fairer in relation to other jobs
- Changed trucking cargo loading detection area to be more consistent

- Added missing HRMC tattoos
- Fixed liveries being set incorrectly

- Fixed new trucking models showing Unknown Model
- Fixed forklift forks not detecting properly
- Fixed /vehiclecolors ID 139 (green) showing as blue incorrectly


Complete changelog for 1.8.1, released on January 5, including patch 1.8.1-P1 released on January 9


- Added coloured blinking fuel indicator HUD elements and digital % display - stringer
- Added /sellallfurniture - danut
- Added ability to replace structural furniture - danut
- Added ability to /helo in SD and FD helicopters - jack
- Added a spend limit of $500 to company cards without an appropriate override permission - Imperium
- Added rename option to furniture select menu - danut
- Added more than 350 new furniture items for walls and floors - danut, Mouse & jack
- Added phone animations - danut
- Added Burger Shot building to Mirror Park - Imperium
- Added a way to create fishing areas on the fly - Imperium
- Added fishing spot to Mirror Park - Dos Santos
- Added /vicinity
- Addresses duplicating furniture not keeping the same tag - danut
- Addresses g6speedo not being able to do ATM mission - Imperium
- Fixed an occasional bug where some players would not receive a "your vehicle is ready" message from PDM - jack
- Fixed invalid attachment bone data - jack
- Fixed an issue where more than 4 weapons would not show up in the weapon wheel - jack
- Fixed an issue where social security was not increased to 500 from 300 - Imperium
- Fixed female clothing mod ID desync - jack
- Fixed property stock groups not working - danut
- Fixed G6 clothing mod texture issue - jack
- Changed taxi and trucking contracts to no longer be paid by the government - Imperium
- Changed flatbed load time to make it slightly quicker, and increases pay multiplier for flatbed mission rewards by 25% - stringer
- Changed 'Government Contracts' to 'Contract Access' - Imperium
- Changed fish prices to about +50% of current prices - Imperium
- Changed PDM wait time from 2 hours to 1 hour (instant if premium) - stringer


- Fixed an issue where companies did not get profit from trucking
- Fixed an issue where vans would not reliably be able to be loaded with a forklift
- Fixed an issue with straps not aligning correctly for non-flatbed trucks
- Changed weather to be more in line with a pacific state (not mirrored with Los Angeles however)
- Changed reward multiplier from CDL level to use the truck's CDL level
- Changed trucking payouts to check company balance


Thank you for your continued support



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Looks good, I hope there will be heavy marketing to target new players, once it gets done right players will return to give LSRP a new try especially with the many new features the server has now.

Please keep the management involved as it'll give the player hope and hype.

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16 minutes ago, Cursed_King said:

Looks good, I hope there will be heavy marketing to target new players, once it gets done right players will return to give LSRP a new try especially with the many new features the server has now.

Please keep the management involved as it'll give the player hope and hype.

Marketing is something we're working on at the minute, but we need players to do their part as well. We want to showcase the factions we have and the overall player base as a whole. Server events is an example, that's the only base line we have at the moment. Advertising the server directly is in the works, but in terms of social media (eg. TikTok, Twitter etc) we want to showcase the factions we have (both legal and illegal), business owners, solo role play and the list goes on and on.

I would love to see people getting involved in creating their own factions, creating their own role play because that's what we need at the moment. For example, I'm re opening the Irish faction because not only do I miss it, it provides role play to others as well as bringing up the player base.


Overall a great update and plenty more to come!

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