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  1. Hey, welcome back to Los Santos Roleplay dude! Hope to se you In-Game!
  2. Mikee

    July Update

    Glad to see this announcement
  3. Hi there, welcome back to LSRP.
  4. Mikee


    Welcome back bro
  5. Hope to see you back around when LSRP will launch.
  6. Welcome back dude
  7. Mikee


    It looks like Gyazo videos are giving problems, so I am going to share screenshots from now on.
  8. I don't think it would work: actually there are 2 LEO factions and I think it is more than enough. We should try not to have too many semi-empty factions but have a few full ones ( and I think this speech applies to both legal and illegal factions ).
  9. If you check #snippets' description, you can read: this channel showcases features IN DEVELOPMENT. What you see is subject to change and is not final. It means the economy too.
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