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  1. Horizen Roleplay, man that server was sumn else..
  2. F/S Front Street Mafia Community The F/S Front Street Mafia is a organized crime family that's located in the Roy Lowenstein Blvd that is made up of Mixed Races including African-American & Puerto Rican. before an internal war between Multiple sets in 1992. The first set from the Front Street which is known to be the first set of Organized Crime Family to exist. Due to them being the first set, it brought a lot of people to the set but eventually there was a power problem, certain members felt they should be ranked higher than others, get more of the cut and others wanted to get rid of the hierarchy. This is where the S/F Front Street Mafia was made from this. 106 Roy Lowenstein 106 is a Open Community to the public which has a park, a 24/7 and various food stands, the Community of 106 Lowenstein can be visualized as an Low income Housing Complex that hasn't received any income from the government. The Area around the Complex could be seen as an Trashed/ left to rust housing area, it's also had been left to be crushed by the activity that is going around the Community. Roy Lowenstein Apartments was raided by federal task force for drug trafficking, having an large amount of over 14 pounds of illegal substances including 7 pounds of marijuana and 7 pounds of cocaine was found in several apartment buildings. After being captured by federal agent's The Organized Group that Ran the 106 Complex had to renovate and move in a different manner primarily African-American street side of the housing area. The Youth of 106 & Crime Rate Growing up in Roy Lowenstein, teenagers we're influenced by the way the previous members lived, from guns, fast money, girls, cars and the point where you can just live life without any problems. They we're also Into the lifestyle of putting in work for their complex due to most Individuals Parents being OG's of the Set. Due to Retaliation, Friends dying In the City the Complex of 106 Had no choice but to clique up and Create something Called "Front Street Mafia" formed by young individuals at the age of 16-19, Mixed with African American's and Puerto Rican's. The Set Front Street Started out as a small organized group, committing high profiled robberies, home invasions and theft. This was all Done by a small group called the 106 Front Street Mafia OOC INFORMATION Our main priority while roleplaying is to portray a realistic/real life crime family organization which consists of properly portrayed members lingering around the faction location. Upon joining you should take into consideration your character age or sex is and that they are growing up in the most dangerous parts of Los Santos in the midst of a Drug Pandemic Crisis, You can be removed at any time if you are seen as un-fit. All members must abide by the rules the server has set for us players and if broken punishment will be handed out by leadership. 106 is mainly focused on Death Valley Roleplay Which focuses on Character's getting CK'D due to dramatic scenes such as, shoot outs, drug trade gone wrong, stabbed to death etc. Front Street Mafia isn't opened yet but still is looking for more members, so if this fits your roleplay criteria, smoke#7419 or PM Me or heidcapalot, HeidCapalot#9575 Can't wait for what the devs of LSRP Have for us player's that enjoy the Scene of Roleplaying/Telling a story of a character.
  3. def gon be a pfp fire!
  4. Dont even play this game???
  5. bandemic

    NBA 2K22

    Never gotten into this game, never even liked basketball to start off...
  6. General question, like do people actually play samp? i still play it here and there
  7. clean, love the vibe and colorway.
  8. crab game its on steam!!
  9. bandemic

    FIFA 22

    I remember playing fifa as a kid, man those days...
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