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  1. elgreco


    keep it up boys
  2. amazing QoL update thank you guys
  3. elgreco

    June Update

    Looks good and congrats to everyone
  4. Is it possible for a command to be created while inside a BEARCAT that would make the character's position be on the hatch just like the simple Drive-by and have the steel hatch as a cover?
  5. elgreco


    jimmy lane
  6. Metropolitan Division, commonly referred to as Metro Division or just Metro, is an elite division of the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) under its Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau. The Metropolitan Division is responsible for managing the LSPD's specialized crime suppression, K-9, and its "platoons". The Metropolitan Division (114) handles numerous duties including solving major crimes, search warrant service, dignitary protection, surveillance, counterterrorism, riot control, and resolving high-risk standoffs.
  7. Anyone want to reach Level 10 FACEIT together hit me up!
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