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  1. Pretty much this... The main reason the server declined was due to the lack of script features, that simple. It wasn't the marketing, a 'bad' admin team, the economy, although they apply to some players and their reason for departing, the main reason was the development. Players simply got bored of the barebones script and decided to move onto other things. We're just now getting certain QOL (Quality of Life) changes and features that should have been in the script day one. But with the recent activity from the devs, even MMartin dropping snippets, the roadmap that gives players a idea on what's being developed, shows they are trying to make a turn around for the server and getting back serious about things. The server can still return to it's prime, but they have to stay consistent with the updates and communication. When 1.8 released, there were a lot of players, former and current, browsing the forums and in game, so people are definitely still interested. While it was a great update, it just wasn't enough to bring everyone back and keep them engaged. DEVS GOTTA KEEP COOKING, BRING THE HYPE BACK!!!111
  2. @livid perfectly summarized everything that needs to happen for the illegal side of things but I'll echo what was said... - Go softer on the applications while not necessarily lowering the standards Illegal roleplayers have no way of obtaining the basic items that we need (drugs/weapons) to create roleplay for ourselves and the community, unless we put in a MLA formatted essay explaining why our character would need said items, which would THEN grant us access to specific commands/script features. So of course the illegal roleplay scene will be stale when only a select few players have access to this, especially if they aren't active. I understand we don't want everyone to easily obtain weapons or hard drugs, and these items should be being distributed by gangs and such...but at the same time it should readily be available to players who want to engage in that type of RP. - Make it so you can't /v park, but instead they are parked wherever you last left them Yes...creates oppurtunity for more breakins, which could lead to more engagement between LEOs and criminals. Few things to add to the illegal side which some are already in the works... House Robberies (being worked on) ATM Hacking devices/skimmers As Livid stated, More freedom, player independency, and less admin intervention. Break rules or abuse anything given to you, be punished that simple
  3. NOT A SUGGESTION THREAD, JUST MY EXPERIENCE ON THE SERVER AND WHAT I THINK COULD HELP With the server still being in development, and the playerbase still on the rise, the experience for some players can feel bland and become boring due to the lack of things to do, which is obviously understandable... Sometimes you may run into players and create a roleplay scenario here and there, depending on the time you play, and what style of RP your character is into. (Legal or Illegal) But there are moments when there aren't players in the server to roleplay with for simple interaction, or money making. So this leads to driving mindlessly around the huge, empty world , or grinding the oddly satisfying, but boring jobs. (trucking, mowing), and eventually logging out. I think the server needs more dynamic objects/items around the map to interact with in order to boost solo roleplay/small group RP, different scripts and commands that encourage different types of roleplay/micro RP scenarios; this could be a dumpster diving script for example, dynamically spawning parked NPC cars that maybe don't belong to people, but have low-tier valuables in the trunk and other potential risk factors. Dynamic objects could be randomly spawning around the map at any given time and could be interacted with to either earn money or acquire items that aren't necessarily available in stores that could be sold at a pawn shop (/pawn) etc. There would be risk/reward, and work required for each of course. Credit to @jawnt for coming up with this ^ More accessible commands available for everyone to use, not just solo players or players that are apart of a faction/business. @Venta made a great suggestion with /work that was approved (Scripted Retail Jobs) which basically allows the player to walk into a store and simply begin working for $ with the use of a command (/work). Another is /selldrugs which has been suggested and debated, allow a player to begin selling drugs on spot, and make small amounts of $, the risk could be police are alerted if you are in the area too long. /robregister or /robatm, introduce this with the same minigame as the car breakins/alarm system and some sort of cooldown system, etc. If you aren't in a faction/business, or have a scheme with access to certain features and commands, there just isn't anything to do from a solo perspective that keeps you engaged. Tapering system is cool and all, but feels too grindy & like a real job. I understand being realistic, and keeping the economy stable and balanced, but it should still feel like a video game and come down to roleplay at the end of the day. A player could have 10 million, but actively roleplaying as a homeless person, gang member, etc. The money is needed to purchase the items in game that fit the style of how the player is developing out to be. (Properties/Businesses, Vehicles, Weapons, Drugs etc). It's on the player to properly display the development of their characters. You shouldn't have a lamborghini if you're roleplaying as a homeless person, or a gangbanging street kid with a multi-million dollar business and a Yacht... I believe these things create player independency; not always needing to rely on an administrator, another player, or a script feature/command, to create RP or generate $ There are times when we are alone and solo, and roleplaying at all times isn't available, so this would help in keeping players engaged and logged on. These things could make the world feel a lot more alive and immersive when things get quiet. Feel free to elaborate on anything I may have said, or share your own ideas!
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