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  1. Ooooooo this look's promising
  2. MikeDawg

    We're done.

    time to ROLEPLAY
  3. Hey I stream on twitch on my days off and I'd really like to know if yall would love to come and support a brother by coming to view and chat with me. Here's my link! https://www.twitch.tv/prophetdreamz24
  4. MikeDawg

    Applications Open

    I'm a patreon I CANT WAIT TIL THE 20th! WE IN THERE!
  5. ay foo i better see some fucking MSXIII IN THIS! WE TOO LEGENDARY!
  6. I been here since 2012, it'll be ten years on my birthday! That's feb 26th! So glad they came to GTA V i was kind of lonely on other servers.
  7. I did tier 2 and it wouldn't let me create a character.
  8. if i get early supporter 1 can i create a character now?
  9. Where can i become a patreon ? I'm trying to get my character in there asap because I'm a streamer man and I'm tryna stream the first day so my friends can see.
  10. Been on LSRP since 2012 - MikeDawg!!!
  11. My game is to have a strong hand in the drug game, so im going straight into a drug organization.
  12. Shotgun, Chete, Conspiracy, Jas0n, THE WHOLE MARA SALVATRUCHA XIII Me(MikeDawg!!!) The whole Crenshaw Mafia, Wilcox Drug Organization, Ryder Blocc, 424 Uptown Kilo Block, 310 Harmony Oaks Crips, Rollin' 20's Milly, Pizza Stack Noobs lol 2012 LSRP
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