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  1. top g Put discord in info post everyone
  2. One last thing I want to add: Let’s stop accusing the whole and let’s start saying names. Names, what they’ve done, evidence if they have it. Let’s hold people truly accountable. If you’d like to reach me discord DMs is the best way. Don’t have to try and start a convo I much prefer you DM me with the issue at hand and end it with the issue at hand.
  3. Uh I didn’t delete it and sadly I didn’t see the response. But to say management doesn’t care isn’t fair to people in management and leadership and these development roles. in response to @.445, can you please tell me here or in DMs how staff members ruined your faction? If me or anybody had anything to do with it I would like to know. Dos Santos and Kane (may he not seem like he cares) puts in a lot of hard work to make sure things are in place, things get set in motion, and people continue to do their jobs and do it the right way within the staff team all the way to leadership. If you are including leadership into management then shit I’m trying my best as well. My efforts may be a little slow or delayed due to IRL obligations but I still try to come with fresh and new ideas. In general response to the thread: Sadly, LSRP didn’t capitalize on the hype and had a bad launch. And even after the recovery after launch didn’t take advantage of the decent playerbase we had and get some updates out (whether it be features, QoL updates, mods etc) in a decent timeframe. We’ve had staff members with important roles get busy or disappear or leave. We’ve had bad luck with hosts and connection issues or rage being poo like it is. We’ve had bad factions, low quality factions, DMing factions come in and ruin the fun for everybody. We all know what has happened and we all know how or why it happened and everybody around today is trying their best to overcome what has happened in the past. I’ve myself wrestled with the idea of giving up but it’s apart of it. To be successful you gotta learn how to fail and overcome. It’s only been 6 months since we opened and look at all the issues and problems we’ve dealt with. 6 months and look at all the progress we made: Brought in new developers (shoutout Java he been doing his thing since he came aboard) Did a restructure of not only how management operates but leadership as well. Team rebuilds or construction (more to see of this soon) Features dropping at a better timeframe (it’s the holidays let everyone enjoy it) 6 months. Not a long time to me and we’ve had our ups and downs. We never put makeup over anything we get beat up and come out with two black eyes smiling everytime. Just gotta learn how to bob and weave better.
  4. Dude what the heck man did you miss my illegal update https://community.ls-rp.com/entry/93-illegal-faction-team-update/
  5. Hey LSRP Community, I feel like recently there has been some sort of confusion on certain information regarding illegal factions, and many other stuff as well. Just focusing on the illegal side today, I would like to update everyone on what we have available, and what we will have available. First of all, Faction Team has changed their name to Illegal Faction Team, and keeping all sub-teams consistent with the name. There was some confusion on what the Faction Team did, so we wanted to make it very clear. Before we get into the information, Illegal Faction Team Council has decided to offer a "stimulus" package for factions containing 5+ members. Any new factions meeting this criteria will receive the following: Scripted faction $5,000 Faction Property 2 faction vehicles. After many suggestions for this, I believe this will inspire some people to start the faction and start roleplaying. The 5 members must be exclusive to that faction and cannot be apart of another faction trying to get the stimulus. If you are interested, please forum pm @almightybounter & @Mitcholodolo the application below. We are also making Faction topics approval only, so if you post your thread, it must get approved by anyone within the Illegal Faction Team. This is to combat any low quality faction topics and also check for plagiarism etc. Pawnshops Pawnshops was recently added with Major Update 1.7 so people can sell a variety of jewelry to it and receive cash, as well as launder money at these pawnshops. Various clothing items and electronics can be sold at a pawnshop and you will receive 40% of the original price. You can also clean cash at these areas if your faction has that permission active. Cleaning cash will be needed if you rob a cash truck. Server sided pawnshops are currently available. (/gps Rudy's Big Pawn or Boulevard Pawn) Cash Truck Robberies With Major Update 1.7 (wow what a good update), companies can drive armored cash trucks to refill ATMs around the city. These trucks can be robbed and the cash inside can be taken (It's an actual item in the armored truck and can be taken via i). Cash robbed from the truck successfully can be laundered at any pawnshop by a faction with the permission to launder. Drugs We know the drug market seems a bit stale right now, but no worries we are working on making it more engaging and exciting, starting off with the effects of our current drugs. We want to make them worth buying and to be used to make the drug economy flow. These effects are getting discussed, but we would like some of the feedback from experienced figures within the community through Illegal Faction Team Public (more info later in the post). List of new drugs recently added: Lean - Raises max health after brutally wounded Nitrous Oxide (Balloon) MDMA LSD Ketamine - Increases accuracy Peyote PCP - Reduces incoming damage These drugs are in the server but no specific effects added yet, coming soon! We also are working on bringing back the storage types just like the old days, but updated and evolved. Car Jacking Chop shops not specifically being a thing, you can still steal cars and get paid for them if you are over level 5. We didn't hide this feature behind a faction scheme so anyone can go to the website (car4cash581nm87.onion) via your IG phone and see what's on the market! Scenario Scheme As of right now, members of factions can join the club and apply for Scenario Scheme. Scenario schemes consists of gaining rewards for specific roleplay scenarios such as Robbing a jewelry store or a container at the docks for money, items, etc. Robbing ATMs and fillers are also an alternative to robbing the armored trucks. The opportunities are endless with this scheme. All scenarios are reviewed and a time limit is set before cops have to be called. We do allow low risk and no risk scenarios, but the reward will be less. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Illegal Faction Team Public We are starting Illegal Faction Team Public fresh and we are now going back to Letters of interest. There won't be a application and we aren't expecting much, but we want to know your history within illegal roleplay and why you want to be apart of IFTP. All LOIs should be sent to @Mitcholodolo & @almightybounter via Forum PM. Our Verified and Official Faction perks are being reworked to be updated with the server, and will be posted soon. Any other info about schemes and faction information and Rules of Engagement can be found here https://community.ls-rp.com/forums/forum/98-faction-information/. I hope this post clears up some things on the illegal side and allows everyone to expand their roleplay knowing what features we have available.
  6. Again, posting our history which shows nothing. People in the positions they are in now have put in work for this new generation of LSRP from the beginning and didn’t jump ship when things were looking bad. We put in the work behind the scenes and did what we could to make sure things run smoothly and effectively, and we got acknowledged for our hard work and put into the positions we are in. The posts that you cant see due to you not being a staff member doesn’t show the 1000s of posts we had in the private team sections. I was Faction Team when it was called Faction Management, and got appointed Head of Drug scheme. I put in work and earned my stripes like everyone else before getting FTC, and look at everyone around me that was in FT, they all left leaving me behind alone until Ddaniels came along and we put forth effort for the illegal side of the community and did everything we could do.
  7. I think the issue we think we have is a lack of features/schemes/opportunities, but I think we need to focus on making what we have full proof and complete. Yeah new features are good, but there’s a lot of QoL updates with what we have currently that can greatly improve the server experience in general. Transparency is important and I believe we’ve been doing a good job with that. I think the issue is not having a clear way for people to find information that they’re looking for, or somewhere they can find a clear explanation in a certain topic, such as the effects of drugs.
  8. I would like to know why you think my post history from samp means I don’t deserve a position. (I’m not salty I just need to actually know ur thought process on this)
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