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  1. I can't help but agree completely with what Mario has written here. I see that there also were a lot of allusions to performance impact if these mods were to be added to the game server and I think that the possibility of that happening is certainly there depending on how many external objects load up at once. What Mario said about sacrificing one neighborhood landscape to get another makes perfect sense. It just seems pointless to me to go into this blindly and so I'm against this whole idea FOR NOW. Maybe in the future the LS-RP mapping team with a little optimization could make some dope mapping like Coconuty did back on SA-MP. Safe to say that this idea in general shouldn't be excluded nor forgotten about but for now we shouldn't be thinking about this at all. I've heard things from other GTA V role-play communities where their players are saying that the GTA V map is really huge and I think so too. With the little experience that I have with GTA V (only singleplayer) I've gotten lost so many times and couldn't memorize the map because of how big it is. My head was spinning. It is noteworthy that I'm talking here about a community with 1k+ players daily online and the city itself still feels really empty. So I solemnly suppose that nobody here would avail anything prior to actually seeing for ourselves what the LS-RP playerbase will look like. We need to first see if the city will feel dead or alive to us with the amount of people that will be playing LS-RP on day-to-day basis. If the city feels dead then there's no reason to be adding additional neighborhoods, the only logical assumption that I can think of on why the average role-player would want custom mapped neighborhoods under those conditions is for aesthetic purposes. I think that we should just be patient for the server launch and then shed light on this topic once we've checked the server out ourselves.
  2. I'm pretty happy to see that this is coming back. I really missed actual hospital role-play back on SA-MP when LS-RP had in-game doctors, nurses, a pharmacy & more. Wish you guys the best of luck and do your best to keep this moving.
  3. I believe that the city would look way cooler if all vehicles were to stay instead of being spawnable and despawnable. However there are a few issues that I see with this and I write this from experience. The issues that I can see in this are as follows: The vehicles would be compromised to cheaters. (Players would refrain from storing anything in their vehicles)There would be definitely a lot of unrealistic parking all over the place which breaks immersion for role-players in the area.There is a possibility that with so many vehicles spawned it could cause some sort of lag.Because of these reasons I believe that it is a way better method to have a spawn and despawn system simply because players would use their vehicle when intended to for role-play, when they're done they would most likely end up parking it and despawning. That's just my two cents on the topic.
  4. I don't want to go too in-depth on this topic because after reading everything I just don't see myself talking much about it as I barely see any debate. I'll throw in my own opinion and try to word it as best as I can just to voice myself out because I felt the need to. First and foremost it's true that Grand Theft Auto cities were based on real cities such as Los Santos being Los Angeles, Las Venturas being Las Vegas and so on. When I look at this topic in general from a perspective of someone who stands on middle ground then I just come to the conclusion that LS-RP as server, its factions and everything else gains nothing from changing the entire landscape to fit Los Angeles more, but on the same note it doesn't decrease any value of what it has going on for itself or rather what it had going on for itself back on SA-MP. LS-RP has pretty much allowed real life factions to exist on its server and take inspiration from the real thing and also has allowed fictional factions to be made which has proved over the years to be quite suitable to its current player base. I'm not saying that's specifically the only reason people played on LS-RP but there was clearly no problem with it which is why I see no point in this thread. I understand the idea and it could be "cool" to quite literally copy Los Angeles as best as the server can but I feel like that's just extra work for no reason. LS-RP as a server won't gain anything by doing this nor will it lose anything, it's just extra labor depending on what needs to done, such as renaming streets to real life counterparts. I personally feel more than satisfied with the way LS-RP functioned on SA-MP and I think that same system would just work here, there was nothing wrong with it and for that reason only I'm going to say that I'm against this idea. I wouldn't mind seeing Los Angeles being recreated in Los Santos on GTA V LS-RP but I don't see the point in doing it if nobody will benefit from it, it just looks to me like an aesthetic thing. The environment for factions (primarily illegal ones) has been set before along with standards, people role-played accordingly in gang factions by wearing sports gear, using specific slang words & more which made everything suitable. Same goes for criminal organization factions such as Italian crime families, they nine of ten times took inspiration from real life counterpart families, their slang, how they conducted themselves, accents, areas they were from and their criminal history and knowledge in illegal involvement. To summarize everything I've said; Why change something that was working perfectly and that everyone was happy with without the server benefitting from it? In case someone quotes me and responds to me, I'll definitely read it since I'm open minded and I'm honestly on the middle ground here like I've said. But I won't be replying to this thread again as I see no debate at hand.
  5. Biskit


    Finally made it... congratulations ma boy, long-overdue.
  6. Well done lads. Congratulations.
  7. I'm a sucker for a Whiskey. Classic gentleman, although I don't like some of the more basic brands like Johnnie Walker. I also like some Cognac like Hennessy which I feel is kind of widely liked and more on the expensive side. I am however a lightweight and I don't often drink but those would be my preferred choices and what I mostly ask for at events.
  8. Definitely only whisper for the rest of my life. For the person reading this: Would you rather be deaf or blind for the rest of your life?
  9. I'm not too big on books but some of the last books I've read were the ones posted below. • "The Black Hand" by Chris Blatchford • "Mainline" by Joseph McCarty • "Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member" by Sanyika Shakur. I've read books before for school prior to actually enjoying reading one, the first book I've enjoyed reading was Chris Blatchford's Black Hand which was concentrated around Rene "Boxer" Enriquez, a drop out of the Mexican Mafia faction and the infrastructure and life behind prison bars. I've read Mainline after that simply to enhance my own knowledge about prison gangs, the prisons themselves and the corruption of the law officials which make many of those things possible. I need to give a shoutout to Kushin for those, he put me on those by sending me the actual books printed out as a file in Wordpad. Now Monster was a book I've discovered by looking for good authors in the similar genre when I came across Sanyika Shakur. I had and still have plans to read more of her books since she's an outstanding writer and I would recommend her to everyone interested in reading or enhancing their knowledge about street gangs and the lifestyle in general. I've actually done the Monster Book as an audio book which was an amazing experience as well. If there's anything I want to point out then that's from the perspective of someone who hasn't ever enjoyed reading any books and has only read school novels I've came to actually learn a lot from the books I've read. I would heavily suggest you if you dislike books to find a genre you love, read about something you're interested in or you want to learn more about. I would also really suggest trying to read a book as an audio book or on the computer via a print out like I mostly did, because those methods kept my attention on lock. I'm not the type of person who enjoys literature in real life, who would physically pick up a book and read it, I dislike the method but there are many people who disagree with me which is fine.
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    Free Games

    This is just a rumor floating around the internet right now but it is rumored that Epic Games is making yet another Christmas games release this year like they did last year. All of this will be confirmed on the 16th when the next scheduled free Epic Games game release is going live. However up until now we've been able to see what the upcoming week's games will be prior to their release but this time we have a little present wrapped around for the holidays like they did in the 2020 Christmas release. So this is looking more and more likely to happen, you can read more about it below. • https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/epic-games-store-will-apparently-have-14-free-holiday-games • https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-epic-games-store-will-reportedly-give-away-15-free-games-over-christmas/
  11. You should give Power a try if you haven't. Pretty decent serie.
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