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  1. Rick says nice. 10
  2. Exceptional update. Everything shown from the user friendly UI to the actual functioning of the clothing system and how stores operate is absolutely phenomenal. Nothing but positive feedback, good job to everyone who made this possible!
  3. I don't play retail but I'm still enjoying collecting achievements on a community called Warmane nowadays. Its good to kill time every now and then.
  4. Not much man, what's up? I should be the one saying that to you lol Lowkey no cap, he talks a lot of shit but that man is built like a pig. I wouldn't step on his toes lol. Go stupid aaaaaa, go crazy aaaaaaa
  5. No, I'm from Serbia Evening madam Yoooo
  6. I think GMT+1 or +2 works best for LS-RP. That's the way it was before and nobody seemed to complain about it.
  7. Hello, I've decided to create a thread for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, this was the game platform for the LS-RP community before moving over to Grand Theft Auto V. If anyone still plays this game, wants to share their memories, thoughts about Singleplayer or Multiplayer then feel free to do so. Things like videos/memories are also very welcome. I'm sure just like me, many of you have grown up playing GTA San Andreas and have probably made plenty of friends and memories over the years whether on LS-RP or some other community/server. I don't support advertising other servers on LS-RP and I would advise you not to do so, you may share your memories and story from another server but keep in mind that advertising isn't acceptable. I'm looking forward to seeing your contribution to the thread whether in form of a story, imagery or videography.
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