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  1. Swank.

    Crypto & NFTs

    what projects? link ur opensea if u want
  2. Swank.

    Crypto & NFTs

    do that, still pretty early tbh there's alot to digest but it all comes down to the understanding of how it works and why only advice i'd give you is dyor
  3. Swank.

    Crypto & NFTs

    green and red candles are enough for this type of investment, pretty safe imo. i can see it's price only going up once eth 2.0 is released
  4. the meme i was lookin for
  5. kushin is fs up there on the list Can't tell if he still plays since lsrp shut down but heres his disc KushinLSRP#9479
  6. Swank.

    Crypto & NFTs

    Commonwealth bank of Australia is already embracing crypto trading, one of the biggest banks out there probs. Miami & NY are working on city coins for their communities and there's alot of countries/cities trying to catch up with the wave - shows significant signs of mass adoption imo and it's only going to get better over time. Cryptocurrency replacing fiat would be the most difficult challenge though, no government wants to lose control over monetary values. I think they'll end up making regulations for it eventually as they always do, just to keep their hand ontop of everything.
  7. Swank.

    Crypto & NFTs

    saw that 1 comin, gs tho
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