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  1. The current plans are not to set any prices in stone and allow the economy to develop itself. However, we are intending to keep the economy as close as real life as possible. This means things we'll try to replicate prices as much as we can with IRL.
  2. nova

    March Release Update

    Administrators don't ban for olympic swimming on LSRP, it's been punishable by admin jail since forever. Usually olympic swimming was determined by how long you've been in the water and how much distance you've swam.
  3. nova


    yoooooooo long time no see dog. hows things?
  4. nova

    Applications Open

    There are no questions missing, when you start the quiz you will have 4 questions on the first page and 33 on the second page. They're two different categories of questions.
  5. nova

    Applications Open

    There's 37 questions total, you require to have a score of at least 35 to pass.
  6. While Cayo Perico is cool little addition there are currently no plans to expand to Cayo yet. Maybe something for the future, but I have looked into this before. The only way to make such thing accessable would be by teleport as the Cayo Perico map is separately loaded with its own IPLs. Maybe something for the future, definitely would be a cool asset to use in some way.
  7. I'm interested in why you would want to make rolling a joint more difficult. It's pretty easy in real life and none of the items you mentioned (beside papers) are actually required to roll a joint. However, from what I understand is that you'd like to see more drug paraphernalia available at some point to make drug usage more immersive. Not a bad idea and I think it would open up opportunities for people who'd like to run a head shop that sells bongs, or simply a 24/7 that sells papers, swishers and all that stuff.
  8. I don't think you'll have any issues playing on a lower res. This screenshot was taken with 1280x1024. All HUD items are toggable as well may they cause any inconvenience.
  9. This is something I personally suggested some time back. The answer I got was that this idea was good but opted out of out of security concern. When you allow people to submit their own URLs to the script it can result in people attempting to use this function maliciously and creating a risk to the community and its members. For the same reason every /setstation that is requested to be added would need to be manually screened and then added.
  10. nova

    Southside Mob Piru

    Good luck n take it far bud.
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