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  1. Rather have a quality server than one full of bugs
  2. This. I believe it would be in the best interest of the community to have people earn such things, there's a smaller chance such factions will be dead and will be having people dedicated to it.
  3. I did two playthroughs and actually enjoyed the game. Yeah it had bugs but nothing too game breaking when I was playing. The game was way too overhyped and development was rushed, I wish they didn't. I also read that Keanu Reeves being a part of the game resulted in them having to change the entire storyline to get their money's worth. Imo way too much was put into marketing the game rather than actual development. I do believe that it will be polished after some years and will be more enjoyable for everyone.
  4. nova


    hey man do you still surf
  5. to 20... not 21. disqualified sorry
  6. Mods can be converted into MP clothes yes, however this would require work in 3DSmax to make it work. However, if there's a case of a mod that would be a real game changer and need to be converted then it will be.
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