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  1. Take this far and gl with the programing! We'll be watching with our cameras and notebooks
  2. Busting down doors and losing some "evidence" Less get it, keen af!!
  3. The big dawg coming to the big dawgs division soon Long ass time bro, whats good Appreciate the love bro, be ready for more content after launch!
  4. Spanion


    no doubt brother, glad to see you're back where you belong!
  5. Spanion


    Finally dipped out from that cringe server mate?
  6. We're only planning to keep that type of RP going for all the new gangs that'll be created for the server!
  7. lmaoo thanks bro, keen to get started!!
  8. My slime Yessir Bobby knows all about my good job mad city RP
  9. Me? Never bro always the legit gang cop!
  10. My duude, all is well bro just waiting to get back into the RP
  11. whats good brodie my duuuude
  12. GND and EHC interactions, back when there was mutual respect between a gang cop and a gang affiliated member
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