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Found 6 results

  1. thread will follow the life of deputy chavez of the ls county sheriffs
  2. a collection of roleplay for deputy helen adler of the lssd
  3. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is a law enforcement faction that focuses on providing enjoyable and realistic police role play. The faction is primarily based upon and draws inspiration from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. LSSD — Index Page Employment Service Center Patrol Car Ride-Along Requests LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF KENNETH LAROSA On the 1st of February, Kenneth Larosa, a 25 year veteran of the Department was promoted to Commander of the Administration Services Division. Larosa got his Criminal Justice degree at the San Diego State University where he would later move to Los Santos. His career began in 1995, where he become a Deputy Sheriff. For the most part of his career, he would stay at the Davis Sheriff's Station, where he would rise to the rank of Sergeant, becoming Watch Commander certified. For a change in career paths, Larosa would then be assigned as Operations Lieutenant for the Basic Sergeant Supervisory School in 2011. Initially in 2016, Kenneth Larosa was promoted to Captain, Coordinator of the Basic Sergeant Supervisory School. In July 2020, he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Sheriff and oversaw a majority of the Department, with a primary focus on the Administration Services section of the Department, as well as serving as the Chief of Staff. In August 2021, Kenneth Larosa became the 20th Sheriff of the Los Santos County. ASSISTANT SHERIFF Roderick Hayward Executive Office of Patrol and Detective Operations DIVISION CHIEF Edward Kennith Executive Office of Administrative Services Division Administrative Services Division The Administrative Services Division is comprised of Sheriff's Information Bureau, Training Bureau, Field Training Program and Basic Sergeant Supervisor School. The Administrative Services Division is responsible for providing administrative staff services to the Department Executives and to evaluate and refine policy and procedures through the inspection and training processes. It is also charged with identifying and mitigating areas of actual or potential Department Liability arising during the course of the Department's daily activities. The Training Bureau The Training Bureau is responsible for the entire recruitment process of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. The Training Bureau aims to provide the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department with the best suited and qualified deputy sheriffs by testing, assessing, and thoroughly evaluating each possible deputy sheriff candidate. The Training Bureau consists of three units; The Background Investigations Unit, the Recruit Training Unit, and the Weapons Training Unit. The Sheriff's Information Bureau The primary function of this Bureau is to maintain the Department's Operations Log and disseminate information and news to the general public, members of the Department and the news media. The Bureau is also responsible for evaluating proposed Department public relations programs. The Bureau responsibilities are performed through the operation of a 24-hour command information center, by program evaluation and development, by continuing liaison with the press and the community and by responding to telephonic and written inquiries. The Communications & Fleet Management Bureau The Communications & Fleet Management Bureau houses the Department's vast communication assets as well as fleet maintenance. The Sheriff's Communications Center, which operates out of The Big Ear, provides units with dispatch functions. The Facilities Planning Bureau The Facilities Planning Bureau houses all future plans for the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department facilities, including the upgrading of facilities, compliance with the San Andreas Fire Code across all facilities and the implementation of new facilities and stations. The Field Training Program The Field Training Program is responsible for the introduction of a newly assigned officer to the personnel, procedures, policies, and purposes of the individual law enforcement department. The Field Training Program provides the initial formal and informal training specific to the department and the day-to-day duties of its officers and it makes the new officers' field training as effective as possible by assigning them to multiple Field Training Officers (FTOs). The Basic Sergeant Supervisor School The Basic Sergeant Supervisor School is responsible for the training of Assistant Field Sergeants, traditional education and lecture on the fundamentals of police supervision, field-based mentoring and evaluation, providing hands-on experience to solidify the material taught; and education, training, and evaluation of all new Sergeants in the Department. Central Patrol Division This Division is responsible for the performance of the basic police tasks of protecting life and property, preserving the peace, preventing and suppressing crime, and the apprehension of violators of the law. The Central Patrol Division is responsible for the operation of the following Stations: 1) Davis Sheriff's Station & 2) The Paleto Bay's Sheriff's Station The Davis Sheriff's Station The Davis Sheriff's Station services the following areas: 1) Davis, 2) East Los Santos, 3) Vespucci, 3) Downtown, 4) La Puerta and 5) Little Seoul. The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station The Paleto Bay's Sheriff's Station services the following areas: 1) Paleto Bay, 2) Grapeseed, 3) Zancudo, 4) Sandy Shores, 5) Harmony, 6.) Los Santos City Central. Detective Division The Detective Division's mission is to support the overall mission of the Sheriff’s Department by providing the highest quality criminal investigative services on a countywide basis. The Major Crimes Bureau This bureau is comprised of the following details: 1) Homicide Detail and 2) Metro Detail along with a task force called: Taskforce for Regional Autotheft Prevention. This bureau investigates the following: Cases investigated by this Bureau involve: 1) accidental deaths, 2) homicides, 3) natural deaths (Coroner cases), 4) suicides, 5) missing juveniles when there is suspicion of foul play; or missing over 30 days, 6) missing and unidentified persons (adults), 7) shootings involving Department personnel that result in injury or death, 8.) assaults against on-duty Department personnel that result in life-threatening or serious injury and 9) found human remains. The Operation Safe Streets Bureau This bureau is comprised of the following details: 1) Gang Enforcement Team (GET) and 2) Operation Safe Street Detail (OSS). The responsibilities for the Gang Enforcement Team (GET) include (but not limited to): 1) Provide uniformed personnel to work directed patrol in the most active or violent target gang areas, 2) Gather, disseminate, and exchange information about street gangs and their association with Operation Safe Street Detail (OSS) and 3) Participate and prepare presentations for civic groups about street gangs and their activities. The responsibilities for Operation Safe Street Detail (OSS) include (but not limited to): 1) Investigate high-grade felonies of targeted gangs, 2) Gather, coordinate, and disseminate information concerning gangs and their related criminal activities and 3) Maintain liaison with various local, state, and federal agencies concerning street gangs Professional Standards Division The Professional Standards Division's mission is to provide and maintain professional standards among departmental staff and to analyze, prevent and resolve any abuse committed on duty or any complaint made on behalf of a Deputy Sheriff. The Internal Affairs Bureau The Internal Affairs Bureau is responsible for: 1) Conducting administrative investigations of policy violations by Department members, 2) Conducting administrative investigations of policy of equality violations by Department members, 3) Conducting administrative investigations for outside law enforcement agencies at the request of the agency, 4) Monitoring criminal investigations of Department members, 5) Responding to deputy-involved shootings and specific significant use of force incidents, and preparing an administrative review of the incident for the Executive Force Review Committee, 6) Conducting “for cause” drug tests at the direction of a Department member’s unit commander or higher ranking member and 7) Compiling data for all shootings involving Department personnel (e.g., hit, non-hit, unintentional discharge, warning shot, and animal shootings). The Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau This Bureau reports to the Sheriff and Undersheriff and is responsible for the investigation of allegations of criminal misconduct by members of this Department when the offense is committed within the policing jurisdiction of the Sheriff. The Advocacy Bureau The Advocacy Bureau is the legal advisor to Department Executives and Management. They oversee legal issues and provide legal advisement to multiple executive & investigative entities. Special Operations Division The Special Operations Division is comprised of the Special Enforcement Bureau and the Aero Bureau. The Special Operations Division provides support to all units within the Department and mutual aid assistance to outside agencies via its various bureaus and details, including Air Support for pursuits or rescue operations, as well as a tactical response to high-risk situations. The Special Enforcement Bureau Special Enforcement Detail SED is the 48-person, full-time, special weapons team tasked with high-risk warrant service, barricaded suspect resolution, hostage rescue, dignitary protection and maritime operations. SED on average handles 220 to 260 tactical operations per year for the department’s 42 contract cities, unincorporated county areas and mutual aid requests from other agencies. Additionally, SED conducts training for other LSSD members, personnel from a wide array of outside law enforcement agencies and military personnel. When not actively deployed on a tactical operation, SED members continuously train on a variety of core SWAT skills that include maritime interdiction and tactical explosive breaching. Emergency Services Detail Initially conceived as a full-time search and rescue unit, the Emergency Services Detail (ESD) quickly morphed into one of the most unique assignments within law enforcement. ESD members were the first in the country to achieve certified paramedic rating for fulltime law enforcement officers, and that practice continues today to include ESD supervisors. ESD personnel provide Tactical Emergency Medical Support to SEB Special Weapons Teams and to outside agencies upon request. Additionally, they conduct mountain searchand-rescue operations, underwater search and recovery, and swift water rescue operations for the Sheriff’s Department. ESD paramedics and crew chiefs staff the department’s Air Rescue 5 Super Puma helicopters. The ESD members on AIR-5 can provide rapid deployment of tactically trained and equipped personnel to active shooter/hostile events and other emergency incidents throughout Los Santos County and beyond. The ability to traverse the highly congested 4,000-square-mile county of Los Santos through the air provides a tactical response that would otherwise be significantly delayed by ground transport. Canine Services Detail In 1980, the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department began a pilot program with police service dogs. Since that time, Canine Service Detail members and their partners have developed and proved invaluable in not only providing assistance on high-risk searches for patrol operations but also as completely integrated members on the Special Weapons Team. CSD members complete approximately 400 searches per year and respond to all Special Weapons Team activations. All CSD K9s are single purpose apprehension dogs with one exception. CSD has the only tactically certified bloodhound program in California. The tactical bloodhound program allows for the search for high-risk suspects who may have escaped containment and are deemed too dangerous for a normal bloodhound team. CSD hosts a 30-hour Canine/ SWAT integration course twice a year. Participants come from a multitude of law enforcement agencies and U.S. military units. CSD teams are capable of rapid response with other SEB details during active shooter or other emergency scenarios and possess the ability to fast rope and/or rappel with their K9 partners. The Aero Bureau The Aero Bureau performs aerial support services using various types of aircraft and is responsible for: 1) investigating violations of regulations governing flight of aircraft and prosecuting offenders, 2) investigating all fatal or serious aircraft accidents, 3) granting permission to land aircraft on, performing maintenance on, and continuing the certification of all helipads under the control of the Department and 4) providing airplanes and/or helicopters and flight crews. Custody Services Division Custody Operations consists of three custody services divisions: General Population, Specialized Programs, and Administration Command. Each division has distinct areas of responsibility. These divisions are responsible for the operation of the Department’s jail system and for the care, custody, security, and rehabilitation of all sentenced and pretrial inmates housed within the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department’s jail facilities.
  4. (Image Pending) This will follow the story of Detective Graves, an up and coming Detective in Major Crimes for the Los Santos Sheriff's Department.
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