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  1. Did you actually read what I've said?
  2. Roleplaying. (Not a game, but a genre I guess). Game... WoW, GTA, ME, Ezio & Altair AC games, Disco fucking Elysium, DiRT, NBA 2K, Total War
  3. It's a playable game by any means, but if zombie co-op shooting is what you want to do - just get L4D2 instead. Cheaper, better, bigger population.
  4. Basically this TLDR: They advertise themselves as the creators of left 4 dead, when in reality only 7 people who worked on B2B have also worked on L2D. The game is also actually fucking worse than L4D all around except for base graphics/appearance. L4d has 15k online these days, b2b has 3k...
  5. A lot of role players actively ERP. Erotic role play is I dare say also a big reason for many people to roleplay in a first place. They just like/need to do it for (reasons). Psychology a-side, people are going to ERP regardless of what you do. If you ban roleplaying in-game, people will just do it on discord and similar venues on behalf of their LS:RP characters. At this point, you're better off to let it happen in-game instead, where you can log and moderate it if the need arises (these worst case scenarios). That being said, ERP is not the problem. The problem is people who solely ERP, or rather fail to produce public quality roleplay. Instead of trying to and failing to combat ERP, what we should do is crack down on roleplaying quality, concept portrayal, realistic development and/or however you want to call it. The problem is the boatload of 20 y/o mary-sue characters that happen to be supermodels, professional street racers, business owners and cold hearted killers in the same time. Stereotypically, these "kinds" of people do ERP a lot, but it isn't their ERP that is the problem, it's everything else. Focus on things we can realistically combat. Start deleting "bad" characters, let these "not fit for LS:RP" bans fly and generally try to actually encourage, uphold and enforce quality with more effort than just on-paper one (we're a heavy rp server, don't metagame << is that really the bar?). What people do in the privacy of their bedrooms probably doesn't bother you IRL, and it shouldn't bother you here. PS: I get your point and the playerbase you are refering to, but you're focusing on the wrong thing. PS2: The paedophilia topic is too long to get into, CBA, but yeah - it's bad. One thing though, banning in-game ERP will make it harder to spot paedos in the community, not easier, because our users will be groomed in discord dms rather than an in-game bedroom.
  6. Anyone wanna play, then?
  7. No. Encourages playing to win mentality. Stash your stuff at a property.
  8. There should definitely be more complex than usual systems around cars, yeah.
  9. EAC is literally the bane of gaming right now (and egirls). If there's any possibility to get rid of it, we should pursue it imo.
  10. It's gonna be a no from me. 2 LEO factions are more than enough.
  11. This. Can we not have to donate in order to effectively advertise our businesses and their openings? Cough cough
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