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  1. what you planning on RPing?
  2. yooo man long time no see

  3. sick man. Good to see you're still doing it.
  4. Hahah thanks! Yeah great tune. Yoooooooooo!!!
  5. Nature

    We're done.

    Amazing. Kudos to the entirety of the team. Looking forward to it!
  6. joeyxvii, cailiz, kaikoa, marcus braxton, nick brick (if u see this pls reach out), frankie, juan pueblo, kim, kushin, dopeboy j, joe well, stewie, grifo, felipe derosa, birdman, rodger anderson, m3ga, wadeon, alpha, pEar, knoccout, zagros and many more
  7. merry xmas kane

  8. merry xmas my brudda xxxxxxx

  9. Nature

    July Update

    This is the most recent correspondence from Management, since you're not on Discord, I'll post it here for you. Fingers crossed for good things in 2023. Ben — 12/21/2022 7:44 AM There's no real update right now, cause Martin's been busy moving and is just about settled in, but also it's christmas meaning there's a lot of social things happening atm
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