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  1. PRE-LAUNCH APPLICATIONS PRE LAUNCH APPLICATIONS To have an effective drug and weapon distribution at the start of the server, the Faction Team has decided to allow factions to apply for the distribution schemes before the server launches. This is done to ensure that the illegal role play can kick off right at the start of the server and the necessary weapons and drugs are distributed throughout the server. About the Drug Distribution Scheme The Drug Scheme is here to supply factions with drugs on a small scale to keep them afloat. This gives factions the possibility to further improve their role play around drugs, whether it is done by distributing drugs or manufacturing your own using ingredients, the choice is yours to make. When applying for the scheme, you'll have the option to pick different drug types, these should be drugs that you actively role play around and have a good understanding of the ways of distributing. If you don't actively role play with such a drug, or display a good understanding of such, you're more likely to be denied. About the Weapon Distribution Scheme In order to help stimulate the economy and to promote the flow of the trickle-down system utilized by the gun market, the Faction Team is offering a middle-ground solution between consumers, legal firearms, and official faction gun properties. GUIDELINES By submitting an application, you agree to the rules surrounding the schemes, and accept potential removal from the scheme following any breach of the following agreements: Name-changing in any form is not allowed and will result in removal. Administrative punishment (admin jail or ban), depending on severity and situation. Stockpiling drugs/weapons, unable to distribute them or keeping them for oneself. Distributing drugs/weapons OOCly. Poor roleplay regarding distribution. Lying in the selection application. Inactivity Prosecuted in-character by the DA/AG/Court for trafficking or racketeering activity. Other faction team decision. REQUIREMENTS Before applying for the schemes, please ensure you meet the requirements. Not meeting the requirements will result in an instant denial. You must be part of a faction. You must be the leader of said faction. You must have experience in/around illegal factions. You must have a good standing in the community. Your faction must have a minimum of 10 members. APPLICATION You're only allowed to apply for ONE scheme at a time. Send your application to the Head of Schemes @DDaniels DRUG SCHEME WEAPON SCHEME
  2. FACTION TURF GUIDELINES Turf map marks the territory of an area controlled by factions of LS:RP. It is designed to regulate the claims and usage of turf in order to minimize OOC conflicts. Submitting the request does not guarantee an approval. Turf justification outside of Los Santos city will be treated the same as if they are in the city. This means that no faction will be able to claim the entire town/city they reside on. Note that you do not need a marked turf to operate REQUIREMENTS Before applying for turf, please ensure you meet the below requirements. Faction must be active/exists for 2 weeks before submitting a turf claim to the faction management Faction must be active in the area it wishes to claim The member count must justify the size of the claim Not been denied turf in the last 7 days. APPLICATION Please send the below application to the Head of Turf: @Bellagio
  3. How To Join Discord We use a Discord server as our community hub: https://discordapp.com. Discord is mandatory for our staff members. Click here to join: * Any Discord server not listed here is not owned or supported by the Los Santos Roleplay team.
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