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  1. expected.. take your time
  2. Jeremias723

    Release Update

    it's a matter of waiting
  3. I think this is fundamental, I would like there to be "2 sides" (speaking of club owners) and that they have some clubs around the city, no club on every corner because in the end they become annoying.
  4. well... it depends on what kind of work it is, on the street or in the office?
  5. it is better that the work be long and well done than that it be all quickly and then go wrong, take your time.
  6. nice presentation. a pleasure to meet you.
  7. i love SD roleplay but I still need to sharpen my English, I haven't roleplayed in English for years (I think the last time was in 2017/18), I hope at some point I can have a character within the faction. good luck to all the new ones.
  8. let the vote fall to the community who will actually play the server
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