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  1. I'm not sure where I wanna roleplay either, I wanna rp in the country on my alt, I will just wait until I see people somewhere doing shit then I will join that city if it's paleto or sandy dosent mind me
  2. Thanks for the backstory it was very good! People always misunderstands when the subject country roleplay comes up cause people think we are all about redneck alabama charles manson shit. This is not the case, you can roleplay a redneck if you do it proberly. But there is so much more to do than that, a normal citizen living in the countryside, a farmer, a moonshiner, somebody who brews beer locally, the guy who owns the local bar, and the dude that works in the nearby shop, and of course the guy who plants his own weed and sells it for almost no profit to the locals. and the bikers, the people on a dirtbike everybody, and the guy with the tractor. So many roles out there to fill out and so many possibilites, I want trailer parks to be a thing out there, and not for meth RP but because it is a lifestyle for some people, and because it is alot cheaper. We want that kind of RP because it is a minority, and trollers would be dealt with no questions asked.
  3. Hey people THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR LAUNCH THIS IS A SUGGESTION WHICH CAN BE USED IN THE FAR FUTURE It could be dope to have items visible in your hand, and have a option to point towards a player and give the item in their hand when pressing another key on their keyboard. THIS IS NOT IMPORTANT FOR LAUNCH THIS IS A SUGGESTION WHICH CAN BE USED IN THE FAR FUTURE
  4. Hey wonderful people. NO THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ADDED AT LAUNCH FOR THE LAST TIME What do you think about a realistic system? A system that actually would make sence! Weed system idea! A complex system that would make it a bit more difficult to roll a joint. In order to roll a joint you would need a cone and a mixer board. If you got pot you would need to grind it first. If you got hash, you would need either pot or tobacco to mix it up with in order to roll a joint. As it looks right now you buy lets say 5 grams pot or hash from your dealer. And you might just open your inventory, and just pressing use without having any of the actual items to actually roll a joint. Prerolled joints should be an option too, because people who don't wanna buy the other stuff can just fire it up without anything. That goes for lighters aswell, we need those! It is too unrealistic to just buy a gram of marijuana and then just instantly fire it up and have a joint in your hand. I hope people get my point and once again. NO THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ADDED AT LAUNCH FOR THE LAST TIME! NO THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ADDED AT LAUNCH FOR THE LAST TIME!
  5. Do anyone know anything official about cayo perico island, will we be able to rp there or buy houses there and so on?
  6. We all seen the GTA 5 map, so many possibilities. We should have a mapping community that will keep sending ideas to the developers & staff team. We need a original world to live in, not the ordinary. We need change, we need different new locations we have never seen before. Who is with me!
  7. Really cool stuff! We got those things IRL aswell and it is a great way to post club parties, patch parties, bbq's and so on.
  8. i dont think I agree there is trailers everywhere there must be some alabama shit going on
  9. Looks pretty nice, hope you guys take it way fucking far!
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