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  1. That's awesome, gonna try convince my buddy to get it with me
  2. Been looking into this game, does anyone know if you can play online with friends?
  3. That's a really interested story! Love hearing this sort of thing You better send a picture of your talk box when it comes
  4. Some others that I left out
  5. Thank you guys, I really enjoyed looking through and editing these too. Really wish I could
  6. I recently found some of my IC photos from SAMP LSRP and decided to use them to create a collection of forum profile banners. All banners contain images which were taken and edited ICly in the original LSRP. Feel free to take any that you like and use them on your profile, or just enjoy the art .
  7. There's a huge misconseption about what civilian roleplayers are. A lot of people seem to assume that a civilian roleplayer is just somebody who stands at the mall and does fuck all else, and if that's what you immediately think of when you think of civilian roleplay then I can confidently say that you have the completely wrong idea about it and should try to be more open about what civilian roleplay is. The bartenders and security guards in that club you went to, The taxi driver that picked you up, The guy doing taxes for businesses, That person you seen jogging along the beach, These are the people that make the world feel busy and alive. Do you really assume that every person you drive past is either a cop or a thug? When you actually roleplay in the civilian scene, you realise how many players are actually playing LSRP to, you guest it, roleplay something realistic. I've met so many amazing roleplayers who simply log on to socialise, go to work (an ic job like bartending, doing graphics, news reporting), go for a meal, then go home. I promise you that there are more people than you think roleplaying like this, and it's what fills up the world with normal, civilian people. When I was running Roze Enterprise we hired over 150 people across 2 years. Yes, one hundred and fifty people interested in civilian roleplay with one faction. We were one of the only civilian factions ever to provide full time jobs to anyone who was willing to put in the effort and trust me, a lot of people enjoyed roleplaying a full time job; bartending, doing security, trucking, whatever, with a team. The people that you see as mallrats are the same people that we turned away from the faction. You assume that they are civilian roleplayers, generally the people you are thinking of are just trollers. For a non-illegal faction, the amount of interest that we seen for civilian roleplay was overwhelming - Another civilian faction that did very well was Roux, which created a lot of jobs for the playerbase and created a lot of very high quality civilian roleplay. With good support for civilian roleplay it would be more common to see amazing civilian factions creating jobs and helping the economy, as well as filling in the empty space between illegal roleplayers and cops. If civilian roleplay was taken more seriously, you would see more IC businesses that are run realistically - Competing with other businesses, creating a job market etc, and not just a "front for my illegal faction". You would see in character news companies showing up to big events. You would see Los Santos University opening up and actually becoming stable. Civilian roleplay is the part that fills in all of the gaps to make the world feel alive, and not just a cops and robbers server. The two major issues that have been affecting the civilian scene are the economy, and the fact that a lot of people majorly misinterpret what civilian roleplay even is in the first place.
  8. ROZE

    Aro's Drawings

    Damn your artstyle is amazing, definately following this
  9. Once the dealership owner has chosen the vehicles he'd like to sell in the dealership, other players would be able to access the menu using /v buy, like in SAMP. From there, there will be unlimited of each vehicle that was selected. The dealership owner will not be able to make too much money from this due to the extreme tax. People should, in theory, be able to make more money selling cars second hand, which would also encourage dealerships to do the same on top of their unlimited new car stock. With there being unlimited new cars like in SAMP, it means it's not a first come first serve basis, unless it's a second hand car.
  10. Excited to see what you come up with this time!
  11. With the vast amount of vehicles in GTA V, and with the ability to add more, I think that we should do something a bit different with vehicle dealerships this time around. I'll extrude my idea into bullet points to try and get the idea across clearly. Car dealerships would be owned by players. Will be server owned until players purchase them. Dealerships can be physical places, websites, or a combination of both. Dealership owners will have a minimum and maximum price that they can display a vehicle for. This is so that individual players not selling through a dealership will still be able to undercut dealerships to sell second hand cars to other players. Car sales will be heavily taxed so that money still leaves the server (Required to keep our economy stable as we have money being generated and added to our econmy from other sources). Car dealership owners will only receieve a very small percentage of the actual vehicle sale. Each car dealership will have a maximum number of vehicles that can displayed in their catalog, different for each dealership depending on size/location. It wouldn't be abnormal for a large dealership to display 100+ vehicles with the number of vehicles that we have in gta v. Dealership owners will be able to select (within an IG UI) which vehicles they would like to display in their dealership. This can only be done once per month, but does not need to be changed if the dealership owner doesn't want to. This will be roleplayed as the dealership owner ordering in new vehicles for the next month, and allows players to know that a vehicle that they are looking at will still be available for at least some time. This means that players will need to browse dealerships to find a car that they like. Dealerships would try to sell the top selling cars which would be popular, this would make it so that other more obscure vehicles will become rarer as they wouldn't be seen in dealerships often. With this, it would increase the price for resales on these rarer vehicles for the second-hand market. Players will be able to roleplay with dealership business owners, requesting that the dealership orders in a vehicle they might be looking for (Each dealership would have a different waiting time depending on when they last refreshed their stock), thus creating a competing "order fee" between dealerships. Roleplay as a whole around car dealerships and the second-hand car market will be improved by building our car dealerships and vehicle economy like this.
  12. The clock in GTA V is diferent than the clock in LSRP. An IC drive in GTA V may take 4 hours, but in LSRP that will ICly be what it really is to us OOCly, as we use OOC time formats in game.
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