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  2. This gives the illegal scene more to do, but takes away from the legal scene and the average player's ability to take part in gambling It should be done in a way which can benefit both sides. Legal casinos have a tonne of regulations that they must follow if they want to operate, as well as extremely high taxes (50% back in SAMP). This gives illegal factions the opportunity to come in and undercut casinos, as they will not need to give half of their profits to tax. The reason illegal gambling wasn't a thing in SAMP was because gambling was not covered by the scamming rule, meaning if you were gambling illegally, you could pay someone $1M for them just to run away. The way to fix this is to add some rules that protect certain games which would stop players from being able to be scammed so easily. With protections for players in place, illegal casinos will be able to offer gambling at lower rates that legal casinos, with protections for the players. An issue this raises though is that players would only ever decide to go to illegal casinos if they were full of advantages over legal casinos, to mitigate this, I think a limit to the max amount of money allowed to be gambled before it's no longer protected by rules would need to be in place, or some other nerf. The truth is this sort of thing is pretty complicated to work out if we are to try and support both the illegal and legal gambling scene, and honestly both should be supported as it isn't realistic to have neither of the two options.
  3. Thank you for the love guys
  4. ROZE


    Thanks for sharing how you feel Apophis, I'm sure a lot, if not all of us feel the same way. LSRP is what it is because of the community behind it, the community makes it great and has always worked with what it has. We never had the best scripts when comparing ourselves to other servers, it was the incredibly passionate community behind us that worked with it and made everyone's experience what it was. We all know that communication has been lackluster, I like to remind myself that I'm waiting for you guys, the community. Not the staff. That's what keeps me motivated and holding on. The love that I have for this community is like the love for family and friends - I don't want to lose it. We've got a staff/patrion meeting tomorrow, it's the first one since Mmartin went dark and then returned. Hopefully we'll discuss some progress and see where we're at.
  5. Everyone knows of some weird, funny, creepy, and genuinely just interesting websites If you've got one, share it below! Here's my submission https://weirdorconfusing.com/
  6. ace of spades = strong reaction
  7. I'm making videos independently, I'm not a developer and cannot produce a feature documentation. My videos are not official LSRP content. Thanks for the nice words @Natasha Valentine and @Mikee!
  8. "San Fierro does not exist Las Venturas does not exist Vice City does not exist Liberty City does not exist" Personally I don't think this is a good idea, we see a lot, maybe even a majority, of player applications quoting that they're from these places. A lot of people want to roleplay them and coming from SAMP with a lot of returning characters, it makes sense to keep these areas in the lore, in my opinion. Besides this though I think what you've come up with is great, I can see the effort put into this, well done.
  9. Thank you! Gonna try make it on Wednesday
  10. Thank you for the support guys! Yous are great, I've definately got the confidence to keep up with this now I'm gonna post another video in the next few days
  11. Ryder cause you're ryding a byke
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