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  1. Awesome stuff! Good to see savings back
  2. Fantastic work! Love seeing the money become a physical item!
  3. I really don't think forced CKs would even fix much, the kinds of people you're talking about don't exactly favour character development, if given a free CK they'd just link back up with their old buddies and do the same thing, if anything I think it would devalue a CK There are other ways to handle this, we just need to figure it out
  4. I completely agree that there should be more punishments for dying, personally I'd like to see a financial burden on PK other than just losing items It would also be nice if admins got an alert if someone has died many times in a short period so we can monitor their rp
  5. CKs won't be enforced and never will be We only do it in extremely specific circumstances
  6. I think the implementation of an official consequences rule that details how consequences must be roleplayed would help increase player awareness, improve admin intervention and make players think twice, so they don't break any rules We won't be forcing any CKs, we agreed this internally as we don't want to create situations where people are forced to pay for things Regarding the comment above me, $5 doesn't have the same value everywhere in the world
  7. Congrats and welcome back!
  8. Can I have a business? Please?
  9. ROZE


    Our supreme commander
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