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  1. Every flourishing, multi-generational family business bears its own unique history, complemented by both successes and losses, but it is ultimately based on a lineage of resilience and unshakeable commitment to prosper. Essentially, it is a story about the people – ambitious entrepreneurs and their families, whose collective visionary perspective leave an indelible imprint on the world. In 2002, within a small office residing on the outskirts of Cambridge, MA, Keith Roux met with his younger brother, Jack, and did just that. The Roux Enterprise, a whirlwind empire of elite glamour and extravagance, was birthed into creation. Keith Roux was an innovative businessman ever since his career started, earning himself a dual-degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management from Harvard University while simultaneously developing various future ventures. His initial business outlet, an electronic speaker production company and retailer, was created in conjunction with several colleagues from his alma mater, whom were studying in the engineering department. The business was small in size, but turned minutely profitable despite it challenges. His initial revenue was roughly $10,000 per associate annually, though the project was disbanded once graduation had occurred. During such, Keith has excelled in his studies, and he was granted a scholarship, effectively making him independent from his father’s funding. However, given his ambition, he decided upon not sharing the fact of acquiring the scholarship, and effectively found himself with an abundance of income. And that was a dream come true for an up-and-coming entrepreneur with plans limited only by his own imagination. His second business venture was a transportation company focused on moving oversize loads. It was during this time that Keith entered the most blissful span of his adulthood, finding love at the age of 26. Rachelle and Keith were inseparable, perfectly submersed in their young romance. It was not until the unexpected conception of their first son, Furio, that Rachelle and Keith decided to take their vows. Meanwhile both the company, and the family has flourished under Keith’s watchful gaze. Two years later Rosalia, a daughter as lovely as her mother, was born. Unfortunately, the second pregnancy had left Rachelle’s body in a weakened state, forcing her into constant bedrest. Despite the rising popularity and success Keith found in his business, everything was brought to a dramatic halt when Rachelle suffered a seizure from which she never awoke. With his heart full of anguish and sorrow, Keith laid his beloved to rest, and attempted to carry on. The added stress of having to manage the business single-handedly did little to encourage Keith’s relationship with his young children. It was not uncommon for the children to see more of their nanny than their father, as he was forced to give so many long hours to his business. Over time, Keith made the difficult decision to leave his children under the watchful and nurturing supervision of his brother, Jack, and his brother’s wife, Kathleen. Without the children to care for, Keith took the business to new financially successful heights, eventually disbanding the transportation company in favor of something far more grand. Assurity of greater gains prompted Keith to liquidate his real estate, and take the net worth with him, along with his family, to New York. Accompanied by his brothers, they established a family trust fund, and the Roux Enterprise, a flagship for several family-invested ventures, it was well-known throughout the city. They often benefit from the independence provided by their private ownership, as they can pursue unconventional business strategies. The family ownership brings the family values alive in a vision, which deeply cares for the next generation, not just the next five years. They have thought deeply about the role of the family both inside and outside the business. They have created a strong culture where family members understand that they are stronger together, but only if they play by a common set of defined rules. They understand the fine balance between the rights and responsibilities of each individual. The governance structures in place provide transparency and foster leadership and, most importantly, trust within the family. This is the case in the sixth generation Bonnier family business, the leading Swedish media company. One family member leads the business; another family member leads the family. In 2016, Roux Enterprise had a collective worth of roughly one hundred million dollars, however, not everything was as smooth as the Roux's expected to be, a destructive leadership failure has occurred - the kingdom has fallen. Everything has vanished, effort all gone, the Roux family have moved to Los Santos for a fresh start, a new chapter begins.
  2. Hello there! These are some projects my friend @Bruce002 and I have worked on (elsewhere). Maybe our work will continue here as well. These may serve as motivation for some of you. APARTMENTS ALTA STREET ALTA STREET 2 FORUM DRIVE HAWICK AVENUE LAGUNA PLACE LITTLE SEOUL MAGELLAN AVENUE OCEAN FRONT WALK PALOMINO BOULEVARD PILLBOX HILL TUG STREET TUG STREET 2 VITUS COMPLEX ECLIPSE TOWER PENTHOUSE (PART OF IT - DAYTIME/NIGHTTIME PICTURES)
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