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  1. This is one of the best masterpieces I've heard and it's hard to come by. A cover by Fleetwood Mac with an amazing guitar solo as well as the lyrics.
  2. I like your inspiration but this is the wrong direction to point it towards. There are two law enforcement agencies and there is a government faction that is trying to spread into a wide structure with many roleplay opportunities, as well as a Fire Department that needs to thrive and be more lively than the one we have seen on SAMP. I think that LSPD, LSSD, GOV and LSFD should be in a very good standing before this server should need an other official faction. An other thing that was also mentioned above is the fact that we portray a Los Angeles setting in the state of California. All your reference material is from Texas, not to include the vehicle fleet which would not be normally justified in a simple departmental budget. I did some digging on my own and there was at some point a "Los Angeles County's Constable" office but that was a very long time ago and it was succeeded by the LASD, which is portrayed by the LSSD.
  3. For free??? Nah bruh. For a kiss and a hug? Maybe
  4. Recent project has been added to the list. You can view it down here as well. ECLIPSE TOWER PENTHOUSE (PART OF IT - DAYTIME/NIGHTTIME PICTURES)
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