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  1. Yuji

    happy birthday

  2. jack

    ATM Preview

    You're correct, you can do bank transfers through the app.
  3. Should cook a shoe. How do I use a phone?
  4. Confused this with realine for a minute, great work.
  5. I can't say much on what Fire Department is doing in terms of a faction since I'm not apart of the faction, merely just a spectator like yourself. I know they have some good things lined up in terms of development of the server and expanding on what Fire / EMS does as a whole. @Genny @LordSpyx would need to comment on what is going to be different from SAMP to V and their views and vision for the faction going forward since they are LSFD's current leadership. I'll let them go into more detail. Only thing I ask is keep on topic.
  6. The above is just an assumption. Rest assured Fire / EMS is being worked on like every other area of the server. You can find more about FD at; https://fire.lsgov.us
  7. Afaik they'll be a thing, not sure where you heard this rumour. I use them to personalise my game as I'm sure everyone else does.
  8. https://community.ls-rp.com/rules/forum-rules/ Check top tabs for Rules drop down. In a different place than old forum.
  9. Fantastic work from everyone, I can't wait to play!
  10. Due to structural change within the Faction with us now incorporating the prison/jail into Sheriff's our academy for new people joining the faction is changed, meaning you won't be learning everything during the initial recruitment anyway. You'll mainly be learning the basics and everything surrounding custody RP. Only once you've got past this you'll then join something called Patrol School and here is where you'll go through everything surrounding patrolling and all the policies and procedures. This is prevent over-bloating people with information and expecting them to learn everything from the academy. How we're going around the academy is still undecided right now, we need to look into the logistics of it. Once you get accepted into our academy, you should be going through the manuals and getting caught up on we do things ready for playing. But at the moment it'll be trial and error for how it works indefinitely. Once the server is open and we've done 1 or 2 recruitment drives, we'll evaluate how it went and work on the process to ensure it's smooth for everyone involved.
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