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  1. jack

    Staff Expansion

    good luck everyone
  2. jack

    We're done.

    Soon come
  3. jack


    They will. There isn’t a need to post continuously to the forums right now when the main goal to launch the server. If you want and need to be kept up to date with development, then there is a channel where you can see that in the Discord. once we’re launched we can focus on moving things back to the forums and get the old ones back online.
  4. jack


    All of you need to join the Discord to see continuous development. Instead of shit posting on here. https://discord.gg/uuS3yeUK5v
  5. jack


    OK so your back. Let's start with LC is a copy and paste of the main server with a different map, not hard at all to do really. I've heard no news on a Red Dead server so I cannot comment on this. But I assume GTAW is paying people to complete the work quicker, mainly cause GTAW has a revenue stream so can afford to invest into developers to develop full time. Meanwhile no one is paid for developing LS-RP. So having to dev LS-RP, real life responsibilities and living in general means that you can't push things instantly and things end up piling up. Now you'll say, "just get more developers?". It's easier said than done, finding someone who is trustworthy and can work up to standards of the current dev structure can be difficult, then setting them up in general is more time consuming than just getting on with the work. Once LS-RP starts generating revenue I'm sure they'll invest in developers. Until then there is a delay, and everyone knows this, reason for delay? LIFE. Yes, everyone wants the server out but sometimes life works in funny ways. Also, your comment on RAGE being easy to work with, that's not entirely true, documentation is near to nothing compared to what SAMP used to be, so a lot of it comes to personal interpretation from personal experience. Anyway, sit back and wait as you don't have to do anything for this server to open any faster. if you have other questions, I'll do my best to answer.
  6. jack


    alreet me lad, hows u
  7. The old forums are stilled planned to open after launch as that's the main objective and priority of LS-RP right now.
  8. Both legal factions have circa 2-300 people between them. It makes no sense to make more, there is a niche in both factions to fill this type of roleplay, it's not needed and I highly doubt anyone wants another DOC/DCR type faction, where there is max 2-6 people on in any week. Waste of time and resources.
  9. jack


    you really need to look at the resources and messages in thread. there has been an update and yekim posted the notes from the meeting.
  10. jack


    Once again people want to derail what this thread is, stop with the useless comments about eachother and insults. If it continues I will lock the thread.
  11. jack


    what yekim says is true. their the notes from the meeting.
  12. jack


    Forums wont be back until launch, this has been communicated numerous times. I dont know what to tell you, wait until the announcement is out and it will likely answer any other questions you have.
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