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  1. jack


    Forums wont be back until launch, this has been communicated numerous times. I dont know what to tell you, wait until the announcement is out and it will likely answer any other questions you have.
  2. jack


    you've asked for basic information and it's been provided in this thread and the last one? i'm not defending anything, im simply trying to set the record straight and answer questions that have been asked. if i wanted to close the thread i would've many posts ago.
  3. jack


    explain how? time and time again this has been said, at this point it just seems you want to argue with everything thats being said
  4. jack


    he messaged in the discord to inform the community of what was happening. if you're in the discord you'd of seen
  5. jack


    Doesn’t look like they did. Their focusing on launch. leadership have telegram communication, not normal staff. again something will be posted today explaining what was said yesterday.
  6. jack


    i can ask someone from leadership to come to this thread and reply, probability they reply until sunday or after is likely, due to the meeting that is coming this weekend. i'll pass on the message as for the threads, i believe so without looking. likely archived if anything as i dont think it's possible to just hide topics like that, again i could be wrong
  7. jack


    well in the screenshot it explains it. the forums will come back up eventually, when we don't know. again, not something i can answer and only management and leadership can answer the reason why it has taken a year. as for those threads, you wasn't clear you meant those. i dont know why they were removed, but only reason i can think of is that those threads had run their course.
  8. jack


    it wasn't done silently, if you remember when LSRP closed, there was a message when ls-rp closed explaining why. i've tried to find it but can't i'll continue to do so the forum will come back as its online, just like the old legal factions. i have no reason to believe martin would just delete like 15 years of peoples work for the sake of it
  9. jack


    It's not as if they have been deleted. They still exist their just inaccessible right now and will be made public soon. They were taken down so we could transition over to this new forum and for the V platform.
  10. Moved to about community.
  11. I think limiting peoples roleplay shouldn't be the the case here. I think the way it was on SAMP was fine and everyone followed it accordingly. Everyone has the option to be involved, be detailed and whatever they want it to be. As many other niches of roleplay people enjoy this category and ultimately as long as the end user is having fun then that should be it. As it's always been this type of roleplay is expected to be roleplayed away from everyone and with consent from both parties. I don't see what's drastically changed here to ban the whole style of roleplay. We have rules in place to stop anything disgusting or illegal happening such as paedophilia and such. The rules even states that any form of romantic or sexual roleplay with minors is forbidden, if you choose to break it then I'm sure you'll never play here again, so it's on you. If you want to bring in ID Verification then enable it for the whole server and not one area of roleplay, as many other areas are similar and can have the same affect on people. This is a GAME at the end of the day and we shouldn't limit what people do. Issue is too many people are hung up on what other communities and people are doing so think it actually affects them, when in reality those participating in such roleplay they've probably never interacted with on IC or OOC basis.
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