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  1. Thank you for the love guys
  2. ROZE


    Thanks for sharing how you feel Apophis, I'm sure a lot, if not all of us feel the same way. LSRP is what it is because of the community behind it, the community makes it great and has always worked with what it has. We never had the best scripts when comparing ourselves to other servers, it was the incredibly passionate community behind us that worked with it and made everyone's experience what it was. We all know that communication has been lackluster, I like to remind myself that I'm waiting for you guys, the community. Not the staff. That's what keeps me motivated and holding on. The love that I have for this community is like the love for family and friends - I don't want to lose it. We've got a staff/patrion meeting tomorrow, it's the first one since Mmartin went dark and then returned. Hopefully we'll discuss some progress and see where we're at.
  3. Everyone knows of some weird, funny, creepy, and genuinely just interesting websites If you've got one, share it below! Here's my submission https://weirdorconfusing.com/
  4. ace of spades = strong reaction
  5. I'm making videos independently, I'm not a developer and cannot produce a feature documentation. My videos are not official LSRP content. Thanks for the nice words @Natasha Valentine and @Mikee!
  6. "San Fierro does not exist Las Venturas does not exist Vice City does not exist Liberty City does not exist" Personally I don't think this is a good idea, we see a lot, maybe even a majority, of player applications quoting that they're from these places. A lot of people want to roleplay them and coming from SAMP with a lot of returning characters, it makes sense to keep these areas in the lore, in my opinion. Besides this though I think what you've come up with is great, I can see the effort put into this, well done.
  7. Thank you! Gonna try make it on Wednesday
  8. Thank you for the support guys! Yous are great, I've definately got the confidence to keep up with this now I'm gonna post another video in the next few days
  9. Ryder cause you're ryding a byke
  10. ROZE

    Release Update

    I said it before and I'll say it again, if you want the boys to come to this guy's house this weekend then we're on route Seriously though I'm glad to hear about things getting sorted out now, it's worth the wait and we'll all be in game very soon
  11. Might hit you up on that! Never done this before
  12. Pretty good idea, could start that sort of thing monthly and if it works well, change to weekly
  13. Thanks for the feedback guys, I defintely need to improve my speech within future videos, volume and speed, this was my first time at this though so I'll let myself off the hook this one time! Good to know I've got people here who would be happy to join me for a video
  14. ROZE


    I'm on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFvmI3SAD_0
  15. Thanks bro, nerves have got me lol
  16. I decided to start an LSRP YouTube channel! I'm going to be covering some interesting topics about LSRP, such as fun facts, how to's, ask an admin etc. It won't be a channel which covers roleplay, but rather LSRP information. I have setup my first video to premier today in just under an hour, come along and watch at the same time as others and see if the channel is something that you think you'll be interested in. Looking forward to this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFvmI3SAD_0&ab_channel=ROZELSRP
  17. Big smoke cause I'm gonna smoke you big time when I see you ig
  18. You guys ain't doing it right, you're supposed to use the reaction button on the person above you and say why you chose that reaction, dummies. I'm reacting big smoke cause you're profile pic got a big smoke.
  19. ROZE

    First Staff Update of 2022

    Congrats everyone!
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