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  1. Im stuck between Champ & Grand Champ in competitive duos. Anyone here playing on US servers?
  2. LS-RP and N4G at the same time, around 2011, I think?
  3. Add K-9 units for PD/SD. Roleplay sniffing the vehicle for any odors. Would be sweet.
  4. Maximus.

    The NFL

    Agreed. I was rooting for the bengals big time, but the Rams definitely deserved it
  5. I thought the quiz was good. I've had a few IRL friends that failed it a few times by missing the mark by 1-3 points. If there are many trolls or rulebreakers, I am sure they will get handled properly.
  6. People who sit in one spot for 4 hours and role-play leaning against a wall, then picking on everyone passing by.
  7. I just hope they have that trucking script where you can utilize a trailer, that would be SOLID.
  8. Maximus.

    The NFL

  9. Its not worth the risk. One pursuit I was a part of, there were 2 people on a bike evading (passenger was wanted for Assault 1st degree, which in my state is attempted murder) so we had to chase as it was a serious offense, the biker hit the roundabout and flew dozens of feet in the air. The driver passed and the passenger got seriously injured. If they are just cop baiting IRL (happens more than you think with bikers) then its not worth putting people in danger especially when you have a guy weaving in-and-out of traffic just to mess around. Mainly referring to sports bikes like described above though.
  10. I don't know if I remember correctly, but I think around 2011 or so in LSPD, the Cadets/Rookies would help with transporting suspects to jail after they were cuffed. Am I remembering this right?! I feel like I did that before here.
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