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  1. https://discord.com/invite/ZHMDutGB8U Embedded Discord on the right side when you're on forum index works!
  2. Kane


    Finally solo queued to Immortal ! Overall terrible experience, don't recommend
  3. Please don't come on here with your false sentiments & lets not spread any rumors. Martin holds weekly staff meetings along with the early supporters and actively participates in Discord and on the forum everyday. This shouldn't have to be explained to anyone whose been paying attention but I rather end this here before it starts up. Thank you.
  4. risen

    jimmy choo

    1. Kane


      Put you in Chanel, I'ma teach you how to stunt (on God)
      Slip and slide like a waterfall (straight up)
      You need some TLC, we can creep if you want (straight up)

      Ayy, turn your phone off (straight up), take your clothes off (straight up)

  5. Kane

    Free Games

    @tut you can afford a new pc now
  6. Drew

    goober boy

  7. Do you mean a forum group legend like this?
  8. hello kane 

  9. risen

    im watching squid game right now

    1. Kane


      what is it? randomly became popular everyone talking about it

  10. risen

    The north wind doth blow, and we shall have snow. And what will the robin do then? Poor thing!

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