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  1. Two and a half men. That's just a whole amazing thing to watch.
  2. Sadly no. IT bored me out second episode. It really wasn't what I expected tbh. Same genre movie but it sort of died out for me. Sure there're a lot of variety of games and a nice plot where people can actually leave the world by collecting the cards, but it really bored me once I found the plot twist and how it works. Really showed me off from cheering for any characters whatsoever. Though, squid game was phenomenal for me. I dug into it more and more time by time and watched a good lot of the conspiracy videos and found what I had initially missed. Made a major mistake watching it dubbed in English, so never going to do that again. In fact I watched most of the Alice in Borderland in original Japanese (I think) dubbing and it was a lot better. Might go for a re-watch for Squid Game too.
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    Always watching and sometimes betting on majors. Dabble with smaller tournaments, especially if MOUZ is playing. Just that really. Used to watch Worlds etc but I fell out with CSGO. I occasionally watch pro player's solo streams as well, like s1mple and some others, but rarely.
  4. @vaininsanity You got it, right? He could help you out with it.
  5. There's not much to add to this beside mentioning it clearly is not one man's job to take down a completely legal org that controls over a multi-million or even billion industry as Rockstar Games, though, some things are clearly a bit frustrating. Taking into consideration Silentpatch etc are extremely fine and GOOD modifications, as they've been adjusted for a long time to fit servers and to fit people's liking, so, removing that or sueing someone for causing a greater experience is absurd, though reasoned as it technically benefits someone for free that is not the aim of Rockstar nor T2. I feel like minimalistic mods are fine. They're NOT getting you sued. A skin, weapon etc mod is OK to make, unless it ACTUALLY benefits someone too much and creates a unsafe environment (like modding a pistol into a minigun). Though I feel like the sueing in question was for making a game that was supposed to NOT be free to play free to play and also make it easier to mod the game to a liking (hence also create zero need to actually hustle or try to achieve anything). I think that's the approach T2 took on that particular case. Modding helped us through a lot during SAMP days. Displaying unique characters in a old video game is something many people were fond of, with new modders creating new things (ASI Modloader, CodsworthMP etc) to make it EASIER to mod skins etcetera. Yes, CodsMP gave lots of other benefits like a unique friends system from what I can re-call and some other thnigs, but it was nothing gamebreaking nor something that made it easier to play. This is almost like saying RageMP is a bad thing and should be prohibited because it's "modded". Though I see this case you mentioned be one that gave an unfair advantange to those not trying to buy the game, enabling them to download it on a well respected modding site (afaik, it was uploaded on GTA Underground). That taken into account, any casual modder is not really affected other than living in fear that they might be next, which is a very low chance anyway, but everyone should know their limits. Sure, modding a game to LITERALLY be completed in one button click is too much, but adding a few clothing items or whatever is DEFINITELY not bad. And also, hell no. The game will not prohibit mapping, modding etc because GTA W does it already. It allows unique models to be put into the game, mapped and so on. It does not prohibit simplistic things that make the game better for your eye, like ENBs, colormods etc, it just prohobits making it F2P and MAKING IT SUPER EASY. I don't know if I got the right take on this, I'm not a modder but hopefully I did catch some of what you wrote, Biskit.
  6. Wonder what Monica is up to but I heard from Tw1ster some time ago when I spotted him joining GTA W and spoke to him for a bit. God, many amazing names though. The highlight was when Gus made that picture with all the members etc on it, pics of them. That was such a nice thing to look back at, hope the forums will pop back and we'll be able to memorize of it again. Though the Maravilla riot was one thing that I literally loved the most. I had a baton and literally beat up a cop in an alleyway. It was funny.
  7. Damn look at the gambler man back again.
  8. F0r3v3r


    Aww shit here we go again.
  9. You're more likely to get an answer through the Player Support section for the unban. Though, welcome back bro. Haven't seen you in ages.
  10. Old forums will be enabled on read-only to just look back at the memories someday. They want to though get the main dev core of the server done first and some of the main features in the game before they work on the old forums. Welcome back though.
  11. F0r3v3r


    Can't wait for another faggot in mall. :s
  12. I guess as you're not an admin anymore... Time to change careers?
  13. Bradford's on foot patrol today. And on top of that... He's legit a DST.
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