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  1. Congratz everyone. Looking good!
  2. F0r3v3r


    Jamar Fulton cripping in heaven.
  3. Oh wow Andi has a lot of friends. I remember role-playing with Kira a lot haha. Anyway how're you?
  4. Good stuff good stuff. Fun watching all the youtube videos with Mmartin and co in general chat right after the meeting. I'm glad we finally can expect a launch.
  5. F0r3v3r


    I'm ready to buy me a bike in LS-RP and come drive by you off it when you make another Traviesos here man. Good old times hahaha.
  6. not even capping bro chicken is bust down but bro have u had lamb meat man that shit buzzin on god on god.
  7. mitcholodolodolodolodolo
  8. F0r3v3r


    You'll never walk alone!
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