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  1. Yeah right. That's exactly how it went with SA:MP, right? Oh yeah nobody's going to play after the peaks of 600 players around 2012-13 to 2016-17. But the staff literally had to raise the player gap when Covid hit. We had around 900 players peak at some point. It's not the fact that people will not come back, but it's the fact that we're being lied to. I didn't want to pick sides or anything, but I've seen that Mmartin is severely slacking. If there was a chance that somebody else could take over full time, I think the management should heavily consider it as an option, but in this state it's hard to find developers ready to do this full time. And yeah. You really are losing it on the "30 players at most". There're factions in here who are WAITING patiently, that rack up a few hundred players alone. If the advertisement is done correctly, this could double or triple within the first quarter. You just don't know enough about how role-play works. A generation dies and a new one comes, like it or not. It's not only "the other major GTA V text RP server" we should be looking at. There are FiveM voice servers where a lot of people play that are waiting to be unbanned from "the other major GTA V RP server" or for the release of LS:RP. I know that from like around a thousand people patiently waiting from the start we have around half of them left, but we still have people waiting for this. It's just embarrassing how we've been told to wait and wait for this thing to come out. I still haven't lost hope, but it's crumbling slowly.
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    Let's get it! Keep it up.
  3. The stupidity behind all the decisions made by the management can only be explained by them. They've had a developer or two leave or get removed, I am not sure what it was about exactly. Might've been the fact that we don't even see a server right now, but might also be internal conflicts. We never will know. It's harder to let go of things like that. If you don't have patience to wait for something to come out then why are you still sitting here moaning? You guys had the patience to wait out long downtimes due to DDOSes, the whole management collapsing and you can not wait a year for the server to come on? Sure, I am as disturbed as you guys are, but chanting "LSRP is dead" doesn't bring us any closer to the opening. We're all human. Yeah, Mmartin and Ben make a shit load of money off patreon and this server in general, but haven't we been through this? It's not like any of the former staff ran off with a large amount of the profits the server made before? Prepare for the worst, but have hope for the times the server actually comes alive, I guess. Sure, the management SHOULD at least speak to us, but if you are in the discord server, there were occasional messages by Ben, Kane and Mmartin there. I heard something about Kane mentioning, that he does not want to do what Mmartin was assigned to do (The development, certain scripts etc). If Mmartin was NOT able to access his computer due to real life circumstances, why fight over it with him? He has been working on this community for years and will hopefully work on it for years to come (but with a server up at some point). I recon you guys are sour. Yes, it was a bad idea to move to GTA V with bare preparation for it. No matter what, real life comes first. It's the same for all of us. If something happens to us in real life and we disappear for a while, we don't get as much backlash as Mmartin. If you think about it, we're nobodies. Our friends may ask why have we been gone, but not the whole server. It's the case with Mmartin and the co. You guys should calm your tits. The more you PRESSURE the management, the harder it will be and the longer it'll stretch out. The server will come out. Be it a year, two years, three years or a decade. Fuck it, someone will still play it and others will be coming back. It's been like that for a long time. In the SA:MP server, many left but came back. Why? Because it's a fucking role-play server with history and with people who can actually put their thought into role-play. I am not really saying that other servers do not have this, but everyone is focused on their own subject. Some servers lean towards a perfect legal community and leave illegal RP on the side. LS:RP has been decent in balancing it out, at least. I understand the community should be the number one thing to focus on when you are creating a server, but spare them some time. Play other servers if you are so "thrilled" to RP, even if you think they're shit. And to all of you cunts (sorry) that think the staff in general is shit? Try being in their shoes. If you have done it before, think about all the wrong decisions you made. There must've been a few. Especially the ones that're so fond of their work and their history. You guys forget the fact that you fucked up. It's rough to admit you made a couple dumb decisions here and there, but why do you blame everyone for making a mistake when you're JUST LIKE THEM. Anyway, what LSRP was for me back in the days? Occasional hustle to get into a faction or a group. The occasional need to better myself for a video game, which ended up reflecting on my real life. All the long nights spent role-playing with people you do not know in real life, but you still clicked with. Having to adapt to different timezones to understand where other people are from and being able to role-play with them if necessary. Being a faction leader. It was a thing I did a lot in my last few years of LS:RP and I enjoyed it, a lot in fact. Spending around 30$ on name-changes because I was FPKed or CKed from Cycos for near ten or so times. Sitting in a neighborhood with a boombox on a corner blasting rap music. Chilling, vibing with people from your faction and then getting hit on by another faction just to log off demotivated. Fun times, ngl. Having the chance to learn from great role-players. A few of them would be AceS, Chete and International. There're plenty others, but those are the ones I think I learned the most from. Having a blast with legal role-play. Even during the times where my sleeping schedule was messed up, the graveyard shifts were still amazing and fun to be at. Meeting people in-real life that I met in a role-play server. Anyway, I hope I gave you guys something to read. No matter how much I repeated myself, my point still stands, hopefully. It's seven AM as I am writing this, so feel free to correct anything I might've messed up.
  4. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  5. I feel like it could. Say an individual is stalling getting robbed. Add a timer of a few minutes that would need to be bypassed in order to take items from them. Ensure the player has been active after the /rob or whatever the command added will be to prevent robbing AFK people (which is allowed, but well, not usually looked upon by staff, even if they have to kick the player etc). Obviously, if that script is abused as well, such as not giving people time to tell where the items are, it can be punished. It should be made into a script of some sort to see player's inventories, but taking an item should be a little bit more complex than just being able to click and drag into your inventory.
  6. Because cows eat grass. When is the best time to ask a girl to marry them?
  7. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mNMQHhuALI
  9. Cash Rules Everything Around Me.
  10. Oh no! Word, see you around.
  11. S.W.A.T been amazing too. Episodes coming in too, great thing to watch. FBI been good but well, not that action packed. Still a good watch if you're into that LEO type stuff.
  12. Wish granted. Anyway, best of luck. Go crazy.
  13. Good stuff. You already know it's locked down if Birdman and Marshall are just two of the veterans to feature in this faction. Go wild.
  14. WE stay winning. To another successful run. Let's get it!
  15. Is that a good thing or a bad thing
  16. Milos Karanovic was born in America, in a family with a Russian father and a Serbian mother. They were both aliens that migrated during the early 1990s. The relationship didn't work out well, as Jana, Milos's mother was forced into marrying Nikolai, Milos's father due to financial issues between two crime families that had settled in the same territory. The local Serbian mob had nothing to do but give one of the higher standing individuals within the group something to pay up for a mistake that had been made by the a couple local Serbian thugs, which resulted in one casualty of a Russian teenager, son-in-law of the Russian group leader of that time. This resulted in Jana having to convert her life and move in with Nikolai, who she eventually married. Nikolai provided Jana a great life, but she did not enjoy it. After a year together, the two got married and decided to have a child. It was a one-sided decision as Nikolai wanted someone to be able to take his spot in the ranking of the mob once he died. Milos was born healthy. It was a early birthing but everything went by plan and nothing harmed Milos. It was the seventeenth of February, 1999, a rather cold day. Milos lived a great life at first. It never came to his mind how his mother was actually treated until the day he became three years old. Milos had spent most of his time with a baby-sitter whilst his parents were away working or doing their own things. On his third birthday, his family had gathered again. It was the first time Milos felt the love of both of his parents at once, but it ended in a nightmare as after midnight, just after Milos went to bed, he heard screams from the bedroom. He was curious, but was too afraid to check on it. In the morning, his father had already left, so he went to check on his mother after getting up early for her to take him to the babysitter. His mother faced was shining back from the make-up she had put on, but the bruises were still visible. Milos felt that he could've been next if he acted wrong, therefore, when he went to kindergarten, he kept to himself. He did get into a couple fights, which ended up with Nikolai praising him and Jana trying to make sure her only son was okay, but still giving him a hard time about it, shouting at him in Serbian. Nikolai had not learned Serbian prior to meeting Jana nor did he afterwards, but Jana made sure to teach Milos enough Serbian to be able to talk to him freely without Nikolai understanding, although the main language spoken in the household was Russian. Milos became old enough to finally go to school. Nikolai made sure to get the best education for Milos as possible, enrolling him into a local, but praised Catholic school. But being in a Catholic school didn't stop Milos from getting in trouble. After five years of going to the school, Milos got into a very violent fight with one classmate. It ended up with Milos stabbing the kid's eye with a pencil he had taken from his table during history class. It was evident that he was in trouble, so like his mother, he decided to play the victim and pleaded to be let off with a warning. This time, it wasn't the case. He was expelled and later on, after Nikolai heard the news, he received a rough beating at home. Multiple belt hits to his back and legs made him cry out loud as his mother watched helplessly, with fear in her eyes as she knew that she was next. Milos took a shower later, crying away the pain under the shower. His mother took a shower just after him, and after midnight, when Nikolai had left, Jana decided to run away with Milos. Milos found housing at a local shelter with his mother for some time. Gratefully, the shelter was owned by a local Chinese businessman, who decided to keep it a secret from the Russians, even after they came to "extort" him for information. It was a well-kept secret, as Jana was able to grow his child safer than ever. Jana called her contact within the local serbian circle, which had decayed ever since a major drug bust locked down a bit part of the Russians and almost eighty per cent of the Serbians in the region. They arranged a meeting and were able to set up a place for Jana to live. Nikolai found out about it and drunk as he was, he went to seek for his child and the mother of his child. It went horribly wrong, as it was only a set-up bait for Nikolai to walk into, as a drive by from a motorcycle left him bleeding out in the suburban part of the town. The story broke into the news, as Nikolai Kuzman, a well-known local businessman was found dead. That also sparked a war between the two families, which only lasted days until peace was called upon after another fifteen members of the Russians and five members of the Serbians had found their final road in a war against each other. Jana was relieved and went on to live with the mobster that had helped her through it, Daniel. Daniel and Jana got married after a few weeks together and Daniel hesitated to take Jana's family name, Karanovic as a good measurement. That also had Milos's name change, as he was still being taken care of by his mother and a step-father. The relationship of Daniel and Milos was perfect. That's exactly the type of life he should've been able to live with Nikolai, but Nikolai's hot-headedness broke that apart. A few years pass. Milos is in a public school now. He's in tenth grade by now, being a great student, scoring almost all A's in his final report card. Milos was always a smart cookie. He knew what to do and when to do it. A couple kids from the school invited him to go to parties with them. Milos drunk a lot, reminiscing of his father. The memories were undeniable of long nights where Nikolai drunk for the most of it, but Milos shattered them all eventually. He was invited to join a group of kids, who were hanging out together a lot more. He found himself in a circle of thieves, who had a reputation in school, which also enabled him to create one for himself. He started off hazing some of the younger kids, taking their lunch or lunch money from them. He was eventually reported, but all of the problems were solved as Milos was still a picture perfect kid on paper. Milos got in touch with one of the kids one night, who invited him to go hitting houses. Milos agreed with no hesitation. He might've been young, but his wit payed up for it. The first harvest went well. They were able to capitalize on a small property of a younger lady on a vacation. They took home jewelry and a little bit of antique furniture she had collected. Milos, along with another kid were tasked to sell it. It came off nice as Milos asked his father to do it for him. Knowing what Milos was into had Daniel confused, but he did it for him anyway. Milos and the crew spread the money. It was five of them working that one flat and the money split evenly, at around fifteen hundred a face. Milos showed his father the money and smiled, showing off that he can capitalize on his smart mind, achieving more than just great grades. The jobs started to come in more often, ranging from apartments to full blown houses in the ghetto, where the score was more than just a few watches. Occasionally, Milos found himself collecting drug packages from local trap houses. That also meant that there were people in that crew that took out the guards, but Milos had never thought one of these guys could be him. He was more of a calm person when it came down to that. He wanted things to go peacefully. That all changed one night in 2018, which lead to Milos taken in custody after a richer house-hold was the target. The dismantling of the alarm systems had failed, which caused the local security company to check the place out. It became evident it was being burglarized and eventually, the police were swarming the place. Detectives were questioning the kids taken in custody. There were seven people at that location alone. Two were drivers and the five worked inside, stealing what they could. Milos was taken in custody and was accused of burglary and grand theft along with other charges, making him face a potential six year imprisonment. Milos was taken to the holding facility, where a friendship with Dejan Miletic, a local Serbian businessman accused of murder, was formed. They were sharing cells until the court hearing for both of them. It was the same day, but the difference was that Dejan was not put on the bus to be transferred to a prison, but Milos was. He was able to apply for parole after four years, and because of his good behavior, Milos was out of the facility in a relatively fast time, only serving four years of his bid, though, his parole officer was occasionally on his back, trying to get him to work a good job after that. Milos had been in contact with Dejan through letters. He had formed a great bond with him and surely after his release, was invited to work for a friend of Dejan under a business that was part of the Atlas Enterprise. He found himself in a position where there was a lot to achieve.
  17. Been good bro. What are you going to be RPing?
  18. I touched the grass, my bad.
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