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  1. Already tons of videos how it's the most broken thing ever. LOLS. Let's wait for 20th of January to see thousands of nerds playing it all the time until a month later it's nerfed to be absolutely SHIT like Rell.
  2. LOL. Funnily enough queued for a Normal solo as lvl 25 and got a master in my team. Let's just say it was really top and jungle diff in our team... (I got fed against a stupid greedy Sion and well, the master is a main jungler playing Lee, though he said Lee was new for him. He's currently in like Diamond I or something but said he was on a loosing spree sadly... RIP).
  3. Funnily enough just had toxic teammates in a normal game, enemies toxic too and everyone got punished for it. Funny.
  4. That's one of the reasons I heard the most of. Quite sure it was a throughout thing with SA:MP. But I am quite sure most servers moved to the format of logging in there with UCP names because of that as well. In LSRP V it shouldn't be a thing. GTA V allows spacebars in the name (afaik) and shouldn't really limit that in any way. The other big GTA V RP server does not have underscores in their names and also allow multiple names and - in the name. I'm not sure how relevant the "easier to type commands" thing is, but it sort of makes sense, though most people used IDs in SA:MP days anyway.
  5. True. I think one thing LEO factions have to put more effort in is creating the injunction for people who are certainly members and people who are with them. Say it's a group of people, two of five are in the injunction list and three of them are not. They'd still be arrested for breaking the injunction terms, because people are not to hang around with the ones on the list. I think a list of that sort was in-deed created for 38ST injunction, but I could be wrong. I do see where you are coming from though. Injunctions shouldn't be on absolutely any black person or mexican in the territory, just known gang members and people who associate with them.
  6. @Mario @Benavides are the two that can really help you with it. I don't think making them restricted to official gives just enough room to play around. Yes, factions can have them modded in for them by the modding team, but what happens if the faction is descrypted? Also, it's quite hard to make certain clothing only available for one faction, but maybe Benavides and Mario can explain what can go down with that suggestion. A very good suggestion but it's almost like a gang asking for their sports teams or numbers put on shirts. It's possible, but it won't be as easy to achieve.
  7. This, like any other faction that LSPD members would create on the side would come down to if people were interested in doing so. It's not up to staff or anyone just to create something like this. It's hard to keep track of numerous things, but a good leisure time activity when off the job. Surely could be done if anyone with MC experience would have time to lead it out. I'd love to see it myself, especially with active dedicated members.
  8. 5$ paypal and I'll handle it.
  9. 1. Illegal role-players use radio lines, phones, etc that CAN be traced. Though there's no absolute way we as PD can go into someone's discord channel to see what they're talking about even if we tap their phones or "wireless devices" of any sort. What's your fix to that? 2. The usage of VoIP can not be monitored like it can be monitored for LSPD/LSSD. There are no staff members (mostly admins) who can dedicate time to go into 50 VoIP channels to avoid unnecessary meta-game over these comms, but there are members of PD who have the authority to punish anyone misusing VoIP for meta-game. 3. What would your view be on fourteen year old characters from a gang going around with radios or "discord" on their phone just chatting and killing people? Would it be realistic? Would you want to be a target of a VoIP used hit by an illegal faction? 4. Also, considering you'll probably put an counter argument for number one, Police used radio lines are encrypted and HARD, but not impossible to trace, so if there happens to be something like a police monitor scripted for illegal roleplayers, use it. But there's no way it can be scripted to get VoIP into the game for people to hear it and we can not let people in voice channels just because there's too much things that go through it already. (Maybe there is a way, but @Kane or any other developer can explain you why it would not work with sync etc) 5. So, if we allow a CRIMINAL to use radios, what prohibits them from doing exactly what you assume police are doing? Criminals using VoIP will be a much bigger issue, because of the simple fact that if rule-breaking occurs, how can we get the proof of it? That's just putting an counter argument against your own argument in your response. We can not enable VoIP for other factions because it'll simply be impossible to trace it. 6. If VoIP is DISABLED for every single faction, what do you think are the chances of EVERY ILLEGAL ROLEPLAYER creating a second discord channel secluded from their main discord channel to meta-game on? I think it's quite high. That gives ILLEGAL role-players another advantage over any LEO faction. We have rules besides the in-game rules of the server to abide to and what does it benefit if you remove LEO faction's only real way to have an edge over illegal role-players (besides all the tactical advantages and all that sort of stuff, which in most cases is just zeroed anyway because criminals use their own methods to level their playing ground in that already)? 7. I don't know what exactly you mean by "allowing people to use LSPD weapons" and then saying "Report anyone that uses LSPD weapons." Isn't it already that the criminals CAN have much better firepower than the PD in a long run? PD has extreme rules set for usage of rifles and quite hard rules set for using a shotgun. Criminals DO not have any rules besides the mandatory role-play lines that come with them and THOSE apply to PD as well. What kind of an weapon advantage do you think PD really has that bothers you?
  10. Exactly. VoIP itself is only USED when you're in a pursuit, a shots fired situation or a tactical situation (hence hostage situations, swat breaches etcetera). I agree, it's weird to call for backup whilst taking shots at you, but knowing you can just press the button on your shoulder mounted radio, with one hand and use your vehicle as a cover, it's reasonable. You can never do much in this situation alone. You're NOT allowed to use VoIP to call backup if the suspect fled the scene. You set up your radio broadcast and get people out there. IF you had visual on the person and airship is close-by, you can transmit it to call in for the airship to get visual and then continue the pursuit from there on. It doesn't make sense that we're in a hardcore RP server and "sometimes you die, just respawn". Do you respawn in real life? That's sort of what the server is trying to show. Yes, it's against the rules, but tell me is everyone really abiding by that rule? No. Leaders, supervisors and occasionally regular members moderate the usage of VoIP. If someone is transmitting unnecessary information over the TAC channel, such as "going for spikes" or something as such, they're told to direct it to the radio channels, not over the TAC channel, as it disrupts the radio traffic for the pursuing unit updating. If an officer does call for backup in middle of the street, with no actual cover whilst shooting their gun, report them. With enough evidence they'll receive punishments for powergame. Cops ARE equal to players in terms of that, even if they tend to have certain things that make their job easier from the POV of the game. If you were in that situation and the cop reported you, use THEIR OWN video against them. Report them to IA OOCly or faction leadership, depending on severity and the rank of the officer and you'll receive a response back. If they're transmitting whilst they're dead, that's considered Metagame and Powergame and will be handled, I can assure you. If you stand there with your hands up not getting involved, you won't see results. I assume there were no staff members, supervisors w/e in the situation, therefore, some members might not "snitch" on their own, but it's what you can do with the right evidence. (Think about it. If you catch your friend or faction member breaching any rule that is not SEEN by anyone else. DO you report it?) I can assure you there's literally bare officers who can do it calmly. Shooting in a video game is stressful and the stress reflects on your character if you are stressed IRL. A unexpected ambush and you'll be shouting over the TAC channel because you're panicking. You do not just "calmly" broadcast your location, if you're in immediate need of assistance, you technically are not mourned upon for saying it out a bit faster, louder or whatever. It's never punished, but it tends to get help faster, as you are in a shootout situation. What you usually broadcast in that situation is your callsign, the LOCATION (street name if applicable, use your surroundings as a hint, whatever else you can do) and officer in danger. I don't know who did this to you, but in SAMP it's almost impossible to shoot and reverse at the same time, because you literally can not shoot from a car. If something like this happened in another GTA V server, please don't put it on us. It's their own thing and report them for doing so. If this ever happens in LS-RP V, when a officer shoots and drives his car, please report them. That's your best course of action as that's power-gaming. And yeah, police are not super-human. If you witness super-human actions by a cop, PLEASE do your best to report them. These people will receive punishments, be it IC or OOC. You can't be corrupt without valid permissions either, so think about that when you witness a cop being blatantly corrupt. Thank you!
  11. What's a "reasonable" price for a dealership to be bought for? A few millions would be the minimum, cap it around ten for bigger ones. You definitely need to make it quite high, because running a car dealership IRL is a long process and you WILL need to have patience to make profits. Are "website" dealerships owned by players? How would they operate? The player buys the car and it's instantly spawned to them or do they have a waiting time and then staff puts the car in their name? What's the exact way to make websites work? Physical place is a very common and a very solid way to do it as it's almost fault-proof. So, dealership owners can make a union and just sell cars for fifty million a piece minimum and a hundred maximum? If ALL the car dealerships are owned, this CAN happen. Set a PRICE for EVERY vehicle and do not let the vehicle dealership owners exceed 3x the limit and you should be set. Why not make a script where there are literal cars in the dealership which people can go to and /buyvehicle or something when the place is open and there're employees to work around them? It's much easier than a script wise system letting people just walk in and buy a car instantly however they like it. And also, what do you look at when definying a reasonable size for a dealership? Why not make each vehicle unique to one dealership? Give each dealership a reasonble amount of tiered vehicles (expensive, mid-class, low-class) and you should be able to build a balance? This also helps out with creating a rather balanced system.
  12. It's impossible to pursue realism in such manner as there're people who go around with the objective to kill people and they've practiced for a long time in DM servers just to be able to kill someone. Calling in for backup is CRUCIAL as if you go down, there're officers arriving on the scene who can cover you whilst others call in for medical and provide first aid. THAT alone buys you time and time is crucial if you're injured. You'll get help faster, you'll end up in the hospital faster and you'll STAY ALIVE. If you are in a situation with active gunfire at you and you get shot, without calling back-up, the shooter can just run up and kill you. If you have back-up coming, in this case, with emergency sirens and lights, you have higher chance that the robber wouldn't consider running up to kill you, but think of an escape route for themselves once they've "neutralized" you as a threat (Yes, they may not think you have called for back-up and still run up, but HOPEFULLY your back-up has arrived by that time). Yes, in some cases the officer gets a head wound and probably dies and taking into consideration that this is a game, where headshots are much more common, I think using VoIP to transmit your location and everything relevant is one of the only thing we can do to even our playing grounds against the criminals who can, in some cases, shoot better than us, even if in real life, cops would be able to take those situations with less stress and better aim. In most cases I've experienced (called) back-up for myself is when I am taking shots at my vehicle or someone is shooting at me whilst I am in cover, which is completely reasonable as I DO NOT need to shoot back whilst driving or behind a cover, because it's lower chance I will get hit. I can call for back-up, TAKE COVER if I am still in my car and THEN fire back.
  13. Has this ever limited illegal role-players from using VoIP? Absolutely not. There're groups in factions that literally use a 2nd discord so they don't MG on the main one observed by Faction Management or they just use a regular group call in discord. It's not like we can change it because half of the people play legit, because if that was the case, the other half would still abuse VoIP to their liking. If it's the case that a member of the PD uses the VoIP as an unfair advantange, hence calling out shootouts whilst dead, screaming or being toxic over VoIP, not being reasonable etc, they will be punished, but you need to understand that in a shootout, you can not type out "Shots fired, Vespucci" or something, because your CALLOUTS need to be more precise and using just the general name of the location is never enough, because it ends up with units having to circle Vespucci to find the shooting and in that time, it's quite certain the criminals have already rushed and killed the cop. It's a bad idea to remove VoIP from the police, because that's basically the only thing that makes us unique in that way. Communication is key in real life as well. Even if the criminals are smart enough to use radios, most of them do not because the radio lines are trackable and can be listened to, which sadly we do not have the access to in this video game.
  14. funnily enough people get punished more for shittalking in Aram than in normals/ranked. Had a toxic Ekko in Aram shouting at me for not being able to have any impact as Tristana with no front-line and every teammate relying solely on their bursting abilities. Man pinged like 5000 times and was talking shit all over the chat. Only punishment so far though.
  15. Yup. Surely in favor of implementing these things. Payphones are already a thing (were in SA:MP and I recon will be carried on here as well) and I am quite sure phones can surely be dropped away as well. A burner phone system used to be in the game, but well, it was a little bit hard for me to understand so I didn't care to use it. Nevertheless, a great idea to be implemented. Payphones were useful in prison and on the outside as they enabled people to make confidental calls. Also, make it to where this time you can actually type and scroll chat outside the payphone. I found it an issue, at least for me, in LS-RP in SA:MP. Also, the inventory system benefits burners system a lot as it's easier to maneuver around it.
  16. Working out playing again probs. Going to see, road to Plat or eventually at least Master this season hopefully. Going to study more into the metas and runes because before I did not do any of that at all.
  17. Topic already exists though. I did buy it but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought. Still fun to play with friends tbh.
  18. 5/10, used this joke on people too much. A skelly walks into a bar and proceeds to ask the bartender: "Can I have a beer and a mop, please?"
  19. Don't become poor. How do I shoot a gun?
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