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  1. DDaniels

    Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan kareem to every muslim!
  2. this my song for when im sleeping..
  3. There's no interest to re-create Idlewood pizza stacks at the moment
  4. i heard he talked shit so i had to uzmi his skraps
  5. Oh shit lmaooo, wassup? I don't see PLA players that often
  6. That name sounds familliar af. David Richman or Antony Grey say anything to you? I joined LSRP after playing Project Los Angeles (P:LA) for a while. Was my first rp server
  7. I dislike people who roleplay the perfect faction member, who perform every task perfectly and always does everything on time. I like characters more that occasionally fuck up but strive to become a better version of themselves. It creates character instead of acting a script.
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