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    Ramadan Kareem

    Ramadan kareem to every muslim!
  2. this my song for when im sleeping..
  3. There's no interest to re-create Idlewood pizza stacks at the moment
  4. i heard he talked shit so i had to uzmi his skraps
  5. Oh shit lmaooo, wassup? I don't see PLA players that often
  6. That name sounds familliar af. David Richman or Antony Grey say anything to you? I joined LSRP after playing Project Los Angeles (P:LA) for a while. Was my first rp server
  7. I dislike people who roleplay the perfect faction member, who perform every task perfectly and always does everything on time. I like characters more that occasionally fuck up but strive to become a better version of themselves. It creates character instead of acting a script.
  8. I appreciate the critical thinking, but I don't think this should be done under the blog post. Add me on discord so we can talk about it, I'm very much open to suggestions and critisicm and would love to hear what you have to say Batu#6226
  9. I think it's unfair to judge LSRP's capabilities on civillian roleplay, purely due to the fact people just liked roleplaying illegal and had a preference instead of roleplaying civillian. The only reason GTAW strived on civillian roleplay is because of the many new players that came from other places where they did not witness the old times of illegal roleplay, they're also not fixated like the lsrp players on illegal roleplay and they could care less. Most LSRP players that went to GTAW went back to the cops and robbers roleplay and probably did notice a difference, and that's why many didn't continue playing. LSRP:V becoming a thing now will surely increase roleplay opportunities due to the amazing dev team that we have and will surely allow for more people to make use of civillian utulities. I encourage my faction members to focus on their legal side too.
  10. How do you suggest that's achieved? What are the pro's to more guns in the server and around the illegal faction community?
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