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  1. im pyros biggest fan man fuck can he sign my shirt? thanks
  2. donald straga ryan adkins (big fan. he signed my shirt_ joseph bellantonio pags adam ottone
  3. los santos crime family thread wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  4. One hundred percent. I'd love to see independent criminals playing both sides. I think opening schemes up to players who ain't in factions is going to be very important. obvs da ideal goal is to have a server where every illegal character has a big impact on the scene whether theyre in factions or not
  5. well a lot of promising faction leaders are waiting for IFM to reach out. there's a playerbase that's waiting for launch and a lot of the faction leaders ain't heard nothing from FM
  6. faction management needs to consist of people who actually play illegal characters and actively roleplay in the scene
  7. It's not been done properly. Name one server that ACTUALLY promotes heavy rp? If you don't trust the staff, then don't bother playing. Simple as. No server is gonna be perfect, that much I know. LSRP will be competition as long as they stick to the plan, and actually promote heavy roleplay - and put good staff in.
  8. Looking at the only server that promotes heavy text based RP, and staying away from their mistakes doesn't mean you're discrediting it. You know that, right? It's basic common sense to compare to yourself to the only server that exists. I think GTA:W started out with the same intention as LS:RP. It wanted to promote heavy roleplay, and be the LS:RP of GTA V. They failed in doing so because they don't cater to illegal roleplayers, and the server in general is a utopia where crime is frowned upon. It's easy to get carried away on GTA V because of all the cosmetic options, so it's easy for a heavy rp server to turn into Sims 3. We don't want that on LS:RP, and what chuckles is trying to do is highlight that we never want to go down that path. He's highlighting GTA:W's mistakes to make sure that LS:RP doesn't end up like GTA:W. A server that promotes heavy rp, but doesn't do the sort. Highlighting someone's mistakes to better yourself is normal. You shouldn't try to discredit him for it.
  9. u guys warm up my heart man srslyt... sergi... utopian... kev? remember 0lg batty boy fi eliminate, batty boy fi assassinate
  10. my albanian cousin man... me and dis man cousins bra
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