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July 2023 Staff Update






Welcome to the July 2023 Staff Update.


Tester Applications - Tester application period will be closing Saturday, the 1st of July. If you're interested, please apply before the application period ends! Our review period will begin the next day on Sunday and we anticipate publishing the results later that same week.


Major Update  - Our first Major Update, 1.1, is in progress, based on the feedback we've received. These updates will include some much requested features and important bug fixes. We will have more to share in the coming days. We've  worked diligently to resolve any issues with crashing as soon as they're reported to us and so far we've had great success in quickly patching them. Please follow our #updates channel on Discord to stay up-to-date on all things development.


Property Requests - A request pipeline will be implemented in the coming days to request changes to your properties and additions such as spawning a garage.


Feedback Gathering - We have been collecting feedback from various different areas and platforms of the community. All your comments, suggestions, and ideas are being carefully considered, and we appreciate your efforts in helping us make the server even better.


I want to give a big thanks to our admin and tester team for their continued hard work and dedication. In this past month alone, they responded to 7,504 help requests, 4,069 reports, and 2,823 character applications.


I am happy to announce two new additions to our game development team, TommyB and HitzSPB. Both bring different unique perspectives and expertise to the team, which will no doubt contribute to a better server. To those who applied and weren't selected, thank you for your interest and effort. We're looking to bring more developers on board down the line as we optimize our process for a larger team. Thank you to everyone who applied, we'll keep your applications on record for the next waves.


Welcome ...


TommyB - HitzSPB


Congratulations to our newly promoted staff members ...


Senior Admin



Game Admin

Amine - zapper - Nature - Mecca

colorlessrainbow - Psycho - Superb. - Sheffield - Dustie


Tester-Admin Graduates

luca - kendrick - almightybounter - accursed

marshall - jack - Betonists - danielswe


Welcome back to our returning staff members ...


Junior Admin

risen - owen


Senior Tester



Have a good one and a happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! 🇺🇸

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Grats to the only one tester 😛 also to the admins who got promotion!


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