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  1. very cool man i shed a tear
  2. The RAGE:MP platform uses EAC which is, at this point, not an option — you cannot choose to whether use it or not. As long as RAGE:MP has an active partnership with EAC, there isn't any way of LS:RP to not function without the anti-cheat as they have no other choice but to agree with their terms and conditions.
  3. If there's any Faceit players that do play regularly hit me up
  4. I don't think different fighting styles are an option — by default, GTA V has only a well known one. Different body types for your character's appearance (most specifically for a gym) isn't really feasible at this early point and will probably not become a thing. This is a heavy oriented text roleplay server and that sounds a bit like Sci-Fi to me, honestly.
  5. wassup wassup my boy, one of the realest out there yeer i'll steal ur soul how bow dah
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