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  1. I do suggest and really would agree on having the "Mega Mall" as RP hub where everyone can hangout here, also there is a lot of space where you can add objects around. Also it can be created a huge interior with a look of a mall with shops inside and such that.
  2. Endri

    What do you drive?

    Just asking in general but seems not a model to go out and buy, seems I will stick with Toyota, a lot say they don't make u go at mechanic too often..
  3. Endri

    What do you drive?

    What did u hated at ford focus mostly, it had a lot of problems or..? Is it worth buying one
  4. Welcome back to the team!
  5. Paul "Old Bag" Jenkins @30PiecesOfSilver
  6. Endri


    Chief Kaiser! *salutes*
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