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  1. It's Los Santos Roleplay, take into consideration now a huge amount of LS-RP players started somewhere on low end roleplay servers back on SA-MP, aka NG-RP. These sort of servers, they came over here and learnt and read guides, and joint factions to teach them up to the high-standards that we know about today. This is the same sort of vibe, if people join these factions they can learn from dedicated role-player's who are trying to shape the community. We shouldn't be judging them on their roleplay quality as we all had to start somewhere years ago. It's now our job, to shape them into good roleplayers.
  2. With the clothing items they will be reviewed by the modding team before importing them onto the server that’s the whole plan. And If they set the price fairly high it might not be a item that gets used a lot. custom interiors I ain’t sure about now that you mentioned malware’s
  3. It could be something suggested in the future - like I said I'm not familiar with how many slots it takes to furnish thing's on GTA V. But if people want to furnish their company then surely they shouldn't have to have a good interior for their company, for their personal use such as their houses that's completely fair enough. But I remember back on LS-RP SAMP. They had a points system for companies, this could be a point system once again maybe? That's something for Management to decide nothing less.
  4. That being said I'm not too sure regarding the furniture slots with GTA V. One thing they could look into is allowing companies to have more slots, houses don't really need to be that excessive in my opinion but I can completely understand companies, such as offices etc etc. Main reason why I included "Interiors Uploaded for Businesses. - This can be another feature that's purchased and then they can upload it and set it to your house/business." Was to get rid of people spending hours on end using the furnishing script and the furniture slots. So it gives two options and both ways to earn LS-RP money for better hardware etc.
  5. Dos Santos

    ATM Preview

    mmartin this is just next level sexy.
  6. Los Santos Role-play has always been a server that hasn't been driven for profit, or to benefit your character IC'ly to help the server fund. And I hope it doesn't turn out like this in the future. In all honesty, there's a lot of avenues you could go down as donator perks and being able to keep the server up monthly with these ideas. 1) Furniture Slots - This can be purchased with different tiers such as the old system that we had in place. But we could also make it so you could buy a separate package which allows you to have 500 slots germanely. Only reason I'm saying 500 slots, so then people still need to buy the gold package to try keep LS-RP up and running with the slots. ---- Normal Players: 150 ---- Bronze: 250 ---- Silver: 500 ---- Gold: 1250 2) - Name Changes - Obviously, name changes are going to be needed to change your character name for whatever reason such as character kills. - X1 - ($) - X4 - ($) - THIS IS A BUNDLE. 3) - Number Changes - 4) - License Plate Changes - 5) - Clothing Item :- You can donate and get your own personal clothing item uploaded to the server and only you can use this clothing object. If you want trousers, t-shirt and jacket then you'll need to buy these separately. This would have to be approved by the modding team before adding them into the game of course. So this generally speaking wouldn't be cheap. 6) - Interiors Uploaded for Businesses. - This can be another feature that's purchased and then they can upload it and set it to your house/business. 7) - Discord and Forum Perks for being a donator. 8)- Radio Slots - Having more access to radio slots under the bronze/silver/gold scheme.
  7. Regarding the 50/50 I’ve also included that inside the legal roleplay with the civilian role—play as I’m not sure what the plans are regarding the teams yet aka a company team etc. With the civilian roleplay I know their focusing on it a lot more than what they done on LS-RP previously. The way the script works is a lot more better on V as there’s a lot more possibilities on RAGE MP.
  8. You generally have to remember a lot of los santos roleplay have had years and years of experience of where they have gone wrong and are able to come over these things and reflect and perhaps create a better legal system, the civilian roleplay is going to be extremely good on LS-RP but we do need to be patient. I feel like a lot of people will return for the name itself, a lot of people don’t agree with a lot of things on World, but you have to remember they’ve done a very good job themselves. Yes, it’s a bit of competition but the work Mmartin and co have put into the script is insane and we need to try and provide the roleplay to the community itself. a lot of people don’t agree with the way IFM handle things, on LS-RP I’m hoping Faction Team can be good, where we can be dynamic and unique and hopefully have a 50/50 between illegal roleplay and legal roleplay.
  9. We will be allowing people to upload their own textures for vests when they become verified. This has already been in talks inside the Faction Team and already have a plan in place and a lot of the MC faction leaders are already aware of the plans the modding and faction team have
  10. been here since 2013 somehow, there goes my childhood.
  11. oh hello there mister sergi.
  12. in depth company roleplay, so illegal roleplayers aren't just focusing on the typical illegal type of roleplay. Making sure they have good business avenues and opportunities on the server, alongside trucking, mechanic and real-estate businesses etc. The GTA V avenue is amazing, and the group of players returning to LS-RP will surely make the server amazing.
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