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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to our January Update. There isn't much to report on this update, but to remind you all that we are continuously working towards our 1.9 update and our 2.0 update. These are updates you can read about on our roadmap. And welcome to our new Junior Testers: MAKO - livid - CChef Duckling - Kaos Development Update You may have seen recently that #git is looking a little sorry - rest assured we are still working on a concept we call "LSRP 2.0" - this is basically a total revamp of what you guys have been asking for since day one, a look at our current systems and what we can improve, and implementing features that we didn't necessarily want in our vision but have come to understand that they're a part of LS-RP, regardless of what game we're playing. Such an example of what we didn't want to add is savings - we recognise now that, after the removal of tapering and the addition of passive income through script jobs (barber shops, gas stations, etc.) that people do need a reason to be ingame and roleplaying, and what better reason is there than to make money? Savings will not look as it did, i.e. you drop a 100k into your bank account and in 2000 hours it's 20 million - no, we have a more immersive and realistic, but still completely passive, alternative which we are going to call "investments". You may have already seen the button for this in your Maze Bank app on your phone! The basic premise is that your investments can gain or lose value on a day-to-day basis. If you drop 100,000 into your investments, in 1 weeks' time it may be sitting at 99,175, and the week after it could be back up to 101,283. We don't think you should have to put major thought into investing, so it's going to go into a "pot" where the bank decides what you invest in globally, lore-wise at least. This is always going to net you a profit in the long run. We haven't figured out the exact numbers yet but to give you an example, daily losses could go up to 10% whilst daily gains could go up to 15%. If you deposit 100,000 and wait 100 hours before withdrawing then, on average, you should be approximately $5,000 richer than when you started. This could be more, it could be less, but the idea is that if you play the long game, you will never make a loss. We're also adding new cars to pdm.com thanks to the efforts of @Mitcholodolo and his fellow staff members that have helped fill out our Google Sheets form! More to come on that later, but we think many people will be happy with what's being added! There's not much more I can say that you can't already see for yourself on our "roadmap" list, but rest assured that we are all working hard! The end of January and the beginning of February is exam season in many places so we've had to slow down a little; don't take this the wrong way though! BBQ Event As always we're hosting another event this weekend and tonight, we've got a barbecue at 10pm at Mirror Park! That's right, it's February 3rd, and it's going to be like 15 degrees C, but we've got a barbecue on..! See below for info!
  2. On the flip side to that, I actually put on my CV that I worked for LS-RP for 2 years doing TypeScript, dealing with both SQL and NoSQL databases, web frameworks and NestJS, and I got a fair few offers of employment off the back of that. I would never accept pay for work on LS-RP though, as being paid means having an obligation to deliver. My only obligation to perform well in dev for LS-RP is to myself, and if I'm paid, suddenly I become responsible for delivering a product to deadlines and I don't want that. I would rather not be paid and have the option to not spend hours on it.
  3. Something I want to mention is it was a vocal minority that was suggesting tapering/the hard economy be removed at the start. The surveys we put out showed an overwhelming (~75%) majority in favour of both tapering and the harder economy. Those players stopped playing and the opposing view became the majority, hence the change, so "timing" was not the issue.
  4. Restoring an old backup of the database structure means the GTA V server loses its data. We said we aren't going back to SA-MP so the data loss didn't matter. If you're suggesting we just wipe the GTA V stuff and go back, how does anyone know that in 6 months' time the community wants to go back to GTA V again? Furthermore, the most populated English roleplay servers on GTA V eclipse the number of players of the most populated English roleplay servers on SA-MP. There is a higher market for players here, current and new - new players will not be navigating the complexity of open.mp and SA-MP to play a nearly 20 year old game whereas new players will be more than happy to try out GTA V, a currently popular game. So no, we're not going back to SA-MP, even if we figure out every problem we have and get it running flawlessly, SA-MP is gone and will remain gone permanently.
  5. - Why are we losing more and more players every day? You tell me. Why don't you play every day, why don't your friends play every day? We have our data and we have an idea, but the constantly moving goalposts make it difficult to fix things. We have plans for the next few months to encourage people to do their part and go ingame. - What will happen when we'll peak 5-6 players online? We're not far away from that point, especially since this is almost exponential. The more people we have, the more join. The less people we have online, the less will join (or leave) as there's nothing to do. So get ingame, get your friends ingame, get your friends to get their friends ingame. We could have the best roleplay experience on GTA V and it wouldn't matter if you don't get ingame or get your friends to go ingame, so what I say on this is people in the community that care so much about LSRP's low playerbase need to play their part and get their friends ingame when they don't want to. - What about when we'll hit 1-2 players, or 0? It won't get to that point so I won't talk about it. - Is anyone doing anything to prevent this from happening? Except for what's currently public and obviously not working (updates, some announcements and events)? Yes. - Who's going to be paying for an empty server for months at a time and why? Not the community, so you don't need to worry about that one.
  6. It was pretty clear what I said. The old dev team on SA-MP had to create separate scripts and send them to Kane to implement because only he could access the gamemode. If we go back to SA-MP it's going to be the same thing, and our current developer team (me included) will not be able to work on the script directly. Our database structure has also changed since moving to GTA V and the SA-MP script would need to be converted and the entire UCP remade. It's not that it isn't possible, it's that the logistics of it make it not worthwhile at all. We can't just turn it back on and away it goes. As for the argument of RCRP having 300 players, LSRP had 300 players for a short period of time too when we launched on GTA V. It's just hype, people checking it out, I wish RCRP success but it'll fade away. We are not returning to SA-MP no matter what great ideas you come up with.
  7. I'm not sure that you read the comment that was linked.
  8. LEOs being overpowered is something I am constantly tackling, for example recently I've banned LEOs from using assault rifles unless they're facing people with SMGs or assault rifles themselves (meaning no more M4s coming out against AP Pistols, which I thought was stupidly overcompensating) I do think LEOs should be overpowered, and criminals need to invest more brainpower into escape plans and choice of weapons, but I don't think it should be a guaranteed L for an illegal roleplayer if they interact with police, so if you have any thoughts on that lmk
  9. So some things: Tapering does not reduce your cash flow, it boosts early cash flow. It's set based on cycles: trucking gets $1000 per 4 hours for example. Without tapering this is $250/hour, with tapering this is what we see now ($400, $300, $200, $100, then resets) specifically so you don't have to grind, but if you do then you don't lose anything compared to the system before. If we're going to discuss removing tapering, income is going to be cut for the earlier pays and increased for the later pays so it's all uniform. As for /work, we have /startshift and we could potentially find a script job to do this (such as a server-owned gas station) but the income would be minimal compared to joining a player-run company to encourage player interactions. A lot of stuff like /selldrugs doesn't line up with LSRP's goals so would not be considered. Robbing ATMs is coming soon(tm), for now you'll just have to rob the cash vans that refill the ATMs instead. As for the dumpster diving, this is also something I've considered doing recently - especially as we have the trash script, I would like to place random items like watches, radios, etc in these trash piles that accumulate when nobody does the garbageman job, and have it an open inventory as well so that players can put stuff there themselves. This makes things like dead drops possible, but also means they can dispose of a murder weapon in the trash before it gets destroyed by a garbageman, especially with the upcoming forensics script.
  10. Hello and welcome to another Sunday, I hope you're all doing well. This major update features some stuff for everyone and unfortunately doesn't feature everything we wanted to do, but that's what minor updates are for, right? Here's the changelog: - Added armoured car transports and robberies - Added business types that will buy certain expensive items for a cut (pawn shops) - Added the ability to clean cash that was stolen from an armoured car in certain pawn shops for a roughly 60% cut - Added ability for ATMs to be operated by companies and set a usage fee - Added a $5000 cap to the cash inside an ATM to encourage frequent refills - Added company uniforms - Added camera object with 2 lenses available (default lens or add-on super lens) - Added ability for larger lenses to see /ame text from further away than normal - Added bank property type - Added vehicle suspension mods (/offersuspension) - Added more logging to use of certain commands and features - Added ability to change nametag font via /settings - Added inventory capacities - Added news broadcasting and live interviews for companies with the "News Broadcaster" contract - Added the ability for Testers to revive people that die to bugs if there are no admins in-game - Added the ability to change celcius in the HUD to fahrenheit via /settings - Added the ability to disable the temperature and compass in the HUD via /settings - Added a favourites menu to /gps - Added showing open businesses to /gps - Added new large data processor to fix inventory and command list bugs, and other large data-related bugs - Added the ability for ATMs to be created inside businesses - Added the ability for admins to default loans and remove cars from players - Added the ability to add new radio stations in-game (no policy yet on how to request one) - Added hospital interior type - Added the ability to toggle off news chats in /settings - Added the ability to sell vehicles back to a dealership that sells the same vehicle model for a loss - Added functional inventories for company, faction vehicles - Added "broadcast equipment" furniture tag to allow people to broadcast from properties - Added Gruppe Sechs (security) clothing mods - Added motorcycle club clothing mods - Added company duty system (/startshift) with pay adjustable by company owners - Added news vehicles - Added more security company vehicles - Changed vehicle loans to only take 1 payment per week, even if you missed the previous payment - Changed faction uniform loading to allow multiple factions to use the same uniform with different names - Changed duty pay to not count when tabbed out now that auto-AFK is disabled - Fixed /afk not disabling AFK status - Fixed vehicle loan payments not being taken - Fixed /awardcontract notice to include expiry date, not just time - Fixed admin-spawned weapons not having an ammo type despite having ammo - Fixed inventory infinite loading bug - Fixed command list not loading due to overflow - Fixed inventories freezing sometimes when an error occurs (like a frisked player walking away) - Fixed being able to see charges for state codes you do not have access to in /mdc - Fixed not being able to charge people with a crime in /mdc - Fixed inventories not returning after being paroled - Fixed parole not saving after being remanded at least once - Fixed weathers not setting correctly - Fixed muler tow truck not being able to tow vehicles - Fixed positioning of large vehicles on tow trucks - Fixed vehicle interaction constantly being on after tabbing out - Fixed animation sync in some edge cases where players were not streamed - Fixed binding the ALT key in /binds - Fixed some graffiti sync when dealing with preloaded movies - Fixed object selector not selecting far away furniture objects properly - Fixed list modal not updating the "confirm" button when a list option is selected - Fixed vehicle mod bone selection when 2 different mod types use the same bone - Fixed cruise control setting the speed on others' clients instead of own client - Fixed vehicle window state not syncing correctly - Fixed vehicle extras not syncing correctly in some cases - Fixed vehicle blinkers, engine and liveries not syncing when the vehicle was not streamed in As before, @wdmcnr covered the Community Update side in his latest blog post, go check it out if you haven't already! Follow us on Instagram at @lsrpgta and on TikTok at @lsrpgaming
  11. /fixcar everywhere is actually a bug that I haven't found reason to fix yet, the intentional behaviour is that you have to go to a mechanic garage to use it and it costs about 50% more than if another player mechanic does /offerrepair As for fixing the loans, it's not as simple as fixing the cause. The loan system will take 1 payment for every week you haven't paid, meaning some people will pay 20 weeks' worth of loan payments in one hour, which is no bueno
  12. Hello my friends and happy diwali to those that observe it. This is just going to be a place to store the changelogs for 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 as they may have been missed on Discord in #changelogs! Minor Update 1.6.1 - Added /shirt /undershirt /pants /facemask /gloves - Added gloves and names for all masks (not all gloves are named correctly yet) - Added more optimisations for graffiti and furniture rendering - Added incorrect spelling for colour (color, by Kane) - Fixed an issue where you could not use capital letters in commands - Fixed an issue with some government vehicles - Changed legal code system on the MDC to allow for more codes Minor Update 1.6.2 - Added permission for companies to use company chat - Added ability to use /mic as a company member - Added ability to use /setstation without an entertainment permit (illegally) - Added health cap override effects to PCP and Lean (lean will give up to +40 health cap, PCP will give +20 in addition to the +30 from oxycodone and +15 from paracetamol) - Fixed an issue with inventory space (1g drug is 100 items, as 1 drug item is 0.01g for example, hence no room) - Fixed bugs with object selector - Fixed vehicle modshop overwriting existing mods - Fixed inventory being removed when released from prison - Changed graffiti to always be loaded rather than load in when streamed in (reduces lag/crashes) - Changed health cap reset from 2 hours to 1 hour There's not much of an announcement to go with this, just wanted to keep you informed. The update will come within the next hour or so!
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